15 Times The Walking Dead Made You Feel Bad For Laughing


After the brutality Negan recently unleashed on The Walking Dead, it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of the TV series, you enjoy dark and tragic stories. The show looks incredibly unlikely to ever have a happy ending, and it appears it’ll just be a continuous journey to see how bleak the world can become for this group of survivors. But even with suffering waiting around every corner, the show can still make people laugh.

Humor can be derived from almost any subject, even in a world as grim as in The Walking Dead. Maybe you’ve become so desensitized to characters dying that, rather than being shocked and sad to see them go, you get a chuckle out of someone dying in a funny way. You know you shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t help it. No matter how dark the world gets, you have to be able find something funny somewhere. So this is 15 Times The Walking Dead Made You Feel Bad For Laughing.



It feels like no time at all since Glenn and Maggie were still having the rocky start in their relationship. With Maggie and fans alike now feeling the loss of the most popular pizza boy in the zombie apocalypse, it’s nice to think back on the good times the couple had together. But in the beginning, they definitely weren’t totally clicking. Glenn was still very awkward and wasn’t sure how to approach his attraction to Maggie. Their decision to have sex in a drug store did little to clear up Glenn’s doubts.

Glenn later tried to initiate a conversation with Maggie by letting her know he still had eleven condoms left if she was in the mood. It wasn’t quite what Maggie was hoping to hear at that point, and she refused the offer by informing Glenn that he might see eleven condoms, but she only saw eleven minutes better spent elsewhere. Even when the episodes first aired, Glenn was so naïve and earnest that you couldn’t help feeling bad for him even though Maggie’s rejection was worth a chuckle. But with Glenn’s dark fate that awaited down the road, it’s likely any laugh at his expense will make you feel bad now.



Daryl might be a fan favorite now, but starting out, a lot of fans had problems with him. He was kind of a stereotypical redneck, right down to the racism. It’s hard to make an endearing racist character, so it’s to Daryl’s credit that he was able to overcome that aspect and grow into someone who fans really love. Plus it didn’t hurt that his comments, while messed up, could also be funny.

Glenn in particular was the subject of a lot of remarks from Daryl. He got called Short Round in reference to the kid fromIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He got his nationality misidentified when Daryl remarked that Glenn shot well “for a Chinaman”, only for Glenn to respond that he was actually Korean. But the turbulent relationship did blossom into friendship, with Daryl even standing up for Glenn later. Daryl’s brother Merle also remarked that Glenn shot well for a Chinaman, and Daryl actually remembered from before and corrected him that Glenn was Korean.



Eugene was clearly a guy whose social skills were not the best. But in a world filled with the undead, socializing becomes much less of a priority, so it shouldn’t have been much of a problem for Eugene’s survival. His ability to procreate, though? Well, in that regard, a lack of social graces will hurt your chances just as much after the world ends as it did when everything was running normally.

During an outing with Tara and Glenn, Eugene decided the moment was right to take his chance with Tara. He suddenly informed her how hot he thought she was. It’s hard to imagine she would have responded receptively even if she were straight, but Tara let Eugene know his chances were nonexistent because she liked girls. Eugene awkwardly pretended he had already known that, but Glenn and the viewers weren’t fooled, and couldn’t help but laugh at the poor guy.



It’s hard to dislike a charismatic villain, and one thing Negan certainly has is a captivating personality. He kept the attention of fans for months as they waited to see who he killed using his barbed wire baseball bat, AKA Lucille. He’s a villain who horrifies viewers, while simultaneously keeping them enraptured to see what his next move will be. It gives a glimpse of why his followers might like him, even if it makes fans uncomfortable to admit it.

In a season opener that left fans mourning the loss of Abraham and Glenn, Negan also provided some of the best laughs of the episode… when he wasn’t ending lives. Even after bashing in a man’s head and showering blood everywhere, Negan never lost his sick sense of humor. While brandishing the freshly blooded Lucille, Negan declared that his weapon wanted more because she was a “vampire bat”. If you weren’t too busy covering your eyes and ears, it was a line worthy of a smile, and demonstrated what a showman Negan is, finding humor even in such dark moments.



For the first two seasons of the show, Dale was the moral compass in a world that had lost its laws. He stood by his beliefs of right and wrong even as he watched other character grow comfortable with the idea of killing humans. He valued the lives of others so much that when Andrea was ready to give up on herself at the end of season one, Dale wouldn’t let it happen. With the CDC on the verge of exploding, Dale stated that if Andrea remained behind, he would too.

