Happy national orgasm day: Here's 15 ways to have more powerful climaxes during sexThe majority of women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex – here’s some ideas for changing that

Here are some straight forward, no-nonsense ways to go hard or go home.

Sex is obviously pleasurable but sometimes the finish line is weak… or you can’t finish at all.

Ladies, if you’re having trouble, a few simple changes to your routine can give you more powerful orgasms in no time.

1. All day foreplay

Getting heated doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. Text your partner in the middle of the day with a naughty pic or details of an erotic surprise that you’ll have waiting for them when they get home.

2. Kegel Queen

The muscle you use to stop a wee also enhances orgasm. Clench and release to strengthen it. Whether you’re bored at work or stopped in traffic, this is a workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

3. Set the mood

Inspire sensuality with the perfect props for pleasure. Try some soft silky sheets, scented candles and a luxurious massage oil to set the mood.

Happy national orgasm day: Here's 15 ways to have more powerful climaxes during sex
Just keep them out the way unless you want to set your hair and/or the curtains on fire (Picture: ruzanna)

4. Play adult dress-up

Make any night a special occasion. Indulge a sexy fantasy, put all eyes on you and set the stage for seduction with some gorgeous lingerie. This private costume party can make even the tamest ladies feel sexy, seductive and scandalous.

5. Explore erogenous zones

There’s so much more to naughty than what’s under your knickers. Explore the nipples, neckline, earlobes, lower back, shoulders and thighs to heighten your senses well before your drawers drop.

6. Get dirty

Step outside your comfort zone with some confident language. Let your partner know how much you want them, what you like, and of course, when you’re about to orgasm.

Happy national orgasm day: Here's 15 ways to have more powerful climaxes during sexI know, you’ve got a wedgie, but it’ll all come off soon enough anyway

7. Lose Your inhibitions

With a bit of liquor you may lose your insecurities, yet alcohol can make it harder to orgasm. So lose your inhibitions naturally. Back-scratching, hair-pulling, deep moaning, and sheet-gripping can channel your inner sex kitten and help you let go.

8. Aural pleasure

There’s something primal about the sounds of sex. Moaning and panting helps you to stay in the moment and focus on pleasure. You can also put on music to drown out distractions.

9. Try a trick

What’s your show-stopping move? If you don’t have one yet, learn! Whether you put a condom on with your mouth, or put both legs behind your neck, adding a sexy surprise to your routine will bring a rush of excitement.


Happy national orgasm day: Here's 15 ways to have more powerful climaxes during sex
Jane’s show-stopping move was winking suggestively at men in lifts (Picture: 4774344sean)

10. Show and tell

Show your partner exactly where and how you want to be touched. Tell them what you enjoy with an ‘ooooh, right there!’ or ‘don’t stop!’ worked into some steamy, breathless pants.

11. Bring yourself to the edge

Edging can enhance your orgasm tremendously. When you’re about to finish, slow down to tease yourself. Then pick up the pace again. As you build suspense and prolong pleasure, your orgasm intensifies. It’s worth the wait.

12. Get kinky

If standard sex is getting boring, bring BDSM to the bedroom. Start simple. Pin down your partner’s hands, use a T-shirt as a blindfold, smack their ass, and let them know who’s boss!


13. Turn to toys

Adult toys can enhance sex no end. A clitoral vibrator paired with a bit of lube can send you over the edge.

14. Practice and communicate

Get to know your body with a steamy solo session. Then practice the same tempting touches with your partner. Let them know what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to try.

15. Explore

What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Figure out what you like and put it into practice for powerful orgasms every time.


15 Ways To Have More Powerful Climaxes During Sex


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