15 Times Dads Won The Prank War On Their Kids

Being a dad is a stressful gig. Whether you have one kid or twenty, being a parent is a full-time job that takes up most of your time. You always have to be there for your little ones when they’re having a bad day, or trying something new. You’re their main role model, and the way you treat them will ultimately determine the type of person they grow up to be. Sure, parenthood comes with a lot of responsibility, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun once in a while. Here are 15 dads who played epic pranks on their kids.

1. This dad who messed with his daughter’s head.

Not going to lie, I may never eat peanut butter again without checking it first.

2. The dad who gave this kid a bad haircut.

Poor little Jimmy wanted his favorite basketball team logo shaved into his head. Unfortunately for Jimmy, his dad had a different logo in mind.

3. This dad who ruined showers for his son forever.

This is exactly why I lock the door when I shower, even if I’m home alone. Keep on singing though, kid.

4. This dad who will probably never get help from his son again.

Is there anything funnier than tricking your kid into thinking that you’re being electrocuted to death? CLASSIC.

5. This dad who challenged his son to a quick game of “Rhinoceros.”

You’re never too young to get pranked by dad. BOO YA!

6. This dad who maybe took things a little too far.

Something tells me these kids are never, ever going to sleep again.

7. This dad who taught his kid the importance of wearing a watch.

If it wasn’t for Ron, I think this kid would still be waiting for the school bell to ring. Ron ruins everything!

8. This superhero of a dad who ruined his daughter’s dinner.

Her reaction is too perfect.

9. This dad who really knows how to push his daughter’s buttons.

Don’t mess with a Chicago Bears fan people.

10. This dad who is probably going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.

They don’t always have to prank the kids — sometimes your wife is as good of a target as any.

11. This dad who took things to the next level.

The kid doesn’t think it’s that funny, but I have to strongly disagree with him here.

12. This father who quickly realized why his son was taking so many showers.

The boy’s got some moves!

13. This dad who soon realized just how polite his kids really were.

Seriously, they don’t even get mad at him!

14. This dad who taught their kids what Halloween is really about.

They say that traumatic childhood events can change a person’s life forever. Thanks for helping out the cause dad.

15. And this dad who ruined a perfectly good nap.

Sorry kiddo, but you shouldn’t be sleeping on chairs anyway.SOURCE

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