15 Worst Power Rangers Bad Guys In The History Of The Franchise

15 Worst Power Rangers Bad Guys In The History Of The Franchise


Power Rangers began when the wizard Zordon enlisted five “teenagers with attitude” to become the defenders of the Earth against the nefarious Rita Repulsa. The American television series took footage from the Japanese Super Sentai series. The American series is now in its 23rd season and aPower Rangers movie will be released in 2017.

This list celebrates the wackiness of the Power Ranger’s stranger enemies. We know it’s hard to come up with a new monster every episode, but the creators were really reaching the bottom of the barrel when they made these 15 bizarre creations. Most of them are from the original series, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1995). A couple come from one of the latest seasons, Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015), and one is from Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003).

So let’s celebrate some of the worst monsters the Power Rangers have had to fight. Whether it’s their name, appearance, or lack of color coordination, each of these monsters won’t strike terror into the hearts of their enemies, but uncontrollable laughter instead. Check out the 15 Worst Power Rangers Bad Guys In The History Of The Franchise.



Yes, the creators decided to add this classic movie monster in a Halloween episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He shows up in Season 1, Episode 25, “Life’s a Masquerade.” The episode starts with the Rangers, school bullies Bulk and Skull, as well as various extras, decorating the youth center for a Halloween costume party. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa orders her henchman Finster to create a new monster to occupy the Rangers. Apparently inspired by the holiday, Finster creates Frankenstein’s monster.

Frankenstein’s monster looks like a typical trick-or-treater. He goes to the costume party at the youth center and people think he is just wearing a “great” costume (well, aren’t they being generous). He “dances” with someone dressed as Frankenstein’s bride. She doesn’t even realize he’s trying to kill her the entire time, and simply out-dances him. After being mildly inconvenienced by Bulk and Skull, Frankenstein chases after them. The blue ranger, Billy, follow Frankenstein, who seems to almost immediately forget what he was supposed to be doing and instead heads out in the mountainside.

Billy takes on the monster but ends up running away to get the other rangers to help him. Amazingly, when the rangers morph to fight him, he puts up a good fight. Even when the rangers form the Megazord, Frankenstein is able to fight them off, until the climactic finish where Frankenstein charges at the Dragonzord and gets impaled on a spear. And the Darwin Award goes to you, good sir!



Brick Bully is a brick wall with a face, hands and some poor sap’s attempt at graffiti on his chest. He first appears in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 3, Episode 27, “Another Brick in the Wall.” Rita accidentally creates Brick Bully when she attempted to use her staff to turn the Pink Ranger, Kat, into a monster. She’s a really bad shot and mistakenly hits a brick wall near a housing project the Rangers were volunteering to help clean up.

The brick wall comes to life and becomes Brick Bully. He is able to transform people into bricks. He successfully turns the White, Black, Yellow and Red Rangers into bricks. However, Kat discovers she can free the Rangers by using pollution to erode the bricks. The power of science conquers all!

While Kat’s in the process of doing this, Billy goes out to face Brick Bully. He finds out the monster needs to feed on building supplies to keep up his strength. Single handedly, Billy is able to defeat Brick Bully. He does come back later in a second form, but it’s his first form that made this list.



The original Grumble Bee appeared in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1, Episode 51, simply titled “Grumble Bee.” Rita is inspired to create Grumble Bee when she learns that Billy, normally a straight-A genius, gets a “B” on his exam. A villain created completely to mess with Billy’s head? With puns, no less? Of course he belongs on this list!

Grumble Bee’s design is sweet and simple: he’s a giant bee. The first time Billy and Trini attempt to take him down they are beaten. During his second try, Billy gets poisoned by the monster’s poisonous venom, which incapacitates him. When the rest of the Rangers enter the fray, Grumble Bee uses a sonic wave to deafen them. But their robot helper Alpha creates and teleports a weapon that Billy uses to glue Grumble Bee’s wings together. After Rita has the monster grow, the Megazord takes him down with the Rangers power sword. That’s gotta sting!



Bratboy is actually a young Bulk turned into monster. He appears in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers(considered by some to be part of a mini-series called Alien Rangers) Season 3, Episode 38, “Attack of the 60′ Bulk.” In this episode, the villainous Master Vile uses a magical orb to reverse the rotation of the earth and turn back time. He must have watched Superman: The Movie (1978) too many times. This turns the Rangers and other characters into children, including Bulk. Rita and Zedd end up turning the young Bulk into Bratboy.

Since the Rangers were children, the Alien Rangers of Aquitar (an ocean planet) had to step in and fight Bratboy. He pours polluted water onto an Aqua Ranger after growing big. This monster, despite being called a “brat”, seems to have the biggest heart of any of the monsters, as he listens to the young Power Rangers, who ask him to return to his normal form. He does, and Rita and Zedd protest, making him go back to his monstrous form. But he refuses to fight so they are forced to make him young Bulk again. Kudos to you Bulk! You’re much more of a brat when you’re human.



