15 Videogame Worlds That Would Be Terrible To Live In, According To Reddit

15 Videogame Worlds That Would Be Terrible To Live In, According To Reddit

Videogames are an experience, but more often than not we can’t visit the worlds behind these glass screens. And sometimes it’s enough to wonder if it would even be worth it? Would it be more fun to play a game rather than actually live in that world? Would I be able to hold my own running and gunning through Overwatch or even just trying to keep pace running through the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario? And no, I don’t want or need VR to find that out.

The thought of crossing over into videogames has existed long before Pixels ruined it for everybody, but there are still some worlds tha gamers just wouldn’t touch, even if they had the chance. They took to Reddit to try and save you a trip.


NonsensicalWhimsy must not have gotten to the power armor quickly enough in Fallout.

“Fallout. Odds are, you won’t be the cool person your character was. You’d die in 2 minutes and it would be painful.”


Little does roohbaboosh know, that we’re already living in this world.


Not so much the actual places. Los Santos and Vice City have some pretty nice areas. But I’m not sure I want to live in a world where someone can gun a pedestrian down right in front of a police officer and then be completely off the hook 5 minutes later as long as he hides well enough”


Just make sure your magic’s up, Sayakai. You’ll be fine.


The air pollution from the semi-active volcano is horrible, the locals are racist dickwads, the gods are assholes more often than not, and the police are maniacs. Enjoy life as a farmer, and hope the rampant criminality outside of town doesn’t wreck it, and that you don’t piss off anyone rich enough to hire legal assassins.”


I feel you, yakusokuN8. Have you ever tried playing cards with a sadistic AI?


It’s a fun puzzle game, but within that world, I’d be stuck in a rat maze with a sadistic AI. No thanks.”


TL;DR: naic walked through hell to have a good time playing DotA


You’re just a treant. You didn’t vote for the World Tree, you just live there. One day a druid comes – he’s recruiting for the Sentinel/Radiant. Join the army, spend 2 years living the Melee Barracks and fighting the Scourge, you’ll learn job skills, and when you get out they will pay for you to go back to college and you can get that B.S. in Forestry you wanted to get but you had to stay home and work at the Shrine instead because you couldn’t afford it. So you and your three best friends join up.

The war begins. We’re going to whoop their undead asses. You meet 5 magical leaders, they will divide the army up into a 3 prong attack and crush the Scourge once and for all!

But wait – the generals aren’t sending the big Sentinel army. They are just sending your squad – 4 treants who just finished basic training, and your druid sargent. You’re on your own in Mid Lane. You’ll get reinforcements in a minute or two, they promise. You don’t understand why you’re going alone. You didn’t train for this. Your little group is going to get wiped out.

But wait, that’s okay, there’s an Ember Spirit. He just told the team ‘solo mid or I feed’. Good, he will come with us. We can’t lose with a giant flaming bear on our team.

We march out, and the battle begins. We engage four ghouls and a necromancer – it’s an even fight. One of the ghouls is about to die, and our heroic Ember Spirit steps in and cleanly slices it’s head off with a flaming sword. We are taking losses but we are winning. The ghouls and the necromancer team up on Tommy. He’s a rough and tumble treant from the Top Lane Shrine, but against a combined fire he starts to go down. However, the enemy hero, a Dwarven Sniper, shoots him in the head.

There’s three of us left on both sides. We are fighting with renewed vigor. We kill a ghoul, and Ember Spirit kills one. For some reason, the enemy Dwarven Sniper has held it’s fire. As we finish off the ghoul, Danny is greviously wounded. Ember Spirit walks over – good, he’s got medic training, he’s going to heal Danny. But no, he unsheathes his flaming sword, and plunges it into Danny’s heart. Danny has time to utter one character – a single ‘!’ then he is gone. George and I are both screaming. Why did our hero kill our friend? We stand there in shock, then the ghoul rips off George’s leg. As he’s writhing on the ground in pain, the enemy Dwarven Sniper shoots, and Danny’s head explodes in red mist. This can’t be happening. I’ve known Tommy, Danny, and George since we were saplings. Where are the fucking reinforcements? Why has our hero betrayed us?

I snap back to reality when I hear the gunshot. It hits me in the arm. It’s bleeding, but not fatal. I see the Ember Spirit running over. I am not getting fooled again, I know why he is here. “Hero” is a lie. War is hell. As I see his flaming sword swing towards my head, I shout out ‘!’


But you can edit the rest of Gary’s Mod, BlueMistane. Just surrond yourself with exploding barrels.

“Does Garry’s Mod count? Trouble in terrorist town would be the death of me… Don’t even start thinking of everything else in there. So very Dead…”


Accurate, SideboardSix.

