15 Times Alcohol Gave People Super Powers
A lot of people think alcohol is bad, but in reality, it has a ton of benefits! You’ve probably read a ton of different articles highlighting the alternative uses for vodka or rum, but it seems like the Internet always seems to forget one of alcohol’s greatest uses: it gives people super powers. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if EVERY superhero took some shots out of a flask before hitting the streets to fight crime. And the best part is, YOU can experience these super powers! Here are 15 times alcohol gave people super powers. Oh, and please drink responsibly!

1. Meet Dave. Dave never used to think he could walk across desks with expert balance…


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But then he met a man named Jack Daniels. Giddy up!

2. Steve laughs in the face of danger!

But he also cries after too many Gin & Tonics…

3. Jimmy wasn’t bit by a radioactive spider, but he was introduced to beer pong.

Classic Jimmy!

4. Trust me. Don’t get Frank drunk. You won’t like him when he’s drunk…


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Whether you believe it or not, Frank didn’t make it out to the bar that night.

5. After three shots, Mike realized he could fly.


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He’s still learning how to land though.

6. Kelly can climb walls!


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But only after a 6-pack of Bud.

7. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!


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Oh wait, it’s just Donna with a wine glass in her mouth. Go home, Donna…

8. John doesn’t have super powers, he’s just drunk and stupid.


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That’s gotta hurt!

9. Believe it or not, Carla never believed that she could do the splits.


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However, thanks to hard work, dedication, and an open bar tab, she accomplished her goal.

10. The guys at work know him as Ted.


via 1st Fun

But his drinking buddies know him as The Strongest Man In The World.

11. Nobody can beat Harry when he’s drunk.

Except for the stairs, maybe…

12. Larry’s the fastest man alive!


Or at least he thinks he is when he’s been drinking.

13. Yes, Charlie can fly.


via Reddit / CarpenterAndTheCat

But only after a keg stand…

14. Thanks to the powers of alcohol, Rick didn’t feel this at all.


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Now THAT’S a real super power!

15. Paul’s friends said they could throw him into the deep end.

Unfortunately for Paul, that was merely the rum talking.

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