The 15 Worst Things You Can Make Jokes About

The 15 Worst Things You Can Make Jokes About

Things you shouldn’t make jokes about is all about those taboo topics in joke making. From things that should be left unsaid to things the vast majority of people are just never going to find a way to make funny, these offensive jokes do tend to find their way into conversation, but maybe shouldn’t.

If you think you’ve seen it all on shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ (which has some of the most uncomfortable scenes in the history of television), where they engage in incest and baby killin’ like it’s something every royal family does, you’ve only caught the serious side of stuff you shouldn’t make jokes about (but do). Some of the funniest comedians on the planet make jokes about taboo subjects with varying degrees of success (*cough*Tracey Morgan*cough*) and this list of stuff you shouldn’t joke about will let you judge for yourself what off-limits topics are funny enough to make jokes about.

What are some topics comedians never make jokes about? What jokes are off-limits for comedians? Whether you think they’re funny or not, these comedians make jokes about rape, cancer, mental retardation and all other manor of of-color jokes, so watch and cringe if you dare (and don’t forget to vote for the topics you think are the most offensive to joke about).


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