15 Supernatural Characters Who Need To Be Revived From The Dead

As one of the longest running horror/dramas on network television Supernatural grabbed audiences attention by featuring two brothers who hunted monsters and saved innocent people. As Supernatural grew from an episodic monster of the week series to telling major story arcs, fans, along with Dean and Sam, found themselves meeting new people on the road as they solved various cases.

As amazing as Dean and Sam are, being friends (or “frenemies” in some cases) with the Winchesters’ is often a dangerous occupation, one that typically ends in their friend’s death or debilitating injury. Characters that we have loved have been tragically killed to help our favorite plaid-wearing duo save the world or solve a case, leaving fans everywhere to mourn the loss of their favorite secondary characters. However, there is a silver lining; people rarely stay truly dead on Supernatural. So, without further ado, here are the 15 Supernatural Characters Who Need To Be Revived From The Dead.


Who doesn’t love a cantankerous hunter who managed to live past forty? Rufus Turner was Bobby’s right-hand man until a falling out happened over a bad hunt in Omaha. Rufus and Bobby failed to get along throughout their time on the show, but the Rufus/Bobby dynamic was reminiscent of Grumpy Old Men, which upped the entertainment value of the episode.

Though rough around the edges and harboring a grudge against Bobby a mile wide, Rufus still helped Bobby when it counted, like when they attempted to stop the apocalypse. Despite being adamant that he would never forgive Bobby for killing his daughter, Rufus still calls on Bobby to help him hide the body of a Shinto as the police are on his tail. In this particular episode, we get the full dose of Bobby and Rufus bickering like an old married couple. It would be fitting that Bobby kills Rufus after being possessed by a Kahn worm, as it brings their relationship full circle.

Rufus often added snarky and gruff commentary, but he was a good a hunter who would be an excellent addition and resource to Mary Winchester in the current season.


Who kills Death? Dean Winchester kills Death, that’s who.

Death makes it on the list of characters we want to see back because… he’s Death. Though Billie replaced him in season eleven, she was not the original Death that fans had grown to love. Death was one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and wore a powerful ring that was needed to stop Lucifer. Death had some incredibly cool scenes throughout Supernatural, and the most widely known would be when he walked down the street to Jen Titus’ song “Oh Death.”

Death finds Dean and Sam amusing and often brings them back to life for his own entertainment. Death was often willing to sit down with Dean on many occasions to provide his help in supernatural affairs, particularly when it suited his own needs. Death was a pretty helpful guy for the Winchesters, right up until Dean killed him in season ten. Perhaps Death could come back to the fold as the current “cosmic repercussion” for Castiel killing Billie in season twelve.


My caretaker. All of that thorny pain,” was an apt description given of Meg in one of the episodes, as she was a demon-turned-good guy. Meg was loyal to Lucifer and was on the run for Crowley, and offered her help to the Winchester’s to keep Castiel safe from danger. Meg saves Castiel from an attack by Hester, and Meg and Cas’s ironic relationship lead to some pretty iconic one-liners such as, “Go ask him, he was your boyfriend first,” and “Would it kill you to watch a movie, read a book?

Like most demons, Meg looked out for herself but continued to help the boys plan an attack on SucroCorp, where she was subsequently captured and tortured by Crowley. Meg’s biting sarcasm often kept Dean on his toes, and her fighting ability also helped save Dean, Sam, and Castiel on more than one occasion.  Meg’s ability to speak her mind and her strength to withstand torture made her one of the strongest characters on the show, and it was devastating to watch her be killed by Crowley. Reviving Meg so she could interact with Castiel and give Dean a hard time would bring back some humor, and an extra set of eyes for the Winchesters.


Pamela was a close friend, and a psychic who originally attempted to figure out what had resurrected Dean from Hell. As a result, she had her eyes burned out due to seeing Castiel’s true form. Like many of the women in Supernatural, Pamela rolls with the punches and is incredibly resilient. Brash and unrelenting, Pamela (slightly grudgingly) continued to help the Winchesters, despite being put at significant risk whenever she was around them.

In the episodes Pamela was in, she often left Sam tongue-tied and unsure how to respond to her sarcastic and candid comments. Also, her wicked sense of humor added to the interactions that she had with Dean and Sam, and her psychic ability often unnerved the both of them. Like many of the characters on this list, she was killed helping the Winchesters and was also briefly brought back in an episode. If they can bring her back once, they can certainly do it again, if only to provide colorful commentary while embarrassing the boys.


Dean and Sam’s long-lost, illegitimate brother popped up in season four’s winkingly titled episode “Jump the Shark,” and rocked the Winchesters’ world. Knowing about Adam allowed Sam to vent his frustration at being dragged back into the hunting world, and placed Dean in Sam’s role as peacekeeper and the rational one.

