16 Bizarre Works Of Manscaping

Most of us guys, when we look at the untamed wilderness that is our body hair, have one of two reactions. We a) plan to get rid of it immediately, or b) vow to never take off our shirt in public again.

But there’s a much smaller third group of guys who look at their natural tufts and see potential. Like a sculptor gazing at a block of marble, they see a future work of art just waiting to be unlocked. Today we salute these artists of manscaping.

1. Here, kitty.


2. Michael Bay’s biggest fan.

3. “Oh! Christmas tree?”

4. You never know when a game of checkers might break out.

5. Somebody’s on brand

6. Stars And Stripes Forever…Or At Least ‘Til The Hair Grows Back.

7. Bruce Wayne is in the house!

8. Clark Kent, too!

9. Why should faces have all the fun?

10.Someone is ready for summer

11. The stages of manscaping.

12. A tie is required for dining room seating? No problem.

13. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a jersey.

14. After the apocalypse, everyone will look like this.

15. Some guys can pull off a whole body hair scene. Of cupid, being shot out of a cannon.

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