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15 Totally Unnecessary Life Hacks

15 Totally Unnecessary Life Hacks

Dammit, just spend the 30 bucks already and save yourself the embarrassment….

That’s one way to ensure nobody ever ask to borrow your bike.

I’m sure this won’t spill at the slightest abrupt stop.

I applaud your innovative laziness.

I have no idea how this is supposed to make eating easier, and frankly, don’t want to know.

Completely road legal, NO REALLY.

Why bother with a locksmith when you can just use pliers every time you go anywhere???


If your friends make you sit here, they’re clearly not your friends.

Life hack? Nope, just a drinking problem.

Cutting edge technology hack circa 1995.

Kudos on the recycling, I guess.

Safety is obviously a top priority.

There’s a reason Luke’s pool is empty, it’s called tetanus.

Using this life hack is 100% effective in ensuring nobody ever wants to call you again.

I take back everything I said, this man has it figured out.

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