Mario Kart.

‘I’m just trying to drive to work, stop throwing shit at me Bowser!!!’


This is why you befriend dogs, DarthFikus.


Fight perpetual loneliness with pointless construction, and mining, and construction, and mining… withing for that sweet hiss of death that will take you away from this place. Then you wake up in the nether.”


And this is why you just make sure you never ever lose a round of Pokemon, PM-ME_SMALL-BOOBS.


Try getting to work when you are forced into animal fights because you locked eyes with a stranger and if you lose you give them money and your number.”


steveo68737 has two choices: punch the Nazis IRL or punch them in the new Wolfenstein.

“Wolfenstein! I mean you’d live in a world where the Nazi’s won man. That shit would be fucked. The Holocaust would be successful and praised. I mean just no. Plus those metal dogs? Nooooo”


Spoolerdoing‘s got a point here. But if you could free your brethren by going fast, would you?


You’re either an ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL, or you get rounded up and imprisoned in robots as an organic battery by the local guffawing fat dictator. If you’re insufficiently athletic you’ll fall off the geometric centrifuge walkways, either to your death or at least severe injury. And the 1% are those who get the rings first, leaving nothing for the everyman.

Oh, and if you’re any other human, people from another dimension will abhor your guts (Sonic ’06)”


The King of The Cosmos has little concern for mere mortals, Bananawamajama.

“So youre just living your life right? Going around, doing your job, just trying to get by. One day you realize youre unfulfilled by your job. You change careers a few times, trying to shrug off this feeling of malaise, but nothing works.

Eventually you start to sink into depression, and your health starts to suffer. You no longer work out, yoy dont bother eating right, your hygiene deteriorates.

Then one day you meet the most amazing girl. You fall head over heels for her, but never express your feelings. I mean, how could a girl like that ever fall for a fat slob like you? Yet somehow she manages to see past that and befriends you.

You decide to turn your life around, right there, and become the kind of man deserving of a woman like that. You get back in shape, apply yourself to your career and get a big promotion, and go back to school to get that degree. And when you finally muster the courage to ask her out, you find she actually loved you all along.

Finally, the day if your wedding arrives, and it feels like youve finally escaped the long tunnel of darkness that has been your life. You can finally envision a future of genuine happiness. The ceremony proceeds beautifully, and the big moment arrives: the officiant asks you if you will take this woman before you as your lawfully wedded wife.

And as you smile at her, a single tear rolling down your cheek, and part your lips to say that fateful “I do”, a writhing mass of squirming bears and elephants and squids interlaced with garbage and scrap metal plows through the side of the building, veers toward you and engulfs your beloved. In an instant your hopes and dreams of the future are subsumed by this lovecraftian nightmare and rockets off to lands unknown, leaving you alone in the shattered remains of the church.

Anyway, that’s Katamari Damacy.”


Welcome to LOL, boysch2000.

“League of Legends

You get placed in an arena you can’t escape from where there are 5 other people trying to kill you. When they make you suffer a horrible death by shooting you 20+ times with guns or arrows or beating you with a club. You come back to life 15 seconds later so they can make you suffer more pain and death. On top of that you have 4 teammates that do nothing but tell you how much of a piece of shit you are and that they hope your family gets cancer.

Seems like a horrible life to live.”


The only way to win Civilization is no to play, ShinyKatana.

“Civilization. It’d rock if you were an immortal ruler, but if you’re just an ordinary civilian, you might end up living under a military dictatorship led by a warmonger hellbent on world domination. That, or bet attacked by one. If you are in the military, you could expect to be at war a lot and fighting barbarians on the other side of the continent, and not see home until after a few thousand years.

If you’re lucky enough to live under a peaceful leaders you could still get steamrolled by the enemy.

It sounds a lot like my last session.”


TrustyGun made Deus Ex sound real bleak. But hey; at least you’ll have glasses installed in your face.

“Deus Ex. It is considered to be the best game ever and is constantly badass.

On the surface, the world is occupied by many terrorist groups that are composed by conspiracy theorists, and America is pretty much a third world country. Californa is under the ocean, and there is an extremely deadly plague that is killing the underclasses. It’s worse under the surface, because those terrorists are RIGHT in saying that there is a conspiracy that controls the US govt, in fact, there has been many conspiracy groups through out history that sculpted the world into the hellhole it is now, for the purpose of gaining complete control.

It gets even worse depending on whether you go backwards in time or forwards. The prequels show the decline of society as America becomes a third world country, with a pseudo-Apartheid against augmented folk. In the future, the world is basically post-apoc as global communications and society as we knew it was destroyed.”

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