15 Things That Are Perfectly Legal But Creepier Than Your Creepy Uncle




Cue Lady Gaga’s song:

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“Paparazzi 100%. It is considered creepy for me to be taking pictures of my neighbors but apparently it’s fine if it’s a celebrity. Always baffled me.”
via ActualOnyx

Some Toms are allowed to peep.

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“Looking at other people at the beach or pool through binoculars.”
via Scrappy_Larue

Some people like beating a dead horse.

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“I saw a news story about a girl who covered herself in dead horse blood and guts while nude and took pictures of it. All charges were dropped as it was determined she was over 18 and just found a dead horse rather then killing it”
via babyspacewolf

Alright, alright, alright.

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“Having sex with someone you held as a baby after they’re 18
Edit: literally hundreds of comments and testimonies of exactly this later. Y’all need Jeezus”
via AllergicToStabWounds

Your energy tastes great!

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“Licking the air around a strangers head.”
via Leavemetomysleep

Never. Break. Eye contact.

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“Staring at strangers intently for an extended period of time.”
via Mist2393

It’s fun to (not exactly) impersonate a cop!

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“Sitting in your car and pointing a hair dryer at passing traffic.”
via TheGoodJudgeHolden


It’s not illegal to look incredibly threatening, I guess.

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“There is a guy in our neighborhood that walks his pitbull back and forth in front of the local elementary school with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire Mick Foley style. He doesn’t talk to anyone and he only does it Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

Edit: I don’t go near him but for one time. My daughter is 14 months old and we were walking up to the playground and she threw her cuppy out of the stroller it rolled over by him. I walked over picked it up and he looks at me then looks at her and says. “Cute kid. There are a lot of cute kids these days.”
I was like “Thanks……”

Edit 2: We live in a small town in Pennsylvania. The police know of the situation and when new people move into the area they get calls about it.

Edit 3: I’m in between Reading and Philly. The guy has done me nor anyone I know any harm and while I think it’s creepy I wish no ill will towards him. I won’t be going anymore specific then this just mainly because it’s the internet and some people might out crazy this guy.
Other then that I know zilch about the guy.”

via jimmyislost

Imagine a world where we don’t force children to act like a sexy 18-year-old while old men judge them!

“Child Pageants”

via Raz0rking

It’s just stalking lite!

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“”Investigating” strangers’ social media. You know how every now and then there’s a comment on here that gains some traction that’s basically “I deleted my last account because a stalker found out it was me,” followed by a few adventurous souls that always go “Oh, can anyone do that to me? Someone try to find out who I am!”
Well, people can. I’ve done that once or twice, just to see if I could. I’ve found at least one person’s real life name, address, phone number, and family members. And guess what? Not illegal, given you’re not threatening them or anything.”

via A_CasualThrowaway

This is a bit of a sticky situation.

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“covering your naked body in peanut butter and dry humping a couch for viewers online.”
via suitology

It pairs well with a nice chianti.

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fact: cannibalism isnt illegal just the murder part is”
via zurfey

Please, PLEASE do not sit next to me.

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“Sitting next to someone on a bus/public transport when there are other empty seats available.”
via bayo_sandwich

May I say, you smell divine.

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“Smelling strangers. In an obvious way, sniffing, with eye contact, followed by a smile, but from a couple feet away.”
via Unnatural

“Masturbating to these comments.”
via ShinyCaper

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