However, Adam was killed in this episode, but popped back up in “Point of No Return”, when Michael used Adam as his vessel. Though there was not a lot of screen time for Adam or enough time for him to develop a relationship with the brothers, the fact remains that Adam was a Winchester by blood, and he has been stuck in the cage with Lucifer and Micheal for an eternity.

As seasons have gone on, there has been no mention of what happened to him and no attempt to free him from the cage. Inquiring minds want to know, what would Adam’s soul even look like now? Could he be the next big bad with a vendetta against the boys?


Bela Talbot, played by Lauren Cohen, introduced in season three, showed viewers that it was possible to know about the supernatural world and not be a hunter. Cunning, smart and quick-thinking, Bela was one of the few characters who slipped beneath Dean’s defenses and kept him on his toes, despite his knowing that her needs often motivated her.

Bela’s adept skills at subterfuge, thievery, and communing with the dead added the element of surprise to the episodes she was in, and her help always came with a catch. Bela and the Winchesters’ paths crossed more often than not, and they were able to establish an uneasy truce. Bela also showed Dean and Sam that people make deals with crossroad demons for all sorts of reasons.

Though Bela’s death was inevitable, there was an undeniable chemistry between Dean and Bela that made Dean want to help her more often than not. Bringing Bela back now as a minion of hell could be interesting for Dean, and even Crowley, as she would be more powerful and know more tricks as a demon. Not only could she could easily outwit Crowley and the boys, but she and Rowena would make a powerful and frightening duo.


Though Ruby was a demon who escaped from the portal in season two, she quickly became a fan favorite. Originally played by Katie Cassidy, Ruby set out to manipulate Sam into using drinking demon blood and developing his powers. Dean immediately disliked Ruby and attempted to kill her every chance that he got, whereas Sam was wary around her because she was a demon.

In season four, Genevieve (Cortese) Padalecki portrayed Ruby, and eventually she was able to win Sam over and manipulated him into trusting her. The undeniable chemistry between Sam and Ruby added to the dramatic dynamic as they hunted down Lillith, while Ruby and Dean’s complicated relationship often lead to snippy and sarcastic comments that added a bit of humor to an otherwise drama-heavy season. Bringing Ruby back to the show now may not do much as far as plot progression, but having Genevieve Padalecki reprise her role as Ruby would be irresistibly fun.


John Winchester was the man who shaped Dean and Sam to be who they are and provided Dean with one of his most prized possessions, the Chevy Impala known as Baby. Though the three Winchesters often had a fraught relationship, John taught the boys to make difficult decisions and, above all, to watch out for one another.

John’s gruffness, determination and shrewd attention to details are all a part of what made him a good hunter, but revenge for his wife also caused him to make decisions that put other people in danger. At the end of the day, however, John would do anything for his boys, and he ultimately he died to save Dean at the beginning of season two.

Even though John died, he was still able to provide advice and weapons for the boys beyond the grave. Having the whole family reunited and possibly happy would be worth having John come back, as would the inevitable beatdown from Mary when she reprimanded him about the upbringing of their kids.


First introduced in season eight in “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” Benny was the vampire who helped Dean escape Purgatory. Benny and Dean became close as they slogged their way through to the exit point from Purgatory. Benny took the place of Cas and Sam as a friend and brother who was able to provide Dean with support. Due to Sam not understanding the trauma that Dean endured in purgatory, he began to rely more on Benny.

Benny’s unwavering loyalty, his protectiveness of Dean, and his willingness to help despite the potential harm to himself all endeared him to fans. Watching  Dean behead one of his closest friends to save Sam was one of the most devastating scenes to watch, but it also stayed true to Benny’s character. It would be refreshing to have Benny back in the mix, and for Dean to have another friend out in the world, if just to give Dean someone else to keep him balanced.


Initially mistaken for trickster god Loki, Gabriel was one of the most powerful archangels. Unable to handle his family fighting with one another, Gabriel turned to earth and made a name for himself amongst the other pagan gods.

Gabriel, unlike his brother, went around killing people he deemed to be “douchebags, ” and that was his version of cleaning up the world for the better. His insatiable desire for sweets and genuine fondness for humanity also made him different from the other angels so far. Always up for a practical joke and any chance to mess with Dean, Gabriel has often gone out of his way to make life miserable for Dean, such as killing him multiple times on a Tuesday and forcing the boys to live through multiple television episodes until he was satisfied. Gabriel ultimately became irritated with his brothers fighting for Dad’s attention and helped the Winchester’s send both Micheal and Lucifer back to the cage.

With Gabriel’s penchant for practical jokes and his sense of righteousness, bringing him back for the last three seasons would have made for interesting television, especially given that he could have met his Auntie Amara and probably prevented Castiel from releasing Lucifer into the wild.