It was a nice gesture that eventually convinced Andrea to carry on and walk out of the CDC with Dale. But as they were exiting the building, Jacqui revealed that she had now decided to remain behind instead. There was a moment when the rest of the group stopped to ask if she was sure, but after Jacqui quickly affirmed she was, they all left. Even Dale.

Seeing Dale get so worked up about saving one of his group members and casually giving up on another just seconds later was a bit jarring, and you couldn’t help but laugh at how easily he let go of his willingness to die for others.



With the actor who played Dale electing to leave the show, his character was killed off early and it looked like we were going to be deprived of one of his most memorable scenes from the comics. Fortunately the scene in question wasn’t integral to Dale’s character, so it could be transferred to another character instead. And unfortunately for Bob, he was the character who received the grisly fate.

Bob wound up being captured by a group of humans, and soon learned that walkers weren’t the only ones eating people anymore. Bob’s new acquaintances happened to be cannibals, and made a meal out of one of his limbs. But what Bob neglected to tell the group is that someone else had already been chewing on him earlier—a walker. After the cannibals ate their fill, Bob revealed the truth and gleefully laughed that he had led them into eating tainted meat. Even for such a dark scene, it was hard not to be amused at Bob’s delight over the fate he had subjected the group to.



Obviously the TV series of The Walking Dead was huge for increasing the popularity of the franchise, and since then we’ve had games, a spinoff series, and even webisodes that share mini stories. The webisodes aren’t as huge to the fan base as the TV series, but they have been great for sharing snapshots of different characters in interesting situations coping with the downfall of society.

In one of the first webisodes that came out for the series, we got a pretty humorous death to kick things off. A woman was going down the street and encountered a newly dead woman lying on the ground. The bystander thought there could still be time to save the other woman, and started giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Unfortunately it was at this moment that the dead woman revived as a walker, and took advantage of the situation to bite off the good samaritan’s tongue.



The Walking Dead has proven great at making itself must-watch television for fans who love shocks and surprises, but that doesn’t mean the series hasn’t had its slumps as well. Season two had this issue in particular, combining double the episodes of the first season with a slashed budget. The limited finances kept the characters largely confined to Herschel’s farm, meaning the action had to come to them. Thus the silliness of the Well Zombie.

With a rotting man found in the farm’s well, the group decided they had to get him out rather than just shoot him, and elected to lower Glenn down the well to put a noose on the walker. The result every fan saw coming a mile away was that Glenn nearly got bit, but the group hauled him out just in time. It looked like they had the walker too, but just as it was nearly out, its decaying body broke in half and spilled its rotting guts back into the well. Everyone was disappointed because this meant they could no longer drink from the well. You know, as opposed to before, when they would have been totally cool drinking water that this walker had been swimming in.



There might be no character who has been more hated on The Walking Dead than Lori. Even the Governor and Negan have fans based on how entertainingly evil they have been. But Lori? She unknowingly cheated on Rick, then continued to cheat on him once she knew he was still alive. Even worse was that she seemed to be actively trying to pit Rick and Shane against each other, bringing tension to the group, and then contributed little herself.

It eventually became a running joke among fans that Lori screws everything up, and she did little to disprove that. Even when she tried to do something helpful, like taking a car out on the road to try and help the others, she forgets the number one rule in driving (even during a zombie apocalypse): don’t take your eyes off the road! Lori tried to read a map while driving down the road, and to the surprise of no one, she crashed into a lone walker and wrecked the car. It was supposed to be dramatic, but all fans could do was shake their heads at Lori bumbling through life yet again like some annoying next door neighbor on a sitcom.



Fans of The Walking Dead comics quickly picked up on the characters who were original to the show, and were curious what these new faces would contribute. Daryl would prove to be perhaps the most popular character on the entire show, proving the originals could offer promise. T-Dog just happened to be one original who didn’t have such promise, instead becoming a meme due to his nonexistent personality.

T-Dog failed to impress right off the bat with his handling of the situation involving Merle. Rick had handcuffed Merle on top of a roof when he was looking like a danger to the group, but once walkers got into the building, it was either free Merle or leave him for dead. T-Dog had a heart for the racist, and went back to unlock the cuffs. Through some miraculous odds, he managed to trip and let the key go flying out of his hand and down a tiny drain pipe. The odds of that happening were so ridiculous that you could only laugh, even as it became clear Merle was now on the verge of being eaten alive.



