15 Unforgettable Stories About “That Weird Kid” From School


Every school has it’s token weirdo; you know the kid who is constatly chewing on paper or collecting his boogers in a spiral notebook.

Whatever they may have done back then, it sure makes for a memorable story, especially since these are some of the most formative years of our lives.

But don’t just take our word for it, /r/AskReddit has some strange and unforgettable encounters with these unique individuals.

1. Omegasedated:

if he was ever teased, or anyone said anything rude to him, he would jump up and scream “DANDRUFF ATTACK”. shake his hair at the “Bully”, then shuffle away at frightening speeds.

Spoiler: No one wants to be attacked by dandruff.

2. CuervoJones:

Kept his watch around his ankle and would bend his knee up and inward to check the time. This was one of many quirks but perhaps the one that best summed him up. By senior year we were quite protective of him and voted him prom king mostly non-ironically. I hope he’s doing well.

3. devilinlace:

When he was dropped off, he would run into the school like Naruto.

4. Megboss:

There were the huge windows in the cafeteria so that you could see outside on the patio, where we were also allowed to go and eat during lunch. This kid would stand against the window staring in, completely motionless for the whole 30 minute lunch period. An assistant principle eventually had to tell him he was creeping people out and he had to stop.

5. gil_beard:

He showed up every single day of our four years of high school together dressed up like a doctor. Complete with a stethoscope, white lab coat, and pocket protector with pens. No one knows why he did this since he kept to himself and didn’t have any friends by choice. Even weirder is that in our senior yearbook he didn’t appear in the student section but instead in the faculty section under a different name.

Edit: I have to clarify for some people apparently that he wasn’t the schools doctor or nurse. He went to class with us, did homework, went to prom, and attended graduation with us.

6. NotTheFCC:

There was a kid who shit himself running laps in gym and tried to pretend that it wasn’t him. The guy has brown streaks down his leg and insisting it’s not there, acting, literally, like his shit didn’t stink.

7. MadameSystem:

Dragon boy. I went to high school with a guy who literally thought he was half human half dragon. Whenever anyone would walk a little too closely behind him he would scream, “DON’T STEP ON MY TAIL!!!” He would also hiss or growl at you if you annoyed him.

Also was friends with a girl in elementary school who believed she was part cat. Which isn’t super weird at that age, but she did bite the back of my head once on the playground. Had to go to the nurse because she broke skin and I started bleeding.

8. skiamachy_with_satan:

There was a kid who would always stand behind me whenever we had to line up in elementary school and eat my hair. He stayed pretty weird over the years. In junior high his accessory of choice was a fedora dappled with suspicious white stains, but he was definitely not a “nice guy”.

via elliablog

9. StephSands:

Watching hentai in the bathroom was weird, but telling everyone about it was a different level of weird.

10. emmiekv:

Read her erotic fan fiction to our creative writing class and then made fun of the teachers fake eye when he asked her to stop… she never came back to school after that.

11. edgarpickle:

We had a kid who would hock up a bunch of phlegm, spit it straight up into the air, catch it in his mouth, then do it again. Repeatedly.

12. Sparksman91:

Well he would straight up start jerking it in class, under the desk so the teacher won’t notice, but he loved to bring everyone else’s attention to it

“Psst, Sparksman91, look.”

I wish I didn’t.

13. BorisUlianov:

We called him the “penis artist”. He was obsessed with penises and swastikas. He did a masterpiece in art class: a scene depicting a lovely park full of penis-people, with a playground shaped like a swastika. There was penis dogs, penis fountains, a penis plane in the sky and the sun was a grotesque testicle with multiple penises as sunrays.

Edit: except for the Sun, every penis in that painting was an slug-like creature. Penis-people was a penis, with penis-limbs, and hands with five penis-fingers. Penis-dogs had four penis-legs and the flowers had penises as their stems. OMG, there was even a nightmarish tree that was basically a penis with penis-branches, penis-roots and testicle fruits.


14. thomyorkesgammyeye:

This happened at my school in the UK around 2002. We had an indoor swimming pool at my shool that was always really cold, and one particularly freezing december day, a bunch of us decided that we really didnt fancy having to do swimming for PE. So we dared this kid called Todd, who was pretty crazy, to crap in the pool. He said he would do it for £10. We had a quick whip round and managed to get the money pretty quick between us. To avoid getting caught, he decided to crap into the pool from the roof, through a sky light. Alot of the buildings in our school had staircases on the outside, so it didnt take much effort for a couple of us to give him a leg up onto the roof. Once he was up there we ran back down to the pool and looked through the windows. Sure enough, after a couple of miniutes, we saw two or three of Todds ass apples drop into the perfectly still pool, causing a gentle, disgusting, but oddly beautiful ripple. There was no PE for us that day

15. meatym8blazer:

Peeling skin from her feet and eating it during class


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