15 Stupid Snapchats That Got Idiots Arrested

Even though people use social media in terrible ways, the idea behind being able to connect quickly, share ideas, photos, statuses, video, and countless other moments is incredible. For the most part, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat have their usefulness.

But, anything can be taken overboard.

Just because platforms like Snapchat are meant to send 15-second messages to others and then see those messages deleted, does not mean that they are deleted forever. As such, some very twisted and not-so-smart individuals will see the temporary nature of this feature and come up with some pretty awful ideas. They include murder, confessions, torture, and participating in illegal activities that are sure to lead to an arrest.

We’ve collected an assortment of some very stupid, not well-thought-out Snapchats that got idiots arrested. Because of the nature of the social media app, we couldn’t always find the actual photo or video itself, but in some cases, that’s probably for the best.

Remember, if you’re going to do something dumb, don’t share it on social media. If you think you can’t help yourself, make sure you understand that Snapchat isn’t always the best option. Snapchat has the authority to share your information if they think a crime is being committed. All that said, our sound advice is that your best bet is to just avoid doing stupid things like these people did.

15. Anna Texas Student

On February 20, 2015 in Anna Texas, an 8th-grade student was arrested for Snapping a selfie with a firearm and threatening to bring it to school. And, of course, this student was arrested for making a terroristic threat.

The student allegedly sent a picture to a small number of friends. Along with it was a message, warning not to attend school on Friday, insinuating, of course, that they would be bringing the gun to school and using it. One of the boys showed the image to his parents, who then immediately called the police.

Obviously, with a number of school shootings in the last decade, police were not about to take this lightly. They tracked down the 13-year-old suspect and found out the gun in the photo was a pellet gun that looks identical to a real firearm.

14. Pretending To Be A Victim

Sometimes, all it takes to get arrested is to pretend to be the victim of a crime. In this particular case, a 14-year-old in Chandler, Arizona posted a Snapchat where he claimed someone was going to kill him at his San Tan Elementary School. After several people reported seeing the cry for help had called the police, the Chandler Police Department investigated the situation only to find out the teen made it all up to get attention.

Well, the kid got attention, alright; but he faced one felony charge. Even the Chandler police used social media to tell people they didn’t need to worry. While they didn’t come out and say they arrested the boy who Snapchatted the scare, they did say on Twitter that they’d made an arrest and felt there was no further concern for the students.

13. Taking A Photo With A Corpse

In February 2015, a Pittsburgh teen was charged with murder after allegedly shooting a classmate while they played video games. He fatally shot him under his left eye and then took a Snapchat selfie with the corpse. The 16-year-old murderer sent the incriminating photo to a friend who ended up taking a screenshot before it was automatically deleted. The same kid also reportedly sent several texts that incriminated him further. Talk about needing to learn that Snapchats can be screenshot.

He wound up being charged as an adult after confessing to the police following a search of his home. Even the district attorney said they’d never seen anything like it before. The case was a slam dunk, thanks to the Snapchat photo. It was odd that something associated more with innocent fun than a brutal murder was used to ensure the arrest and seek justice for the victim.

12. Road Rage Snapchat

In February 2014, a road rage assault was caught on Snapchat and shared. The accused’s own daughter took the video and shared it while her father attacked an 18-year-old after a traffic accident. The video shows the much-larger man swinging at the 18-year-old moments after the two were involved in a fender bender.

The victim publicly said he felt a little sad and grateful. Sad that the attacker’s daughter thought it was funny to share that moment on social media. Grateful that she did because it was all the evidence they need to get an arrest. The police couldn’t charge the attacker with a felony because he didn’t use a weapon, but the world probably charges his daughter with being stupid.

11. Terrible At Staying Hidden

A burglar almost got away with it. If he simply could have kept to himself his hiding spot while the police were searching for him, he would have been a free man. Instead, he simply couldn’t help himself.

After the police thought they weren’t going to be able to find the criminal, he had posted a Snapchat with specific details of his location, essentially laughing that no one could find him. When the criminal’s “friends” called the police, they went to his home, searched his cabinets, and found some food and a pair of feet. Those feet belong to the burglar, and he was promptly arrested after being removed from this getaway den. Didn’t anyone ever teach this kid how hide and seek works? Or that if you’re not sure who your friends are, you probably shouldn’t tell them where the police can find you?

10. Getting Busted For Dealing

Six Gainesville, Georgia residents, ranging in ages between 16 and 23 years old, found out the hard way that it’s easy to get arrested for posting videos of you doing stupid and illegal things. The police were alerted to a video on Snapchat that showed the users engaging in what appeared to be illegal behavior.

Officers tracked the six individuals to their apartment complex and discovered a small amount of marijuana, “drug objects,” and a stolen firearm, according to Gainesville police. There is an important lesson here.

Police may not be able to access your actual Snapchat posts, but they can obtain your metadata along with your email, phone number, IP address, and other basic information from Snapchat with a subpoena, court order, or search warrant.

9. Sending Obscenities As A Teacher

There is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior when you’re a teacher. You don’t talk to them alone behind closed doors, and you definitely don’t send obscenities to your students over a social media app like Snapchat. Not everyone seems to understand this. More and more teachers often seem to be getting themselves in hot water.

This particular 24-year-old teacher sent what has been described as an ‘obscene’ snap to a victim under the age of 18. This photo was then seen by another student and likely many others. It was finally reported, and the teacher was arrested on charges of Distribution of Obscene Material to a Minor.

