15 Weather Girls That’ll Make You Feel All Warm And Cozy – Ranked


Everyone checks the weather forecast on the news to see if it’ll be raining, snowing, or freezing in the upcoming week. We usually put on the news, take a quick glance at the five-day weather report, and go about our usual business. However, watching the weather has gotten a little bit sexier over the years, and we can’t help but stare at our screens for a few minutes longer.

Watching the weather forecast has completely changed. It may even make a person’s lousy evening a little bit less crappy after watching some of the hottest women around the globe telling you your forecast for the next few days. These women not only know what’s happening in the sky, but they definitely have men drooling while sitting on their living room couches. These meteorologists come from all over the world, and their looks have certainly made watching the weather ten times more enjoyable. Women like Yanet, Lluvia, and Carolina all have men’s eyes glued to the screen, and it looks like they are perfectly aware that people are watching them and not just to see if it’ll be a downpour tomorrow morning.

Even if it’s reaching close to negative degrees outside, you can always count on these 15 weather girls to make you feel warm and toasty on the inside.

15. Magda Palimariu – Knows How To Grab TV Viewer’s Attention

Photo Via: youtube.com

Magda Palimariu is one of Romania’s hottest weather women, and she definitely knows it! From wearing short skirts and high heels to sexy dresses, Magda clearly knows how to grab her audience’s attention. Romania gets hot summers and long, cold winters, but it looks like no matter what the temperature outside is, this weather girl can pull off any outfit and make watching the news a little more interesting. The people living in the mountain regions of the country are probably watching Magda every chance they get, and it’s not only because they experience crazy amounts of snow from December through March!

14. Jill Nicolini – New York’s Hottest Traffic And Weather Woman

Photo Via: youtube.com

Jill Nicolini is not only one of New York City’s hottest traffic and weather women, she’s also educated, has spent numerous amounts of time involved in charities, and has even spent Christmas holidays in Iraq with our troops. But, we can’t help but smile when we see Jill on the news. Not only does she have an impressive resume (which includes being an arena announcer for the New York Islanders, an entertainment reporter, spending time with the Navy where she reunited sailors with their loved ones, and having bit parts in four films), she’s also a beauty to look at. Today, you can watch Jill talk traffic on WPIX 11 Morning News in New York City. We’re sure you’ll enjoy checking out the traffic report in and around the city with Jill!

13. Maria Molina – One Of The Best-Experienced Weather Women

Photo Via: imgur.com

Maria Molina was the meteorologist for Fox News from 2010 to 2016, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to looking at the future forecast. Maria is clearly not your everyday weather girl, and with her stunning looks and fun personality, it’s no wonder she’s been working for Fox for all those years. She is a reputable meteorologist and was even a bilingual TV weather woman for AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania, for which she provided weather information in both English and Spanish. Besides her sensational appearance, which all men can admire, she is continuing her education by earning her PhD at Central Michigan University. What also seems great about Maria is that she truly enjoys her profession. “I tell people what the weather will be across the country and it’s very impressive and really cool, and then they proceed to ask me what the weather will be like that day,” she said.

12. Gabriela Grechi – Who Wouldn’t Want To Watch This Italian Beauty?

Photo Via: avaay.com

Who can resist listening to a beautiful woman tell you the weather in Italian? Gabriela Grechi is from Milan, Italy, and besides telling us the weather forecast, she is very attractive and we’re sure all the men in Milan melt when they watch her on television. It appears that Gabriela is also into fashion and makeup, having her own YouTube page where she’s almost reached 100,000 followers already. What man doesn’t love a woman who can do it all? She gives awesome makeup advice, shares her personal style with us, and even posts videos of her daily life. We’re sure plenty of people want to know what a day in the life of Gabriela is besides telling the people of Milan the forecast.

11. Leticia Castro – Multi-Talented And Glamorous

Photo Via: Youtube.com

Leticia Castro is not only a glamorous weather girl, but she’s also been the ring girl for Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors, has a YouTube channel, and has been seen on Telemundo, Univision, and ABC Sacramento. Leticia is downright gorgeous, and it’s no wonder why people tune in to watch her give the five-day forecast. Whether she’s doing it for Telemundo or here in the States, plenty of men want to watch her tell them the weather for the week ahead. Leticia has also used her amazing looks for modeling gigs and made her acting debut in the web series Melodia de Amor. It’s not for certain if Leticia is still predicting the weather, but whatever she’s doing on television, men will continue to watch.

10. Sandra Ryncarz – Hottest Eastern European Meteorologist

Photo Via: youtube.com

Of course, we had to add in an Eastern European to this list of 15 of the hottest weather women we’ve ever seen. Sandra Ryncarz hails from Poland, and her looks can make anyone want to watch her all day. She is most definitely a unique beauty, and she has probably gained a ton of viewership since going on the air. She’s anything but a typical weather reporter, and that’s what we’re guessing men love about her. Just take a look at this woman’s Facebook and you’ll start drooling. It looks like she’s been all over the world, wearing bikinis and living life the best way she can.

9. Carolina Ramirez Ayala – Who Wouldn’t Want To Watch Her?

Photo Via: youtube.com

Carolina Ramirez Ayala is drop-dead gorgeous and doesn’t even have to try! She is super sexy, and apart from her appearance, she seems super confident and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to predicting the weather. Who wouldn’t want to watch Carolina tell them how hot it’ll be in the next couple days? And saying no to that question is definitely a total lie. Not only is Carolina a reporter, but she was also a finalist for Nuestra Belleza Latina (a beauty pageant and reality show run by Univision) in 2010! We’re sort of shocked that this forecast teller didn’t win, to be honest. She seems to have it all!