First introduced in season six as a friend of Castiel, Balthazar had faked his death and hid from Heaven so he could hide powerful artifacts from the other angels. Balthazar was very self-serving and,rue to the angels of Supernatural, was a bit of jerk. Often motivated by spite against Dean, Balthazar went out of his way to sabotage Sam and Dean’s efforts to reclaim Sam’s soul and stop the apocalypse.

However, Balthazar was also the only angel who still treated Cas like he was his brother and, despite his primary objective to keep himself safe, warned the Winchesters’ and Cas that Raphael was going to kill anyone who helped Castiel. Balthazar is also the reason that Sam and Dean wound up in an alternate reality (“The French Mistake”) as he attempted to save them from the assassin that Raphael sent after them.

Balthazar also has a tendency to do things that make him happy, like alter reality and save the Titanic simply so the movie wouldn’t be made. Ultimately, Balthazar is killed by Cas because Balthazar betrayed the Winchesters, but it would be fun to have Balthazar back playing both sides. Could you imagine the fun Balthazar could have had during the search for The First Blade?


Kevin Tran, played by Osric Chau, originally appeared in season seven after attempting to steal an angel tablet and announcing to Sam, “I’m Kevin Tran. I’m in advanced placement, please don’t kill me.” This poor, sweet innocent boy was simply a genius-level kid, struggling to overachieve in school and obtain good SAT scores, who was tapped into being the next prophet of God.

Kevin became an important character as he was the only person who could translate the angel tablets that were needed to complete the trials to close the gates of Hell. Kevin’s naivety and innocent comments often reminded Dean and Sam of how young he was. He was also a reminder that there is a life beyond hunting the supernatural and that some people would like to go back to that life.

Kevin’s personality, intelligence, sarcasm, and snappy one-liners also provided a fun little brother dynamic for both Sam and Dean, and they did attempt to protect him like he was a younger brother.  In another gut-wrenching death, Kevin’s soul is burned from his body by Gadreel, leaving Dean appropriately guilt-ridden. Although Kevin did come back as a ghost, it would be awesome to have him back in the mix more permanently, providing his insight and brutal truths that tended to spur Dean and Sam into action.


Although Bobby has been brought back twice since his death in season seven, we need him to return as a recurrent character, if only to add colorful commentary or to utter his iconic line “Balls” one last time. What more could a Supernatural fan ask for than surly and cantankerous Bobby residing in the bunker, surrounded by books and whiskey, deadpanning when Dean, Sam, or Cas does something unbelievably stupid?

Bobby was one of the most influential people for Dean and Sam as he functioned as a second father for the boys when John disappeared on a hunt. Often, Bobby also was the voice of reason for the two and was able to call them out when they were acting like children and not talking to each other. Bobby’s death was unexpected as he was shot through the head, and his final episode, when he opens doors to his memories, was possibly one of the most heart-wrenching episodes (next to Charlie’s death).


Ellen and Jo Harvelle became beloved characters from their first introduction in season two. Ellen’s no-nonsense personality and Jo’s sheer stubbornness and determination challenged and complemented the Winchester’s brash and impulsive natures when it came to hunting. Jo also took up the mantle of the little sister, and the dynamic between the boys and her was often hilarious and reminiscent of how a family would treat one another.

In “Abandon All Hope” Jo was mortally wounded by a Hellhound, and Ellen stayed with her in a touchingly sad moment as they blew up the general store to buy the Dean and Sam some time to escape. Their deaths were devastating, not only because it was another loss to the Winchesters’ makeshift family, but because they died in vain.

If these two were brought back, it would be fun to see how they interact with the boys once they explain that Lucifer came back Earth-side after their noble sacrifice.  Ellen would probably have a lot to say about Dean making poor decisions while Jo would more than likely be upset to have missed some of the more epic fights. Not to mention, having Ellen and Jo meeting up with Jodi would be hilarious and terrifying.


Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day, was first introduced to fans in season seven as a computer hacker who worked for the Leviathan Dick Roman. Charlie, a quirky and nerdy hacker with a bubbly personality quickly became a fan favorite as she helped Dean and Sam defeat the Leviathan.

Charlie disappeared after this and reluctantly rejoined Sam and Dean on a case after several of her friends went missing. The Winchesters treated Charlie as their little sister and relied on her for research and information when they become stuck or need additional help. The interactions between the brothers and Charlie was truly heart-warming, as she related to both of the boys and also got them to open up about their troubles and worries.

Charlie’s exuberance was catching, especially when she forced the boys to partake in parts of her geeky lifestyle. Charlie’s brutal murder in “Dark Dynasty” left fans heartbroken and hoping that she would be among the lucky characters to return to the show. However, we’re still waiting for Charlie’s reappearance, whether it be in flashback or as ghost, because Dean and Sam need a little sister to keep them in line.


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