15 Things You Thought Were Common But Are Actually Extremely Rare


There are certain facts of life that we think are pretty standard, common occurances when in reality they’re more of a rarity than you think.

Think you have genuine green eyes? You’re either one of the 2% of people in the WORLD that have them, or you’re like most of the population by mistaking green for what are actually hazel eyes.

Who knew that so much of what we perceive as commenalities are actually unwonted occurances.

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1. Trollzungolo:

Wasabi. You can only really find the real stuff in Japan. And even there it’s really rare.

Edit: The stuff you eat here is just colored horseradish.

2. BustyChicken:

A woman’s water breaking during pregnancy. It only happens outside of the hospital like 15% of the time, but in the movies it’s always the dramatic telling of when a baby is coming.

3. isconsibly:

Pleading insanity to “escape” punishment for a crime. There was even a pretty so-so movieabout it a while ago.

In reality, it is very rare that insanity is used as a criminal defense strategy–fewer than 1% of criminal cases in the U.S. involve the insanity defense. Here’s a pdf source for your perusal if you’re not the type to trust some guy on the internet. Even then, it is only successful in 1 out of 4 attempts, and that involves convincing a psychiatrist that you’re insane, so don’t hang your hat on it if you’re thinking about killing someone.

4. LoLIsWeird:

Having green eyes. Only 1-2 percent of humans on Earth have green eyes.

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5. banshiru:

There are only 13 advertising blimps in use around the world, yet it’s so common to see them when there’s a football game!

Edit: for those asking for a source, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blimp under “Use”. there’s also a blog post by one of the companies that owns a lot of these blimps (Van Wagner Airship) that says so.

6. mackiam:

Shark attacks.

I live in Perth, supposedly one of the shark attack capitals of the world. Sure, we see them occasionally. But actual attacks are very rare.

7. SamWillsy:

People giving away drugs to kids at Halloween

Why would they give away product they could sell?

8. Bob-the-Rob:

being able to ‘make it’ as a musician or actor or many other creative jobs. And by ‘making it’ I mean being able to earn some serious money or even just to make a living by just performing and not doing anything else. Most of the time, you will have to have multiple side projects that only roughly are related to actually performing.

Or so I’ve heard. If there are people with personal experience in these fields, I’d love to read your comments.


I have a friend that’s an amazing songwriter. He has written with and for many famous bands and artists – lots of people you’ve heard on the radio. He has been nominated for a Grammy twice, once in the last year or two.

He has to work side jobs to make ends meet in between royalty checks. There is just no money in music anymore unless you are Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.

9. m10476412:

I’m gonna go with people actually eating tide pods. Probably just a few idiots that the media latched onto.

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10. TexasFarmer1984:

The fit guy laughing at the fat newbie at the gym. When I was fat getting into shape, I got nothing but positive reinforcement from these guys to never give up and keep going.

My fat friends were paranoid people and assumed people were laughing at them. In reality, gym goers were just being social and laughing about their conversations.

11. vbnm789:

Big dicks. At work right now so I’m not googling the stats, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of perusing through the craigslist personals (you should, it’s gold), there are a TON of “women” wanting a guy with at least a 9″ shlong.

9″ must be larger than 90% of pornstars. That’s your bottom limit? You have no idea how rare a dick over 9″ long is.

12. SECGaz:

Successfully resuscitating someone who has drowned

13. tolan47:

Being in a airplane crash, it’s 1 in a million but alot of people I know are still more scared to travel on a plane than in a car.

14. EspejoOscuro:

Quicksand. Using stop-drop-and-roll.

15. Blarty97:

Getting killed by a serial killer who comes out with a mask and a knife every Halloween night.

How would he have the time to kill that many teenagers?





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