15 Tips For Guys Who Are About To Pork For The First Time


If you’re a young man who’s never done it before, sex is terrifying. Your head is full all the things that might go wrong, and all the ways you might embarrass yourself. Mostly, you just feel like you don’t know a damn thing and that’s scary as hell. The nice people at AskReddit had people share the best tips they could for all you aspiring male sex havers out there. Please feel uncomfortable by:


Skwerilleee – Hrm. Gross:

You’re doing a “come here” motion, not stuffing a turkey.


GenXer1977 – Just don’t laugh at the wrong time:

Don’t take it so damn seriously. Laugh with each other. Take your time. And above all, communicate.


ancientflowers – Don’t fully enjoy sex until you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship:

Wear a condom. It’s safer. It’ll help you last longer. And if you start out not wearing one, then you’re really not going to ever want to wear one.


hi_im_vito – This seems obvious, but things are different in the moment:

Don’t say “thank you” after you nut. I did that and I still cringe about it.


abdl_hornist – Um….Thanks dad?:

Advice from my dad to adolescent me – if you think there’s even a remote possibility you might receive a blow job, make sure to wash your dick out real good; you do not want to fuck that up


BeerShitzAndBongRips – Don’t make a bet with a frat boy. Got it:

Don’t try what you’ve seen in porn.


Flashpenny – Maybe check out a diagram beforehand?:

It’s lower than you think it is but it’s not *that* low.


TostitoNipples – Worst case scenario is that you cum:

You probably will have performance anxiety.
Shit it still happens to me when I’m with someone new.


RockingNovaWhales – If you’re worried about it being quick, you can pad it out with foreplay:

Foreplay is hot and remember to use a condom. Also be respectful of your partner’s limits and pace.


UnfairCanary – It’s your first time, not your last time:

It will probably be underwhelming, and then you’ll think “wait, this was the sex stuff people wrote songs about?”

But then you might get to practice more. And that can be fun.


obscur1al – Surprisingly, sex isn’t all about you:

A lot of these are things like “listen to your partner”, “ask what they like,” which is great advice, but here’s one that you don’t have to interpret and is the same for everyone: Buy and use lube. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman for not getting/staying wet enough for sex to be amazing, and it doesn’t make you any less of a man for not being able “get” her wet enough. It will make your sex better.


hoopsandpancakes – Who says poetry is dead?:

You got to lick it before you stick it.


Generic–Handle – Pro-tip for your tip (I hate that I just wrote that):

Baby wipes if you can’t shower. But if possible shower first.


AppropriatePomelo – Lube, it’s not just for old people anymore:

Lube, lube, more lube. Don’t put a ton of performance pressure on yourself, because it doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people and you can learn as you go. You don’t have to do a lot of crazy stuff the first time. Just have fun and USE PROTECTION, DARN IT.


ds637 – And just to fully screw with your mind:

Don’t read too much advice, it’ll give you anxiety when the time arrives.

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