15 Most Terrifying Things Ever Found In Abandoned Buildings

15 Most Terrifying Things Ever Found In Abandoned Buildings

There is something about an abandoned building that gives us all the creeps. So much so, that most of us (the smart ones at least) wouldn’t dare step foot in an abandoned building if someone paid us to. Nevertheless, both children and adults choose to explore abandoned grounds on a daily basis, and while they are aware of the possibility of running into something strange, their curiosity often overshadows their fears.

If there is one thing that’s for sure, it’s that there is a certain feeling that comes attached to a deserted space; one that seeps into your bones and makes you feel a little colder. Truth is, when a person walks into an abandoned building they’re taking a gamble, because they can never really know for sure if they’re ever going to walk out of it. On the other hand, they might end up running out of this forgotten space, forever changed by the horrors they’ve witnessed.

Police officers often warn the public against entering abandoned premisses, due to them often harbouring morbid subjects, but since when have civilians ever listened to the cops one hundred percent of the time? The following are 15 of the most terrifying things discovered in abandoned buildings, brought to you by people who lived to tell the tale.

15. A Bathtub Filled With Brains

This picture has caused a lot of controversy on the internet, as some people have thought it to be fabricated. This is because the origin of this picture was never properly disclosed by whoever posted it. However, it was said to have been found in the basement of an abandoned hospital in the United States.

Now, you can imagine the horrors that were felt by whoever uncovered this horrifying bathtub, but when the police were called to investigate, they did not choose to pursue this case as a crime. This is because the bathtub was left behind in a medical setting, causing them to believe that a bathtub filled with human brains was simply a poor storage solution.


14. Two Dead Bodies

When a person chooses to explore an abandoned building, they expect to encounter some pretty weird stuff. What they don’t always expect to see, however, is two dead bodies. There are many different reasons why a person would enter an abandoned building, and in this case, the reason is having been given the order to clear a space before allowing bulldozers to take it down with the hopes of constructing anew.

When a group of builders encountered two dead bodies on the sixth floor of an abandoned building in Pumpwell, they immediately called the police to inform them of the events. What they later found out, was that two adults in their thirties, had been murdered just a week prior, and left to rot in this deserted setting.

13. Jars And Jars Of Old Specimens

There are some people who enjoy living a secluded life for no other reason than preferring to be alone, and then there are some people who seek solitude to pursue particularly weird hobbies; like jarring specimens. When two teens entered an abandoned building, they hoped that they would find something scary and exciting, but they never once thought they were actually going to find it. The abandoned building of their choosing was ripe with horrors, and their findings kept getting worse and worse as they approached the basement.

Once in the basement, these teens stumbled across jars and jars of old specimens, some of which dated back many decades. Their findings were so grotesque that they ended up returning with a photographer before letting the cops in on their discovery.

12. A Hoarder’s Mummified Corpse

In July of 2014, a particularly disturbing story made its way through the once quiet town of Gilbert. It all began when the police were informed about an abandoned house that appeared to be standing on its last legs. When the police arrived at the scene, they were surprised to find that it wasn’t exactly abandoned — simply neglected. To add to their surprise, they found the body of a 90 year old woman completely mummified in its midst, which had been decaying for over four years.

To make matters worse, the woman’s 60 year old daughter was still living in the house and managing to keep a low profile. The daughter’s reason for not calling in her mother’s death; being afraid of getting arrested for senior neglect. You see, this house was no ordinary house, it was a hoarder house, and so the daughter was too embarrassed about her living style to call the police.

11. The Remains Of Strange Creatures

There are some things that are best left undiscovered, but this isn’t the case for our next entry. In 2006, a shocking discovery was made that caused the people of England to sleep with their lights on for a couple of nights. Quickly, the news of these horrendous findings circulated the world, however, some people’s disbelief over the subject caused it to go mute.

In a secret room located underneath an abandoned orphanage in London, were the remains of strange creatures. All of these creatures seemed to have one thing in common; they weren’t kin with any of the documented species on Earth. This secret room belonged to Theodore Merrylin, who devoted his life to collecting and preserving the remains of ancient creatures. This here is a picture of what appears to be a fairy. Poor Tinker Bell.

10. 12 Year Old Finds A Hanging Mummified Corpse

There are few people who are going to have enough guts to enter an abandoned building, and even fewer who’ll be brave enough to do this alone. For this reason, the award for the bravest person in the world goes to a twelve year old kid living in Ohio. This boy was intrigued by an abandoned house in his neighbourhood, as it hadn’t been inhabited for years, and decided to act. His curiosity lead him to breaking into the house and following his nose. That later lead him to opening up a closet in the house’s master bedroom, where the boy found a hanging mummified corpse.

After a proper investigation, it was decreed that the body belonged to the owner of the house, Edward Brunton, who had committed suicide five years prior. The reason behind his body’s preservation; no sunlight and low humidity.

9. An Alien-Like Skeleton

Thomas Theodore Merrylin was a zoologist who spent most of his life where he was born; Hellingshire, England. Throughout his life, Merrylin became obsessed with supposedly ancient beings and creatures, to the point where he began collecting them in secret. Unknown at the time, Merrylin’s lab had been located underneath an abandoned orphanage in London, where he spent most of his days documenting bizarre entities and preserving their skeletons.

