15 Times People Were Caught Lying on Tumblr

15 Times People Were Caught Lying on Tumblr

The internet is a magical place to share stories and pictures, but unfortunately, not everyone online is completely honest all of the time. Some people distort the truth because they;re pushing an agenda, while others will make up lies just for the notes. Plenty of these falsehoods get by unchecked, but as you can see in the posts below, the good people of Tumblr sometimes catch these liars in the act.

Lying about a lion with melanism

lying on tumblr lion

Lying about something that happened in class

Lying about a genetic mutation

lying on tumblr eye

Lying about being a thief

lying on tumblr thief sign

Lying About Monsters Inc

Lying about Wal-Mart

lying on tumblr wal mart

Lying about a lion (again)

lying on tumblr mgm logo

Lying about a snake yawning

Lying about the Saved By The Bell set

lying on tumblr saved by the bell

Lying about autocorrect

Lying about an “African tribe”

lying on tumblr tribe

Lying about “finding” a bread-based Twitter account

Lying about Anna Kendrick

Being honest about lying

lying on tumblr



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