It wasn’t a difficult arrest as the accuser admitted to sending the photo. The felony charge cost him his career and a whole lot more.

8. Snapchat Salesman

Authorities say a man was selling marijuana out of his dorm room in the Poconos using Snapchat. Investigators said Jahmir Mapp, 18, of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania admitted to selling the popular substance to about a dozen students per day on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. He also admitted to detectives that he bought and sold cocaine and Xanax as well.

The Monroe County Drug Task Force, East Stroudsburg University Police, and the Pennsylvania State Police got a warrant to search his dorm room and it led to an immediate arrest. He faced charges, including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, criminal use of a communication facility, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. One has to wonder what he was sending through Snapchat that a simple text or phone call wouldn’t have sufficed.

7. The Snapchat Party

A spring break party that was posted on Snapchat went bad in Granite Bay. It started out harmless enough, but by 5am, there were three arrests, a fight, and attempted robbery at gunpoint.

Deputies who were called to the party discovered that a girl who hosted the party in the neighborhood had intended the gathering to be for Granite Bay residents only. However, one of the invited guests posted the gathering on Snapchat, which drew several others and once the party got out of control, it really got out of control. One of the attendees, Austin Eric Keefauver, 18, argued with somebody at the party and then went to his vehicle, where he allegedly returned with a pistol-grip shotgun. He asked for the money of a bunch of people and when that didn’t work, a fight broke out.

6. Riding A Sea Turtle?

Police in Melbourne arrested two women who appeared in a Snapchat post sitting on or riding sea turtles on the beach. The photos quickly spread across social media and multiple complaints were filed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which opened a criminal investigation.

Upon investigation, officers found a woman with an active felony warrant for possessing, selling, or molesting a marine turtle or eggs nest, the Melbourne Police Department said. Stephanie Moore, 20, was identified as one of the women seen taking photographs on the sea turtles in July. She was arrested and taken to the Brevard County jail where she was held on a $2,000 bond.

The lesson here? People don’t find others misbehaving around animals acceptable. It’s probably not best to post it on Snapchat too.

5. Stolen Phone = New Snapchat Account?

Police arrested 20-year-old Latroy Gaston after he and some cohorts broke into a Louisville home and held a family at gunpoint, stealing a few cellphones and about $15. Gaston was one of three men who burst into a home but apparently the only one too dumb to realize that if you set up a new Snapchat account with a stolen phone, you’re probably going to get noticed.

Not only did he set up a new account, he did so under the name of one of the victims who was immediately notified of the new account by email. She quickly realized that the person who opened the account was one of the guys involved in the robbery, and it didn’t take long to find and arrest him.

4. Extorting A Fellow Snapchat User

Some people just get jealous of other’s social media success. Miami Beach Police say they arrested two Broward County residents after they allegedly stole and/or hacked YesJulz’s (a very popular Snapchat user) cellphone, found nude photos and videos on it, and then tried to extort $18,000 from her. They threatened to release the photos to the public if YesJulz didn’t pay up.

Hencha Voigt of Hollywood is a fellow Snapchat model. She wasn’t as popular as YesJulz, but popular enough to get recognized. Voigt and an accomplice contacted YesJulz and sent the model a few sample photos to prove they weren’t kidding about the money. Instead of caving, the police were contacted.

Miami Beach Police apprehended the pair when they found the duo sitting in a car outside 40 Island Ave. in Miami Beach. Voigt was trying to hide the phone by sitting on it.

3. Snapchat Arrest In Saudi Arabia

In October 2016, Saudi police have arrested a man on public order charges after he was accused of wearing women’s clothes in Snapchat posts. The video was of Aboud Bad (a popular social media personality), and he posted satirical and jokingly political videos of him driving a car impersonating a woman wearing a burka.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a crime, but some people in the country of Saudi Arabia see cross-dressing on the same level as homosexuality, which is considered taboo there. Now, the laws have been slightly amended to a level where Members of the Haia force can now only offer advice and report suspected violators to regular police for prosecution. It’s a silly law, but it’s also silly if you know there is a law to chance getting caught breaking it.

2. Snapchat Video Shooting Illegal Guns

In February 2017, three men, including two former felons, were arrested and face criminal charges after posting videos on Snapchat of themselves illegally shooting firearms. At least one of the firearms had been stolen.

Peryoun Newman and Shavonte Hill were both from Las Vegas and were charged by a criminal complaint about a felon in possession of firearms. Jevontae Caldwell, the third member of the group, was also from Las Vegas and was charged with possession of a stolen firearm.

In the Snapchat videos, the defendants discussed what kind of firearms they were shooting. Thanks to the detailed videos, detectives arrived at the indoor shooting range, followed them to their apartment, and arrested them for probable cause.

1. Beheading Puppies

After beheading three puppies and sharing a video of the act on Snapchat, two Alabama teens were arrest on animal cruelty charges. According to reports, one of the two teens recorded the 17-year-old throwing the puppies into the air and killing them with a machete. Police didn’t actually see the videos, but a few other people did and there were plenty of witness accounts describing what they have watched in detail.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do in your lifetime. One is to treat a puppy poorly. Second is to post you treating puppies poorly on social media. You can virtually guarantee that people will do whatever it takes to ensure the police will find you and make you pay for your actions. What’s cuter than puppies? What’s more disgusting than seeing cute little puppies murdered and beheaded? Not much.


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