15 Videogame Moments That Stuck With Gamers Forever

Videogames are an artform unlike any other – while movies, TV, paintings, and music are all different, worthwhile ways for artists to express bold ideas and inspire people, they simply cannot have the same power as a videogame for one simple reason: videogames let you be a part of the art. They’re interactive, allowing for immersive experiences where you personally become part of the art. And, as such, they can be profoundly impactful or emotional experiences, particularly since gameplay and graphics have evolved to do more than the simple puzzle games and platformers when videogames were new.

But what were THE most memorable gaming experiences? This r/AskReddit thread posed the question to users, and they picked some damn good ones:


1. First Ride Into Mexico (Red Dead Redemption, from ImpulseAfterthought)


2. Bridge Escape (GTA III, from Zyye)


3. Storming Omaha Beach (Medal of Honor: Frontline, from SlayJ93)


4. Valus (Shadow of the Colossus, from litokid)


5. Flood Introduction (Halo: Combat Evolved, from Reverse_Waterfall)


6. The Nuke (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, from irishmickguard)


7. Ghost’s Death (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, from FelonysShadow)


8. Moon Reveal (Portal 2, from GodotIsWaiting4U)


9. Exiting Vault 101 (Fallout 3, from Adam0154)


10. Final Mission (Halo: Reach, from Lawsoffire)


11. Prison Escape (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, from w8ulostme)


12. The reveal that Atlas is Frank Fontaine, and has been using a programmed trigger phrase to control your actions (Bioshock, from Evil0city)


13. The end of Mordin (Mass Effect 3, from Thalantas123)


14. The Revan Twist (Knights of the Old Republic, from darkxc32)


15. The zoo-related moment of levity (The Last of Us, from needs_more_socks)


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