15 Weird Fetishes People Went Along With Because The Person Was Hot



Love can make you do crazy things, but no one prepared us for just how crazy those things can get behind closed doors.

If you’ve ever been with someone with a kinky fetish and have thought to yourself “hmmm, should I actually stick my toes up his ass?” we encourage you to remember that you should try everything at least once!

It might not be your beat, but come on, it makes for a great story that you can cash in for that sweet, sweet Reddit karma.

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1. Pointy29a has a friend with very pretty toes:

I’m a dude who knows a dude ( room mate at the time ) who got pedicures because his girl wanted his toes inside of her.

First and only time I’d ever heard of a female having a foot fetish. Pretty odd if you ask me but she seemed to be a cool chick, I’d have done it too.

2. Altraeus marks his territory:

My ex used to have me cum in her before she would go out in public because she said she [liked] me marking my territory.

Idk was weird but i wasn’t complaining.

3. katgib13 dates a man who likes to chow down:

Dated a guy who liked to wait until I was just about there, then he’d bite my bean. Hard. Like, drew blood once, hard.

Most intense orgasms ever.

4. ageekyninja screams:

He liked screaming. Like, hentai level kyaaa~ during orgasm shit (but more like screaming? I dont know how to describe it). It was a little weird, but it made for some kinky, intense sex, so I went with it. Oddly I felt comfortable enough around him to do it without feeling awkward, and I just made the most out of it, found the enjoyment out of it.

But now that we are broken up, would I do it again? No, lol.

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5. bryled is introduced to water sports:

She wanted me to pee on her. Like on her face, with her mouth open. I did it a couple of times, I’m not too proud of that moment.

6. latehourinsomnia contributes to a collection:

Girl kept used knotted condoms in a large chest consisting of just about every single person she ever made ejaculate. (Paper of initials initials/numbers were taped to the roof of the chest.) shrugged I assumed this was a fetish for her because she didn’t know I knew. A serial collector of sorts… One could say she was a collector of raw crude exports…


7. PM_ME_BOYSHORTS gets some finger action.

I had a one-night hookup with a really hot girl from Tinder. We went back to my place and she immediately said “We’re not having sex.” I said “Um okay.” I didn’t care, but thought it was a weird thing to say. She then proceeded to kiss me and things started getting hot and heavy.

She took her pants off and straddled me. At this point I was very confused. She then took my hand and had me move it to my own crotch. Then she formed it and pointed it for me, so that I had two fingers sticking straight up away from myself. Like, as if it was a penis… but it was my fingers. Then she “had sex” with me cowgirl using my penisfingers as a dick.

It was awkward, but I just went with it. I sat there fully clothed with her riding my hand to orgasm.

No reciprocation, either. The least she could do was form her hands into a vagina for some vaginafingers sex.

8. Socialist7 joins Fight Club:

An ex-gf of mine (who looked a little like Emily Browning) had a fetish for watching men fight.

She expressed a desire to see me fight another man shirtless which was strange. As far as I know she’s the only girl with that fetish.

To this day she posts about UFC on Twitter.

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9. Diogenes83 dates a woman who likes danger:

My ex ruined vanilla girls for me…

She liked to get slapped, and would slap back..

She liked to be choked until passed out, and instructed that I keep going.

The feeling of a knife blade on her skin really got her off, and she told me once, that back in Israel while she dated a soldier, they wrapped the end of his rifle in saran wrap, and he fucked her with it.

That last one intimidated me for a while.

10. MelsWhitePubes plays a game:

Not that uncommon, but had a girlfriend who liked to play “keep away” – she’d ask me to have sex with her while she struggled to get away. If she said “no” or “stop” I would, but she’d make non verbal unhappy vocalizations the whole time. Made me really uncomfortable but she was really hot, and sometimes she’d be very aggressive – never asked me to resist, though.

11. DeeDubb83 is bugged out:

My friend told me her SO would buy a bunch of live beetles and grubs and have her squish them with her bare feet while he pleasured himself.

Edit: I actually am surprised more people aren’t familiar with this. When my friend told me about it, she said that it’s a really common fetish, though she may have just been trying to rationalize the crazy shit that she did. I never had any interest to do any research as seeing bugs/animals squished isn’t something I’d go out of my way to see. I believe this is my second highest rated comment, and it’s about my poor friend squishing bugs with her feet.

Edit2: Holy cow. By far my highest rated comment. It’s been over a decade since she confided in me with this. She is now in a healthy relationship and has a young child. I’m happy that she got her shit together and left this creep. I hadn’t thought about this story in years, but the title of this post reminded me of it cause it’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard of someone doing for love. I don’t ever plan to bring up this memory with her again. It’s fucked up, but at least it didn’t progress to puppies or kittens (as far as I know).

