Considering the fact that celebrities are offensively rich, combined with the undeniable truth that any renowned tattoo artist would want to work on a famous person considering they are heavily photographed and subsequently seen around the world through various media, there’s no reason famous people should have shitty tattoos. But, as we’ve mentioned before, many of them do. And it would appear that there are even more horrible celebrity tattoos than we originally thought. Below, see our second installment of terrible celebrity tattoos.

1. Tom Arnold’s Portrait of Roseanne Barr
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
The idea of this tattoo at it’s inception was going to be ugly even if it was done right. But as you can see, it wasn’t. To put a cherry on top of this unappealing sundae, the two split in a notoriously bad divorce and they now hate each other. Nice!

2. Soulja Boy’s Designer Logos – On His Face
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
I can understand the idea of being loyal to a brand. I can also appreciate getting a brand you’re passionate about tattooed on you in some discreet way to pay homage — a Whopper for your favorite fast food spot, for instance. But on your face — your forehead, no less — well that’s a little too much, especially for a one-hit wonder who can probably no longer afford said luxury brands.

3. The Game’s “LA” Facial Tat
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
If found, please return The Game to LA.

4. Pam Anderson’s Barbed Wire Armband
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Pamela Anderson is a sex symbol — with or without a stupid tattoo. Pam merely made a dumb mistake and got a trendy tattoo during the height of her fame in the ’90s, and then made a second dumb mistake when she decided not to get it removed. I’d say the sex tape with Tommy Lee was a mistake too, but I won’t because I loved that sh*t.

5. Stephen Baldwin’s Hannah Montana Initials
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Stephen, one of Alec’s many less famous siblings, got an “HM” tattooed on him to represent Hannah Montana. Why would a man get the tattoo of an underage fictional character that’s less than half his age? I’m not sure. Apparently, he got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus that if he did so, he’d get a cameo on her Disney show. No, I’m not kidding. This is D-list Hollywood at its best, people.

6. Angelina Jolie’s “Billy Bob” Tattoo
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob were quite the odd duo. These two used to wear vials of each other’s blood around their necks, for crying out loud. As you can see, Jolie also decided to get a tattoo of her man just above another hideous tattoo of a dragon. Jackass’s Steve-O even got the same tattoo to poke fun at how bad it is.

7. Every One Of Marc Jacobs’ Tattoos
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Pick one. All are eligible.

8. Kim Stewart’s Mistake On Mistake On Mistake
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly got a Celtic tattoo reading “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Then, when she was dating Cisco Adler, added: “Loves Cisco.” After the two split, the tattoo was changed to read “Daddy’s Little Girl Loves Disco.” But does she? I’m not sure.

9. Cher’s Ass Flowers
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Did you know Cher has two bouquet’s worth of flowers on her ass? I didn’t. The problem with this is, as one ages, like the flower, these images wilt, and look far less beautiful. I can only imagine what these babies look like today.

10. Dennis Rodman’s Dick Licking Demon Chick
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Dennis Rodman has a gigantic tattoo of a woman licking an even more gigantic penis on his back. This should be enough of an explanation as for why it has made this compilation.

11. Christina Ricci’s Lion? Is That What That is?
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Christina Ricci has what I believe is a very basic lion illustration on the back of her shoulder. The tattoo’s just very uninspired and something you could pick off the wall at any tattoo shop. That, or out of any child’s coloring book.

12. Lil Wayne’s Entire Face
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Lil Wayne is covered in tattoos, head to toe. His worst, unfortunately, are on his face. Whether it’s the multiple stars splayed across on the left side of his face accompanied by the word “misunderstood” or the odd tribal mark underneath it, I can’t decide which is the worst. Actually, I can. It’s the tear drop he has coming from his mouth. I believe it means he ate somebody.

13. Nicole Richie’s Lie
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Nicole has the word “Virgin” on her wrist. She got this at 16, when she (probably) wasn’t even a virgin. She insists she got this because she was a Virgo, and therefore got “Virgin” tattooed on her wrist, which doesn’t make any sense. She’s admitted it was a dumb mistake and has even considered getting an “i” and “a” to turn it into “Virginia” which is yet another nonsensical idea. How about getting it removed?

14. The Message From Tulisa’s Vagina
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Former “X-Factor” judge Tulisa wants you to know just how lucky you get when you get a piece of her. There’s even a four leaf clover. Get it?

15. Cheryl Cole’s Heavily Inked Ass
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Singer Cheryl Cole has a fantastic ass. So why she got the thing heavily tattooed with flowers is anybody’s guess. I mean, the artwork is fine, but, that once fantastic great ass has been defiled!



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