A terrified prisoner inside the Tuol Sleng prison where nearly 20,000 people were locked up and tortured by the Khmer Rouge. Only seven survived.


Ukrainian civilians search for their family and friends among the dead, massacred when the Germans and Romanians evacuated Kerch in the Crimea on December 30, 1941.

The Germans had first occupied Kerch as they drove on Sevastopol in November 1941. A landing by Marines attached the Soviet 51st Army drove the Germans out. The Marines found thousands of dead civilians, deprived of food and terrorized by the Gestapo during the occupation.


Surveillance image from a car wash showing 11yo Carlie Brucia, who was walking home from a friend’s house, at the moment Joseph Smith simply grabbed her by the arm and led her away. Four days later Carlie’s body was found in a church parking lot. Smith was sentenced to death for her murder.


A husband grieves for his wife, dead at age 95 after 69 years of marriage


Smallpox victim July 1939. One of the most brutal diseases that humanity had to face, today 100% erradicated.


The Final Morse Code Conversations from the Titanic


The last Facebook post of a person who passed away from cancer.


A Jumper on 9/11 mere milliseconds before hitting the roof


Teen dies after being pulled into wood chipper


12205 Imperial Ave., Cleveland, OH. Google Street View image from September 2009. At the time this photo was taken, the bodies of eleven murder victims were inside the house and buried in the yard.


A child’s room in a crack house


Man shot and killed in a drive by shooting. He tweeted this 5 minutes before he was shot.


SS killings in Zboriv, 1941. A teenage boy is brought to view his dead family before being shot himself.

The surviving teenage son of this murdered family is brought up to the murder site. He was then murdered by a shot to the neck by the German officer standing behind him.

Zentralbild – IML / 1.8.1962
II.Weltkrieg 1939-45
Der überlebende halbwüchsige Sohn dieser ermordeten Familie wird an die Mordstelle herangeführt. Von dem hinter ihm stehenden faschistischen deutschen Offizier wurde er durch Genickschuss ermordet. 5.7.1941 in Slorow, Ukraine
A 0706/18/30 N –


On 11 May 1945, the Sudeten German civilians who inhabited Volary (present-day Czech Republic), are forced by US troops to walk past bodies of 30 Jewish women, who were starved to death by German SS troops in a 300 mile death march


Comment on a performance of a piano piece on YouTube


Everyone in this video was murdered after this video was shot

The Kohistan killings case refers to an incident that happened in the spring of 2012 in Palas Valley, Kohistan, an administrative district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The incident involved the murder of four girls and a boy in so-called honour killing after a video of their private celebration emerged on the internet. The video featured a boy dancing while four girls were also seen clapping in the clip, along with another boy recording the video on his mobile phone. All girls and the boy seen dancing were murdered after the video was made public.

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