16 Creepy Scenes That Were Deleted From Movies –


1. Deadpool 2: Deadpool trying to kill a baby Hitler. Deadpool travels back to 1889 and contemplates killing a newborn Hitler. The scene was shot but did not go over well with test audiences so it was removed. Apparently, people didn’t care that it was Hitler, but were more concerned about the prospect of killing a baby.

2. Scream: Casey’s boyfriend being gutted. Some of the more graphic scenes in the already gory horror movie were cut to NC-17 rating. Steven gets graphically gutted and his internal organ spill out everywhere. The deleted scene was actually going to be the opening.

3. Horrible Bosses 2: Rape scene. In this scene, our favorite hot yet neurotic dentist Dr. Julia tells Nick that she had sex with him while he was in a coma. After telling him once he’s woken up, the scene was going to cut to CCTV footage of the incident.

4. It: Pennywise eating a baby. The scene took place as a flashback to the 1600’s, where actor Bill Skarsgård was supposed to look less like a terrifying clown and more like a human. Pennywise chowing down on a baby came out really creepy even by horror movie standards, so it was taken out.

5. The Lion King: Scar forcing Nala to marry him. Scar tells Nala that she has to be his queen and that she really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. The villain says he always gets what he wants, and then sings a super creepy version of ‘Be Prepared’. The scene takes place right before Nala goes searching for Simba in the jungle, but was a little much for the kid’s film.

6. Divergent: Edward stabbed in the eye. In the book, Edward gets stabbed in the eye in the middle of the night. The graphic scene was adapted for the movie, but didn’t make it into the PG-13 film.

7. Back To The Future Part III: Buford killing Marshall. The deleted scene explains why Principle Strickland hates the Tannens. After this, Buford Tannen shoots Marshall Strickland in the back.

8. Fatal Attraction: Framing Dan for Alex’s murder. The film ends with Dan’s wife shooting his crazy lover, Alex. Originally the movie was going to end with Alex slitting her throat and framing Dan for the murder.



9. The Butterfly Effect: Evan strangling himself in the womb. At the end of the movie, Evan originally travels back in time and strangles himself while his mother is pregnant to avoid everything that happens. The unsettling scene didn’t go well with test audiences, so the film ended differently.

10. The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner attempts suicide. Bruce Banner attempts to shoot himself in this scene that isn’t really kid friendly. Bruce is about to pull the trigger, but turns into the Hulk and crushes the gun. It wouldn’t have changed the course of the movie, but was a little too unsettling to keep.

11. Jaws: Alex is brutally eaten by a shark. Steven Spielberg decided that the shark eating anyone outside of the water would be too graphic. There’s a few stills left from this scene but it was cut down a lot.

12. Gangster Squad: Cinema massacre. This graphic scene of a cinema shooting made it into the trailer for the movie and was supposed to be included. However, the scene was taken out due to the tragic theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. The director decided to shoot a different scene out of respect for the families who lost someone on that awful day.

13. Mulan: Shan Yu killing a whole village. The Disney villian massacres an entire village and one of his own henchman. Pretty screwed up for a kid’s movie, obviously.

14. Ms. Doubtfire: Divorcing parents fight and children hear. The directors considered taking the comedy in a bit of a darker direction. Obviously getting divorced is a completely awful thing to endure, and is pretty hard for kids to handle as well. In one deleted scene, the children overhear a full-on screaming match. After it’s over, Lydia screams at her parents that she hates them both and the other kids run off crying. Not a disturbing scene, but one depressing enough to leave out.

15. Captain America: Learning about all of his dead friends. Steve Rogers was frozen for 70 years so everyone he knew is dead. It’s an understood aspect of the movie, but there is a really depressing deleted scene where he sits in a dark room and learns about how all of his friends died.

16. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom: A body gets disintegrated. A human sacrifice gets his heart ripped out and then is lowered into a pit of molten lava to completely burn. Except his head, which is left floating behind. The disintegration part of the disturbing scene was left out because this would have made the film rated R.



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