Decades after his death, Merrylin’s lab was discovered and its findings photographed and made public. For many, the creatures in these pictures are beyond comprehension, thus why they prefer to see them as a hoax. One of the most unsettling things found in this abandoned laboratory is the skeleton of what appears to be a screaming alien.

8. Dozens Of Naked Dolls

Many people live their lives with terrible secrets in their lives , and while many of these people take their creepy secrets to their grave, this doesn’t mean that the truth dies with them. Chances are, if their properties weren’t properly cleaned and their weird hobbies discarded of, the internet is going to come for them and bite them in the butt. This is exactly what happened when an old petting zoo was revisited by trespassers, and photographed.

One of the many findings discovered in this abandoned petting zoo, was a large and decrepit barn filled with naked dolls. This was quite surprising to say the least, as human dolls have no business being in a petting zoo in the first place — let alone naked ones.

7. Secret Rooms

There are some abandoned buildings that are creepier than others, and I think we all could agree that the older a building is, the more horrifying it seems. In addition, the size of an abandoned building also plays into the terror a person feels when they step into it, as it typically has more rooms, and secret nooks and crannies to uncover. In 2013, two friends decided to enter an abandoned building in Scotland that hadn’t had its doors opened since the 19th century, and what they found inside its walls was terrifying.

As expected, the creepiest findings derived from the building’s basement, where the two friends encountered a spiral staircase that lead to a secret room. While there were hundreds of creepy items throughout the building, the uncovering of a secret room with a small bed and no windows was by far the most disgruntling.

6. A Decrepit Blow-Up Doll

It has been said that the first-ever blow up dolls were created by sailors who had spent one too many lonely nights at sea. The manufacturing of these dolls, however, wasn’t recorded until 1908, when the Japanese adapted its practices and revolutionized them. Today, blow up dolls have increased in popularity. So much so, that inventors are creating life-like models that are said to both act and feel like a natural woman (yikes).

Well, it’s safe to say that the blow up doll displayed in this picture had seen better days before being discarded in the abandoned shack it was found in. Its frightening state definitely left its finders with an unsettling feeling, as it caused them to wonder about the man who used to live in this abandoned shack in the woods.

5. A Missing Person

There are some people who see an abandoned house and think it to be the most terrifying place in the world, while there are others who see it as the perfect place to commit a crime. In the case of then 20 year old Jazmine Trotter, she learned first-hand that not all who enter an abandoned building will have the fortune of leaving it.

When Trotter was reported missing on March 24, 2013, her family immediately took it into their own hands to find her — and they did. By retracing her steps and following her usual walking-route home, they crossed paths with an abandoned house, in which they found many horrors. Trotter’s body was found inside the home, putting an end to the search. Her killer, Jerome Ogletree, was later arrested when police found matching DNA evidence.

4. Human Remains

When Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin were reposted missing in August of 2015, their friends and family members immediately feared the worst. Especially when their truck was found abandoned on the side of the road four days after their initial disappearance. Their disappearance was left unsolved until human remains were found in a Weston home that had been abandoned for over a decade. These human remains, which were brought in for DNA testing, ended up matching the Navin’s DNA samples, concluding their deaths.

The abandoned home in which the Navin’s remains were found situated near the married couple’s residence in Easton, causing police to believe their murder was planned in advance. The only suspect for this crime was the couple’s son, Kyle Navin, who was later charged for their murder.

3. A Dead Homeowner

When two young teenagers from Michigan decided to partake in some day-drinking, they stumbled upon the topic of the abandoned house located down the street. This house, which had appeared vacant for over two years, had yet to be explored, and so these two teens got it in their heads that they were the ones for the job. Since there are strength in numbers, the teens invited another two other friends to join them in their mission.

The four friends entered the home by breaking a window in the basement, and were greeted by an insanely foul smell. Thinking its existence was due to the numerous trash bags in the basement, they decided to go upstairs. What they soon found out, however, was that the smell belonged to the homeowner’s decaying corpse, which had been waiting to be found for over two years.

2. A Homemade Ouija Board

While not everyone has had the opportunity (or the guts) to play the Ouija board, nearly every single person in the Western world knows exactly what one of these boards entail; spirits. Those who are aware of what a Ouija board can do usually choose to stay as far away from them as possible, and for good reason. There are some people, however, who appear to have a death-wish, and not only decide to give this ghostly board-game a go — they choose to play it in an abandoned building. When a handmade Ouija board was discovered in an abandoned building, it instantly gave its finders the creeps, as there is no better (or worse) place to play such a game.

1. A 400 Year Old Severed Head

There are some people who actually make a living out of cleaning the abandoned houses of the deceased. While this job is undoubtedly morbid, it can be quite interesting, as one gets to look through the life-long possessions of an unknown dead person. When Stephane Gabet began cleaning out the attic of Jacques Bellanger, a recently deceased tax collector, he had no idea that he would end up uncovering a 400 year old severed head.

Curiously enough, the severed head ended up belonging to King Henry IV, which caused many questions to arise. The main one being, “Why would an old man own the head of a French monarch?” After some research, it was found hat Bellanger had actually purchased King Henry IV’s head from a French couple in 1955 for 5,000 francs.

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