15 Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories That You Might Start Believing –


1. “The reason Disney came out with a movie called ‘Frozen’ was so that when you Googled “Disney frozen” you would get information about the movie and not websites talking about Walt Disney’s body being frozen”

2. “The value of expensive art is just as a pseudo currency for rich people to subtly buy drugs or other illicit things.”

3. “Snapchat worked with the FBI to popularize (and secretly test and improve) face-recognition-technology. We went from “wow, this is like magic” to “this is totally normal” in a few years and there’s no way that the technology isn’t being by law enforcement.”

4. “Weather forecasters buy stock in supermarket chains and then over exaggerate winter storms.”

5. “PETA is controlled opposition run by the meat industry designed to make animal rights activists look bad.”

6. “The development of the F-35 fighter jet is “so over budget” so the military can fund other top-secret projects without making a new line item on the budget.”

7. “Long john silvers is some kind of money laundering scheme on the basis that they have been open for as long as i can remember but i have also literally never seen a busy long johns.”

8. “The real reason Apple removed the headphone jack was to try to remove Square paysystems as a competitor for Apple Pay”

9. “Kobayashi the competitive eater is really a fantastic up close slight of hand artist.”

10. “The idea that genetics services like 23 and me may be selling records to the government and/or insurance companies. There have been cases of criminals being caught with genetic”

11. “One of my favorites is that the government was behind #ThrowbackThursday in order to get us to digitize and upload pictures that they would not have had access to in order to improve age progression/facial recognition algorithms”

12. “Cops go on Waze and leave random police sightings to cause people to slow without actually having to stay and check on people.”

13. “The NFL politicized players taking a knee to draw attention away from reports about the extent of damage caused by CTE.”

14. “‘Everyone should learn to code’ is a movement to flood the market with Software Engineers so that salaries can be reduced. That’s also why they’re dropping Software Engineer as a title for the lesser title of ‘coder’.”

15. “The government spreads true conspiracies to make them sound ridiculous and unbelievable so that people don’t suspect those conspiracies are true.”

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