16 All Too Awkward Moments Immortalized By The Internet

16 All Too Awkward Moments Immortalized By The Internet


Awkwardness usually strikes at the worst of times in the most public of places. Sometimes a situation can be so awkward that it even makes those who witness it uncomfortable. Being adorably awkward is an underrated talent that only a few can accomplish. Typically, what is intended to be quirky and cute comes off as completely unacceptable and extremely invasive. Trust me, I know this firsthand. But the worst of all awkward things is when the cringiness is captured on the internet for all of humanity to witness until the end of time. I present to you, the winners of the Most Awkward Awards.

1. Reading the post before commenting would be a good idea.

viareddit / SandyJ8

2. Getting called out on your fake beard has got to be rock bottom.


3. As anyone who has ever taken public transit can testify, this is awkward AF.

viaImgur / fiveevif

4. Baby or lasagna? Is there really a big difference?

viareddit / EggDunk
I feel bad for the sucker in #7.


viareddit / Ask_Threadit

6. I don’t know if it gets any worse than assisting someone in blocking you.

viareddit / ender278

7. Trust me honey, ain’t nobody crazy enough to go near this poor fellow while you’re still in the picture.


8. I did not see that coming.

viareddit / Belle-de-Jour
#12 is just blatant favoritism.

9. Well, that backfired.

viareddit / totf_joe

10. Chill out.


11. Try getting a date after this ad runs.

viareddit / tr_morrison

12. Apparently, Uncle Bobby has a favorite.

viareddit / UnfairCat
#15 takes hover hands to another level of awkward.

13. He’s really keeping tabs on that profile.


14. If you need to make your prom photo poses a little more awkward, add a chicken.

15. Those hands are hovering so hard.

In case you were wondering, THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS!


16. That joke is funny, but probably not to that guy.

viaInstagram / @ayynacho

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