1. In The Martian (and many other movies about space), viewers can always see the face of the person in the spacesuit as if there was some internal light in it. However, it’s impossible to see the faces of real astronauts from the outside. If the helmets of spacesuits really looked like they do in The Martian, people wouldn’t be able to see anything in space. To see what we mean, try looking outside at nighttime from a well-lit room.

2. In Modern Family, the most attentive viewers can see that in one of the episodes, Haley is holding the phone upside down. Obviously, it would be hard to talk on the phone like this in real life.

3. At the end of Forrest Gump, the main character’s love dies. Forrest says she passed away on a Saturday morning but the gravestone says March 22, 1982. If you decide to look up the day of the week that date actually landed on, you’ll see it was a Monday.

4. In Titanic, Jack tells Rose that he’s been to Lake Wissota in Wisconsin. However, this trip would never have been possible because Lake Wissota was formed in 1917 during the construction of the nearest power plant on the Chippewa River. Titanic sank in 1912 — 5 years before Lake Wissota appeared.

5. Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter is a half-giant — his mother is a giant and his father is a wizard. Hagrid is almost 2 times taller than a regular person, and giants in the Harry Potter universe were really huge. This is why some users have questions. For example, how could the parents conceive 2 children if they were so different in size? And how could the father take care of the giant baby if Hagrid’s mother abandoned the family when he was still a baby?

6. The remastered versions of the original trilogy of Star Wars have changed quite a bit. But the creators didn’t notice that in this scene with Palpatine, the sky looks really strange. The whole background is very blurred while the stars can be seen incredibly clearly.

7. When Tony Stark does this famous gesture in front of the explosion in Iron Man, you can first hear the sound of the explosion, and only later, do you see the flashes. But everyone knows that the speed of light (the explosion flash) is faster than the speed of sound. So it should actually be the other way around: first the light and then the sound.

8. In Jurassic Park, scientists manage to get access to the DNA of dinosaurs through a mosquito that got stuck in amber. In real life, this is impossible because experts proved that DNA can’t be conserved in amber for that long. Besides, the mosquito inside the amber looks more like a crane fly that doesn’t suck blood and couldn’t have held on to the DNA of dinosaurs.

9. Will Smith’s character in Wild Wild West wears a thin black tie most of the time. The thing is, such ties first gained popularity in the 1950s, and the film is set in 1869.

10. In Avengers: Endgame that concludes the Avengers franchise, fans managed to find some mistakes. In one of the shots of the final battle, Doctor Strange suddenly has a magic amulet — the Eye of Agamotto disappears in other scenes. It’s interesting that this is the magic artifact that contained the Time Gem that Thanos destroyed in the previous film.

11. Chris Pratt’s character in Jurassic World tames velociraptors. In the film, these dinosaurs are really big and almost as tall as humans. But in reality, it was proven that these dinosaurs were just over 1’7″ in height and looked more like birds because of their feathers.

12. In Anaconda, they used reversed footage to show a boat floating backward. But the creators forgot about the waterfall that was also flowing backward in the shot.

13. The famous scene from Back to the Future where Marty McFly plays the guitar has a mistake in it. The guitar that Marty holds in his hands, which is a Gibson ES-345, was released 3 years after the events of Back to the Future took place. The film is set in 1955 and the red Gibson was released only in 1958.

14. When the character played by Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler is looking for something online, you can see that there’s just a video playing on the screen through Windows Media Player.

15. In one of the James Bond movies, his antagonist, the North Korean spy Tan-Sun Moon, alters his appearance through a change of DNA and turns into a person that looks completely different. In reality, this is impossible and such manipulations with bone marrow are very dangerous. Why didn’t he just go to a cosmetic surgeon?




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