12. viennaslaw gets controversial:

Posted about this before, but one girl wanted to blow me while I criticized her and called her racial slurs. That was weird.

Another girl wanted me to slap her in the face. That was also weird, but kinda fun once I got used to it.

13. Olivia_AW gets violent:

Physical violence.

I’m a bigger person. I was in the military. I work out a lot.

My current girlfriend has made it clear she wants the fear.

She wants me to choke, hit, slam, and tie down.

And with that I learned sometime she’s in the mood to dominate and I learned a new thing I’m into

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14. Tombo_64 does a spit take:

Not a SO, but during sex, a tinder hookup once asked me to spit in her mouth. I thought what the hell, but didn’t really get it right and alot of it missed her mouth and got on her face. She shouted eww not my face, and was completely disgusted. I don’t really understand where her line was.

15. dylanbriody’s friend dresses as his sister and it’s a wild ride:

A story from my friend, that sounds fishy but I swear this wasn’t me,

Be kissless virgin in college (uk) Sisters friend is in college 1 year above, Cute petite and instantly recognizes me,

She runs over and gives me a big hug, after 1 week of being there, made me uncomfortable but getting a hug from her gave me some interest from other girls in class, wondering why some pretty decent looking girl was coming up to me.

2 girls in my class later commented on how im lucky to have a second year girlfriend, they must of had me confused, “noo no no We all saw it! ” want to admit what happened,

But… get the idea of milking it and maybe trying to get more female attention.

next time I see her in library, same thing happens, only I was sat down and she sits on my lap, this time hugging me and kissing my cheek,

Remember thinking wow this is going to be a lot easier than I thought to make people think we are actually dating, she starts talking about how big I have got and mentions a memory I don’t really remember about when we were kids,

Says I’ve gotten really cute, makes me smile start to realise what im actually doing, fuck the other girls might as well actually hit it off with this girl, Say that she is looking amazing too, She giggles and puts her hand pretty much on my penis.

oh fuck, ask for her number about 10 seconds after that, because I have no idea how to flirt but have an erection that is now talking for me.

She giggles and puts it in my phone for me, says she expects more than a call, literally message her for the next couple days, agree to fuck.

finally thinking ohh damn this is going to be sweet, noticed she starts talking about my sister a lot more, when we are flirting, turns me off a little but shes so damn hot I just agree to half the shit she says whilst taking her skirt off,

Tells me to slow down and that she wants to try something crazy!! wow, okay I mean sex is crazy for me but im not the one with experience so whatever she wants,

tells me she wants me to wear something of hers? umm, alright,

Proceeds to dress me up as a girl, and tells me to fuck her with it on, fuck her a couple times, really good can hear her moan, she starts to say my sisters name.. wut the fuck.

nut on her and she says she loved it, think I must of heard things and start to take off her bra, don’t really feel comfortable in it, she says she wants to only fuck me with it on,

We do this a few times each time starts to get weirder to the point where she says can you fuck me but only grunt like a girl. okay, after about 3 more shags, She wants me to put tissue in the bra so it looks like I have boobs and to answer to my sisters name.

At this stage I realised she had a thing for my sister and asked her about it, she went all shy and said if you can bring over some of her clothes you could stop the night and we could fuck all night,

literally brought and entire washbasket full of my sisters clothing both dirty and clean and she wanted to fuck over it so my cum and her cum would be all over it.

was honestly starting to worry me, was the first time in my life I didn’t want to shag a girl, went into the bathroom to be sick after realising how fucked up id been stay in there 10 mins get out of all this girls clothing and get back into my boxers and tshirt fuck pretending to be a chick, come out.

See her masturbating in the pile about 5 panties strapped around her head 2 soiled in her hands and like only wearing my sisters clothes,

Don’t really know what to do and just ask her to bring them to college tomorrow so I can try and return them without anyone finding out.

Don’t see her ever again, she left college, spoke to my sister about her, My sister said she was fucking nuts and couldn’t believe she was still around, apparently she did this once when she came to our house once when they were 15 and wanted to have sex with my sister.

didn’t admit to her what happened and just said she was paying me to get her some of your clothing, she asked me how much, just said a couple hundred my sister wanted half so she could get new stuff, literally gave her more than 200 just to forget about it and to somewhat fix things.

Girls at college started really liking me but told them im not ready for a relationship yet.

TLDR, Sisters friend fucked me dressed as my sister and proceeded to get weirder and weirder.


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