In the world of The Walking Dead, everyone has to learn how to protect themselves at some point. It’s either get comfortable with being able to kill, or wind up dead yourself. We clearly saw that in season two when Herschel had to adapt to the fact that walkers were not people anymore, and the safest thing to do was to kill them. But the harder part for many characters is getting comfortable fending off other humans.

After everything Rick and his group have been through, they’re definitely not shy about defending themselves anymore. As fans, we’re used to it, so it’s easy to forget that there are still pockets of people holed up who aren’t there yet. When Rick’s crew stumbled upon a new sanctuary, the bystanders were pretty shocked at how quick Rick was to defend himself when a man named Ethan attempted to kill the base’s leader at the behest of Negan. Rick calmly stabbed Ethan in the neck and got doused in the guy’s blood, leaving the other members of the sanctuary stunned. But Rick was so used to it that he could only look at their faces and ask, “What?”



Rick has had a number of lines throughout the series that have becomes memes online for one reason or another. Sometimes Andrew Lincoln’s delivery of his lines is just a bit odd, like in his infamous scene with Lori where she was trying to get him to speak to her about her baby. Lori still had no idea whether the child belonged to Rick or Shane, and it was hanging over her relationship with Rick. But the friction between them showed in a weird way in this scene.

Rick wasn’t in the mood to deal with his wife, and brushed her off saying “I’m doing stuff, Lori. Things.” Just the way he said it immediately had people laughing and thinking he considered “things” a way of elaborating on what “stuff” he was doing. If you really pay attention, you realize he was just mocking Lori for saying “We have to talk about… things.” But the misinterpretation definitely hurt the tension for a major conflict going on in Rick’s story arc.



Some characters are so desensitized to the horrible world they’ve been stranded in that they are able to laugh in the face of death. That was the case with Merle, who had decided it was time to take out the Governor and his group without any help. It sounded like a suicide mission, and knowing Merle, he probably knew that. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying what would be some of the final moments of his life.

Merle geared up for his final battle by relaxing in an old beat car, listening to some music, and enjoying a drink. Walkers swarmed the car due to the radio, but whether it was the alcohol or just acceptance of the risk, Merle was beyond being afraid. He tipped his bottle to a walker biting at his window, simulating giving the guy a drink. It gave Merle and the viewers a last laugh, even with the foreboding feeling that Merle was setting out on his last ride in just a few more moments.



A lot of Andrea’s plot in season two of The Walking Dead was about her determination to be able to use a gun. With self-defense being a major priority in a zombie apocalypse, being armed makes sense. But with Andrea having recently contemplated suicide, Dale in particular was leery about Andrea being allowed to carry a weapon. Finally the group relented, though, and Andrea was given a rifle to use while watching for walkers from atop the RV.

Unfortunately for Daryl, he chose this time to return from his unsuccessful venture in the woods looking for Sophia. Between being thrown from a horse and attacked by walkers, Daryl didn’t look so hot, and the group immediately presumed he was a walker. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was their friend beneath the blood and dirt. Or at least everyone who saw him up close did. Andrea didn’t get that message, and instead fired off at Daryl with her rifle. Daryl dropped to the ground, the group screamed in horror, and Andrea grinned at demonstrating what she thought was her proficiency.



There has really been no bigger meme to come out of the show than this moment. Lori had just died an excruciating death while giving birth to her daughter. Carl had been forced to not only watch his mom die, but to shoot her in the head to ensure she wouldn’t come back as a walker. Even if you hated Lori, it was a heavy moment to watch. The grief was so plain on Carl’s face that Rick knew what had happened even without it being said. But the way Rick reacted was a bit humorous to say the least.

The way Rick squatted down to look in Carl’s face and his “Aww, no” all just sounded so patronizing at first. It was like Rick was on the verge of saying “Aww, what’s the matter little cry baby, did your precious mommy die?” Obviously that wasn’t at all what the show was going for, so this is a scene that probably could have used another take. Rick’s initial reaction was so bizarre and funny that it negated the sadness of his breakdown, and just turned this into a classic meme to break out whenever you want to show your sympathy for someone by playing a tiny violin.


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