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Linenoise77 — I must know WHY.

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Its a long story, but basically a dude kept pissing in the ficus tree in a conference room. At first maintenance thought it was an animal doing something in the walls, and gutted the room. That didn’t fix it, so they put a camera in. EVERYONE knew the camera was there, what we would catch was the talk of the office. Dude gets busted on camera, flat out denies he was pissing in the ficus tree. HR just says, “well, ok, stop then” (old school company that wouldn’t fire people unless you flat out murdered your boss).

Dude gets busted AGAIN like a week later. Still denies it even though he is there on tape, pissing in the tree, HR relocates him to pretty much the opposite side of the building, right next to a bathroom, and someone finally has the common sense to get rid of the ficus tree.

Dude now goes in, and just pisses in the corner. They finally fired him after that one. The obvious answer is the dude was trying to get fired, but he fought so hard against it every time it was on the table that it didn’t add up. Occasionally i’ll look him up on linked in, and based off his work history, i’m going to assume its a re-occurring theme for him.


mPeachy — Cool way to start a new job, just casually spotting $75 million dollar errors.

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My first day on the job as a “financial analyst” at a large Blue Cross health insurance company in December 1986. It was my first job at a big company. They give me a paper report of their “group accounts receivables report” that’s literally two feet thick and ask me to look at it – like I’m going to see anything. So I go through the report and later that day they ask me if I have any questions. I say “why are the same groups appearing three times in different sections of the report?” My boss says “They’re not.” I say “sure they are, let me show you.” It turns out there’s an error in the receivable estimating logic of the report and it’s caused the company to overestimate their accounts receivable by $75 million through November. There was a quick investigation and the corporate controller was fired before the end of the week.


angrylawyer — Shoulda stuck with tscott.

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We hired a new guy, on his first day the help desk guy is setting up his computer and the new guy asks, “could you change my username from tscott to twilliamson?’ The help desk guy asked why, and he was told that’s his real name. So he changed the username then went to HR to mention it to them.
I guess HR re-ran their background check with his new name and found somethings they didn’t like, because like an hour later he’s being escorted out of the office.


EL_DIABLOW — Some person made the easiest $25k ever.

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I was a bank teller while I was getting through college. At our bank we had a “limit” system where to cash a check over a certain amount you had to have a manager override the transaction and approve the check themselves. One day I was at a new branch (we got shuffled around a lot) and someone comes in with a $25000 check. We had enough to cash it for him so I asked the manager to come over and take a look and override it. She didn’t, instead she was too busy texting/facebooking at her desk so she just “remote overrode it” where she didn’t see the check or customer and just typed in her password/okayed the transaction from her own computer. Because she did this I figured she must know the guy with the check, maybe he’s a regular, etc. So I gave him his money and he was off. A week later we find out the check was a counterfeit. She was fired on the spot for negligence because they had her on camera on her cell phone and remote overriding instead of coming over to look.


SheaRVA — Gotta get the footage of the footage room, next.

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Security guard hated one person in the office.
He carved “c*nt” into her desk. She found it, reported it to HR, and they went to pull the security footage…which was “mysteriously deleted” for about 5 minutes in the middle of the day.


SausageMcWonderpants — Good luck explaining that to your next employer.

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Guy decided to share porn meme emails with the girls in the office. Security marched him out of the building.


Jester_Thomas — Yep that would be a workplace scandal.

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Somebody in my warehouse hit somebody with a forklift on purpose last night. So there’s that.


Bellamy1715 — Bye bye, sex couch.

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One of the salesmen told his girlfriend that he was the VP of sales. He snuck her in after hours and took her to the real VP’s office – he had changed the nametag to the one from his cubicle – and they had sex on the sofa in the office.
The next day he BRAGS about it to a co-worker. Got fired and the sofa was hauled away that very day.


cmpgamer — Gotta put those cameras everywhere.

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Trying to steal beer from a walk in cooler by emptying packs of beer or 40oz bottles into a trash bag and “throwing them away.” She didn’t know that there was a camera in the walk-in cooler.


scribble23 — How does one spend 27k on Facebook games?

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There was the guy who let himself back into the office after hours so he could watch porn on his computer (this was before people usually had home Internet). He wasn’t expecting our bosses to walk in with a bunch of potential investors, finding him knocking one out with his trousers round his ankles.
Then there was the woman who embezzled £27,000 and spent it on Facebook games. She made very little attempt to hide what she did so it was uncovered easily when we were audited.
Or the manager who threw a staple gun at a disabled wheelchair user on his team’s head. He screamed at him that he didn’t know the meaning of disabled, that he had a disabled brother, and that the team member was just a lazy bastard who was trying to get out of work by making up the pain he was in. Team member subsequently found out that his pain was due to spinal cancer. Manager was fired on the spot after it happened.


TooDoeNakotae — Work < This Raid



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A guy brought in his gaming laptop on the night shift to play WoW and got nothing done.
One night the boss sneaks in, walks up behind him and calls our 800 number from his cell phone. The employee completely ignored the incoming call and got fired on the spot.


SweetYankeeTea — Sorry, no lap-farting permitted.

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We fired our intern for 2 reasons:
Eating the 2 day old pizza out of the trash. ( We provided lunch each day and it was a paid internship so she wasn’t starving)
Forcibly sitting on a coworkers lap and farting on her.

She was 24 and this is an accounting firm.


EmpathLessTraveled — “Sorry your order was late, I was straight-up drunk driving.”

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Worked in a pizza shop. I was the cook and the night was winding down. One of the guys was outside smoking. He had a soda cup that our manager thought was his so he took a sip. It was Jack and Coke. That guy was a delivery driver.


papayaregime — Uh, yep. Exactly that!

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Cursed out the CEO’s wife and ended her rant by saying “what are you gonna do, fire me?”


The_Snickelfritz — That’s too many iPads.

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A co-worker who I trained in electronics managed to steal almost $8000 worth of IPads. I always felt like garbage for not realizing it but also it wasn’t necessarily my job to look out for employee theft and he seemed like such a good guy. The worst part is that they knew he was doing it but let it continue so they could charge him with a higher sentence.

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