8. Elita Loresca – Knowledge Of Weather Will Blow Your Mind

Photo Via: abclocal.go.com

Elita Loresca is a Filipino-American newscaster and currently works in Houston, Texas for KTRK-TV. Elita knows what she’s talking about when it comes to giving her viewers the lowdown on the weather forecast. She’s got experience too. Before moving to Texas, she’s worked in Bakersfield, California, Miami, and Los Angeles, California. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but she’s also very smart. She covered two of the most devastating hurricane seasons in recent history. Her first was in Miami for Hurricane Frances in 2004, and the second, Eltia covered the forecast for the dreadful Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Wilma. Elita is definitely on her game and people love to watch her in action.

7. Jackie Guerrido – Beauty Changed Her Life Around For The Better

Photo Via: trbimg.com

Did your heart just melt after seeing this photo of the stunning Jackie Guerrido? Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she had a rough childhood. According to the beauty, her father often mistreated her mother, so they escaped their home in search for a better life. Luckily, she made it and was offered a job as a meteorologist for the Al Amanacer de Noticias 23. She also was able to go to a university where she continued her studies and landed a great job working as the weather girl for the Morning News for channel 23! Her troubles as a young girl certainly turned around for the better. And now, people can’t stop watching her! You go, girl!

6. Mayte Carranco – Leaves Little To The Imagination

Photo Via: taringa.net

Mayte Carranco literally puts a smile on every face that watches her when she delivers the weather announcements for Mexico. She has gained a ton of fans, and it’s not just because she knows what the temperature will be for the next few days. Her body is a ten and the outfits she wears that showcase her curvaceous figure could also be a pretty good reason why people tune in to watch. Mayte definitely knows she’s made a fan base, and she continues to make people turn on their televisions just to see her. The weather girl showcases her curves and has even wowed her fans in a barely-there black dress one time. Her outfits really leave little to the imagination.

5. Sugey Abrego – Wears Barely There Clothing When Telling Brazil’s Weather Forecast

Photo Via: sarcasmlol.com

We’re guessing that in Brazil, it is totally okay to wear this outfit Sugey Abrego is wearing in this picture to talk about the upcoming forecast. She can clearly pull off this look, and we are certainly not objecting to it. Apparently, Sugey gained a lot of attention after she went through a disastrous wardrobe malfunction, but we’re guessing the attention wasn’t bad one bit. No one is complaining here, that’s for sure. Sugey appears to be in shape and loves showing off her curves, especially when she wears skintight shorts and a barely-there shirt to tell her viewers the weather. Sugey’s got a lot of confidence!

4. Ximena Cordoba – Has Over One Million Instagram Followers

Photo Via: youtube.com

This picture alone can tell us that Ximena Cordoba loves her job and her spunky personality has everyone tuning in! She was the weather anchor for Univision from 2013 to 2015 and surely got noticed thereafter. This Colombian beauty is now the host for TNT Movie Club and Despierta America on Univision. She’s even been in a couple of movies and reality television shows. Just take a look at her Instagram, which has one million followers, and you can see why everyone loves the girl. She’s got beauty and brains. She also loves showing her followers how she gets her killer body. Go and follow Ximena on Instagram. You won’t regret it.

3. Lluvia Carrillo – Bombshell Name Translates To Rain In English

Photo Via: diosasdelclima.blogspot.com

Do you know who this gorgeous weather girl is? If you don’t, we feel sorry for you. She’s Mexican beauty Lluvia Carrillo. And not only does she have the drop-dead gorgeous looks to be on television, but she does a great job telling her viewers the weather and what to look forward to. She is super professional when it comes to doing her job, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a total babe. Besides her day job, Lluvia has made waves for a while with her modeling career. Just Google her name and you’ll be blown away by how amazing she looks. Can we also take a second to admire her name? It translates to “rain” in English! How fitting!

2. Janice Villagran – Fun And Spunky Personality Has Everyone Watching

Photo Via: youtbe.com

Janice Villagran has everyone watching with her colorful clothing that literally makes it seem like she’s popping right out of our screens. Not only does she predict the weather, but she has also worked on the network Estrella TV in the show En Vivo USA, an entertainment show where they talk about famous people and gossip. She also presents boxing events and has appeared on a few game shows as a guest. People love watching Janice, and she’s just revealed that she is no longer engaged and newly single! She’s gaining a lot of fans on her social media pages, and you should follow the beauty too!

1. Yanet Garcia – Most Recognized Weather Girl In Mexico

Photo Via: youtube.com

Are your eyes popping out of their sockets right now? Weather reporter Yanet Garcia takes our number one spot on this list of 15 weather girls that’ll make you feel hot. She is one of the most recognized weather women in Mexico, and she’s gained a lot of attention here in the States. Her outfits make any man drool, and she wears them well. She also has no problem showing off her toned figure on her Instagram, where she’s either working out in tight-fitting leggings or posing for pictures in her tiny bikinis. Yanet is definitely the winner for hottest weather girls out there. She’s extremely professional, but her sexy looks have everyone watching, even if they could care less about the forecast.


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