15 Valuable (And Hilarious) Video Game Life Lessons, According To Reddit

15 Valuable (And Hilarious) Video Game Life Lessons, According To Reddit

The life lessons that hit the hardest tend to come from unexpected places. I can’t say that I ever expected to learn more about myself playing Super Smash Bros. on friend’s couches than I ever did doing homework, but here we are. Spoonfuls of sugar will always help the medicine go down, and video games have a way of sneaking those into your diet, one way or another.

15 redditors agree and decided to lay out what their digital doctors prescribed.

1. BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL SleeplessShitposter


3. Dang this game taught you about capitalism PM_ME_HOT_GRILL_PICS


5. Eye(s) on the prize moronicuniform

6. Everything will…slide into place alcheMistsz

7. If they don’t run off on you for items, they’re a real one OptimoreWriting

8. Video gaming parents >>> Darthaggro

9. Forever and ever and ever. Forget strategy guides Stanzin7

10. Smart > Hard Chime45

11. Flying through these streets trying not to get wasteddddd Oodles_of_noodles_

12. GET THOSE PYLONS filthridden

13. Assess these shots, my friends Sati1984

14. You decide how shitty your geometric life looks Star-Waffle

15. Perk up! Ardaz

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