If Babe Ruth had ever become a super villain, he should have gone with this name. Babe Ruthless is a one-horned pixie ogre monster that appears in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 Episode 32, “A Star is Born.” Rita was feeling under the weather and instructed her henchman Goldar to destroy the power rangers. This leads to the creation of Babe Ruthless, who has a thing for baseball.

Babe Ruthless is sent to distract the Rangers. He also didn’t fight them alone, having Goldar and Scorpina with him. His attacks include throwing large boulder sized baseballs at the Rangers.  He throws a giant red ball at the Tyrannosaurus Zord, only to have the ball hit back at him. Way to go, champ! He also uses a pink gas that comes out of his head, but the Power Rangers deflect it with their shield. He is destroyed by the Dragonzord Battle Mode, being impaled in the stomach. Looks like this monster has struck out!



The first monster on our list from Power Rangers Dino Charge, Cavity is everyone’s worst nightmare: a monster who gives you cavities! Ready for that root canal you’ve always been wanting? He first shows up in Power Rangers Dino Charge Season 22, Episode 6, “The Tooth Hurts.”

Cavity looks like a baker; his left arm is an icing piper bag and his right arm is a big egg beater. He was commissioned by Poisandra to create cakes she could sample for her wedding. She has him create a nasty cake, which he gleefully does, creating a masterpiece that causes painful tooth decay. When the main baddy of the season, Sledge, finds out about Cavity, he orders him to give the cake to the Rangers. Cavity goes down to the Dino Bite Cafe and ties up the chef, giving out samples of his nefarious concoctions.

Riley, the Green Ranger, realizes something is wrong when the customers in the Dino Bite Cafe are in agony. The Rangers rescue the chef and fight Cavity, who runs away before they can finish him off. When Poisandra yells at him, he transforms into a more vicious form, pledging his allegiance to Sledge and going after the Rangers. The Black Ranger underestimates him and gets hit by Cavity’s energy blast, which begins to decay his teeth. Cavity’s teeth are destroyed by Chase and Riley’s Dino Charges. When he grows big, he’s taken down again by the Dino Charge Megazord.



Another Dino Charge villain, Puzzler is an extremely intelligent maze-themed outlaw. He first shows up in Power Rangers Dino Charge Season 22, Episode 9, “When Logic Fails.” He is playing chess with one of the main villains of the season, Wrench, winning every game. One of the other main villains, Fury, forces Puzzler to help him. Fury, along with Wrench, work in a lab. He asks Puzzler to keep watch outside. When the Rangers discover the lab, Puzzler stops them by trapping them in a maze. Reveling in his victory, Puzzler kicks back and relaxes by drinking orange juice and wearing orange shades.

Unlike other monsters, Puzzler prefers to use board games to do his fighting. His favorite game is chess. Riley is able to beat Puzzler at his own game using logic and the Rangers finish him off using their Zords. It’s game over!

Puzzler does show up again later as a prisoner on Sledge’s ship.



Get it? He’s called “See” Monster instead of “Sea” Monster because he has a bunch of eyes! Get it? …you’re supposed to laugh. See Monster looks like someone Pinhead and the rest of the cenobites from the Hellraiser franchise would hang out with. He first shows up in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 3, Episode 21, “Changing of the Zords Part 3.” He is created by Finster to cause havoc. The See Monster has a jacket made from loose flaps of his skin (ew) and opens it to flash people, zapping them with thought waves released from his numerous eyes. Yes, on top of everything else, he’s a flasher. I think I need an adult.

He was defeated by the Shogun Megazord but he makes several cameos in the future. He shows up at Master Vile’s End of the World party, because who wouldn’t want to party with this guy? At one point, he helps Professor Longnose fight the Aquitan Rangers, and his right arm has been replaced with a rapier.



What’s scarier than a unicorn? How about… a unicorn that litters! Polluticorn is a winged unicorn monster. He is created in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 3, Episode 37, “Clean-Up Club.” During the episode, the Rangers hometown Angel Grove is covered in trash and pollution, so the Rangers create a clean-up club to help. Rita decides to have Finster create a pollution-related monster to take them on.

Polluticorn’s main goal is to litter and pollute Angel Grove, much to the annoyance of the Rangers. This monster can zap things with his horn, shoot lightening from his eyes and blow gusts of wind from his wings. Jason, the Red Ranger, uses his Dragon Shield while fighting Polluticorn and knocks off his horn. This severely decreases his power. After Polluticorn grows, the Megazord finishes him off. He even appears as a boss in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers video game on game gear. So you can experience fighting a pollution-based unicorn for yourself!



He has one of the best monster names. His head is a giant tombstone. And he goes and ruins it by wearing orange socks! Doomstone shows up in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2, Episode 21, “Zedd’s Monster Mash,” living in Lord Zedd’s Haunted Forest. Fitting, really, for a living tombstone monster. He takes Green Ranger Tommy’s morpher when he gets to the Haunted Forest, leaving him powerless.

Along with Robogoat and Pumpkin Rapper, Doomstone forms a trio of awesomely terrible monsters. They take on Tommy without his morpher, which goes pretty well until the Blue and Pink rangers show up. Billy kicks Doomstone, causing him to lose Tommy’s morpher. Doomstone attempts to overwhelm the rangers by resurrecting some of their previous villains but they are quickly able to take them out.

