15 Tricks Manufacturers Used to Fool Consumers

1. “The coloring on the jar makes you believe the drink contains fruit pieces.”


2. “Extra length means extra chips, right?”


3. “Here’s how a cauliflower looks after it’s peeled. The spoon is for size comparison!”



4. “I’ve read posts on the Internet, but I’ve never been tricked like this myself — until today!”


5. “Some boxes of chocolate only look impressive on the outside.”


6. “Tell me this spot wasn’t meant for one more chocolate!”



7. “I bet the gift packaging can easily accommodate another box of the same size!”


8. “I ordered these packs of cookies within 2 weeks of each other. By the way, they both cost the same.”


9. “Wait, so where’s the other half of the chicken?”



10. “I genuinely thought that this phone had 2 cameras…until I took a peek under the casing!”


11. “The quality control department must’ve been napping or something!


12. “Oh, what nice-looking, trust-inducing — utterly misleading packaging!”



13. “It must’ve been this cookie’s prettier sibling that sat for the picture…”


14. “This brand of air freshener appears to have lost some weight over the last few years!”


15. “The doughnuts that can’t be seen through the package have no glaze at all!”

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