It’s not clear what fate befell Doomstone since the Power Rangers end up fighting a large form of Pumpkin Rapper and he’s not seen after they finish him off. I like to think he’s off haunting a graveyard somewhere, terrifying unsuspecting visitors with his poor choice of socks.



Pursehead is exactly what he sounds like: a monster with a giant purse for a head. He was created inMighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2, Episode 19, “Two For One.” He is created by Lord Zedd from the Pink Ranger Kimberly’s purse. Pursehead fights against Tommy and Kimberly and freezes them with a compact ray. When the Black Ranger, Zack, comes in and gets frozen as well. Trini distracts Pursehead while Billy uses a device to unfreeze the rest of the Rangers.

The Rangers have to rush off to deal with a second threat, Lipsyncher, so Tommy stays behind and takes on Pursehead alone, getting tied up by some sort of magic dental floss. Saba, Tommy’s enchanted shortsword, blasts Pursehead, causing him to release Tommy. After several super kicks, Pursehead reverts back to being Kimberly’s purse.

It’s notable that Pursehead was the first monster that appears in footage originally made in America and not just in the Japanese show (followed by Doomstone). I guess the American showrunners felt a fighting purse was worthy of getting original footage. Does this mean he’s worthy of being in thePower Rangers movie? We can only hope.



Slob Goblin is the only monster on this list that appears in Ninja Storm. He shows up in several episodes, but his first appearance is in Ninja Storm Season 11, Episode 24, “Tongue and Cheek.” He is freed from the Abyss of Evil and sent to battle the Rangers by the main villain of the season, Lothor.

Slob Goblin is able to lick his opponents and turn them into stamps. He captures the Crimson and Navy Rangers, later kidnapping Tori, the Aqua Ranger, as well. This is mostly thanks to the fact that Dustin, the Yellow Ranger, gets a big ego during the episode after he stops a vandalism attempt by himself. When he makes nice with the Red Ranger, Shane, the two team up and take down Slob Goblin. After he grows big, the Rangers use their Megazord and the Super Stamp to free everyone Slob Goblin turned into stamps. They then use the Samurai Sword to finish him off.



Screen Rant has previously covered how bad Mr. Ticklesneezer is, giving him his own spot on 6 Best Power Rangers Moments (And 6 Of The Worst). Spoilers: he landed on the “worst” list. He appears in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1, Episode 9, “For Whom the Bell Trolls.” Trini has a collection of dolls and one of her creepiest ones, Ticklesneezer, is made into a monster by Rita Repulsa.

Ticklesneezer enjoys magically collecting things in his “Goody Bottles,” so Rita orders him to capture the Rangers using his hobby. He manages to trap Billy, Trini and several other objects like planes and trains. Being a ginormous klutz, Ticklesneezer trips and loses the bottle with Billy and Trini in it. When he’s ordered again by Rita to capture the Rangers, Ticklesneezer refuses because he doesn’t have a bottle to trap them in. Rita makes him grow and he manages to trap the Megazord, but our heroes break free thanks to the Red Ranger’s Mega Sword. The Rangers then tell Ticklesneezer to return everything to how it once was.

Even worse? Ticklesneezer isn’t really a monster. The episode turns out to all be part of Kimberly’s nightmare. I can understand why you would have nightmares about that cringe-worthy creature.



Turkey Jerk has the displeasure of having the most embarrassing name on this list. This is a kid’s show villain, right? It sounds like someone who would end up on an Adult Swim show. Can we please add him to The Venture Brothers or something? Turkey Jerk shows up in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2, Episode 48, “Storybook Rangers Part 1.” He is created by Bulk and Skull, who wanted to unmask the Power Rangers. Is it really surprising these two lovable knuckleheads would create a robotic turkey? Now I understand the name choice. Of course, they couldn’t bring Turkey Jerk to life without the help of Lord Zedd.

Turkey Jerk considered Bulk and Skull his parents and went about trying to unmask the Power Rangers for them. He has a basting gun as well as cranberry grenades that he uses on the Rangers. He is destroyed by the Power Cannon. On the bright side, it looks like Angel Grove will never go hungry again. He really should hang out with the turkey in Thankskilling.



Is that the great pumpkin Charlie Brown? No, even better: it’s the Pumpkin Rapper! He is planted by henchmen Squatt and Baboo in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1, Episode 54, “Trick or Treat.” He has an upside down pumpkin for a head and speaks in rhymes. He fights the Rangers using his vine tentacles and pumpkin bombs (that he might have borrowed from the Green Goblin). Despite his epic rapping skills, Pumpkin Rapper is destroyed by the Rangers and their Power Cannon.

Being one of Zedd’s favorite monsters – because why wouldn’t he be one of his favorites – Zedd resurrects him to become part of his Halloween monster assault, which includes the likes of Doomstone and Robogoat. When Zedd throws a growing bomb, Pumpkin Rapper uses it to become huge. He died from the Thunder Megazord’s saber. He comes back one more time to help Zedd and Rita conquer a planet in the vica galaxy, but is thwarted by Zordon’s energy wave.


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