They say you’re only as old as you feel, but in the case of aging musicians you’re amazed are still rocking, you’re not nearly as old as you look. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll can weather the human body, but that doesn’t keep these leather-faced folks and wrinkly rocker hands for soldiering on in their AARP years. Check out some of the oldest musicians you were pretty sure were already dead, or be amazed by the ones still going. Hey, we’ve still got Tony Bennett at the crisp age of 89. That’s got to be worth something.

Chuck Berry (88)
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The pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll, chiefly responsible for some of the best songs by bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, is none other than Chuck Berry and his blues. Berry served a short jail sentence for sleeping with an Apache girl who got over state lines to work in his club, and when he got out, The Beatles, Stones and Beach Boys were in full swing, covering some of his hits as their own hits.

Willie Nelson (82)
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They say marijuana helps to mellow you out in your older years, and no elderly man is more synonymous with the sticky icky than Willie Nelson, a man who keeps on investing in its intoxicating growth. Nelson, at 82, has continued to tour, with nearly 70 studio records to pull from, as well as eight published books on the shelf. Popular titles include “Roll Me Up & Smoke Me When I Die” and this year’s “It’s a Long Story: My Life, Little, Brown and Company.”

Little Richard (82)
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We thought Little Richard was a collapsing skeleton being driven by a ghost when he guest starred on “Full House” in 1994, more than 20 years ago. Now at 82, Richard Penniman is a retired soul, rhythm and blues singer with labels like “omnisexual,” “bisexual alien,” and plain old “gay pianist.” With more than 15 studio albums dating back as far as 1951 as well as an extensive film and TV history, Little Richard was inducted into the Blue Hall of Fame and the Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame in 2015. In 2013, he suffered a heart attack but pulled through after his son turned on the air conditioner.

Ringo Starr (75) & Paul McCartney (73)
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Amongst the greatest lead singers successfully gone solo, Sir Paul ranks at the top. Maybe not Ringo so much, but we can respect our elders when it comes to them making music past the point of which most people lose bladder control. McCartney put out one of his best records in the past 24 months with “New,” and Ringo is still pulling Grammys in his late age. But in the case of Yoko Ono (82), we’re not sure she’ll be celebrated quite the same way when she eventually goes.

Mike Love (74) & Brian Wilson (73)
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Beach Boys Mike Love and Brian Wilson might seem young at heart, but those boys have been playing and touring for more than 50 years, coming off a recent anniversary tour. The rest of the members are, including Al Jardine, also into their senior citizenship, but that doesn’t seem to slow things down for the “Kokomo” carolers. Although there has been a long riff between Brian Wilson and Mike Love, the two continue to make music individually, Love still with The Beach Boys.

Bob Dylan (74)
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His vocals may be nearly incomprehensible, but that doesn’t stop the Minnesota miracle man from writing and recording into his 70s. After a rough release with “Tempest,” Dylan went on to do a covers album in 2015 with “Shadows in the Night,” as well as releasing an extensive catalog of new bootlegs from the mid-1960s. All that for a raspy, old man isn’t bad, not to mention he’s one of those lesser-known celebrity painters.

David Crosby (74)
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Looking like a hippie stoner version of Gandalf the Great, the “Croz” is still making melodies in his mid-70s, his most recent solo album, “Croz,” released in 2014. The Byrds man jumped to CSNY then to a successful solo career across the past five decades. And now, the white-mustached musical genie, in addition to harmonizing helpers, Stills and Nash, are still playing their fiddles, trying not to write songs about leaky catheters and those rolling kidney stones.

Paul Simon (74) & Art Garfunkel (73)
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Now we know why Simon’s name always comes first: He’s older. Also, he’s freakishly short. The musical duo dates back as early as 1953, when they met before starting to play together shortly after, breaking up before most of the big ’60s bands were even together, then signing in ’63 and taking America by way of a folksy storm. With only five studio albums, nothing since 1970, Simon & Garfunkel managed to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys in 2003 for their ability to remain relevant more than three decades later. After their breakup, both went on with semi-successful solo adventures, each releasing records in the past decade.

Keith Richards (71) & Mick Jagger (72)
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So pretty much all the Rolling Stones are still rocking, but most notably are the two lead men of the group, Mick and Keith. Anyone who knows the Stones or has seen Keith’s great Netflix documentary knows these boys have been doing it for what seems like multiple lifetimes. As early as Chuck Berry covers to their recent 50th anniversary reunion tour, these wild horses can’t seem to be brought down, not even after getting ridiculed for dancing in the streets with David Bowie.

Rod Stewart (70)
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This little birdie got his start before the age of 20, jumping from band to band more than half a dozen times, including Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions, The Hoochie Coochie Men, The Jeff Beck Group and Faces also in a dozen years. Stewart continues on with an expected release, “Another Country” in 2015. What’s the secret to his longevity? Great pipes and an Ellen DeGeneres haircut.

Neil Young (69)
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Neil gets a separate spot from Crosby, Stills & Nash, since his name stands out in most people’s minds when you think about old men who still rock like a crazy adolescent on guitar. Still rifling through 16-minute songs with multiple solos, whistling and harmonica, Young not only attempts to keep rock alive, he has gone to great lengths to improve its listening experience. Somehow, he’s still younger than the rest.

Ozzy Osbourne (66)
Entertainment, Aging Rockstars Still Rocking, Ozzy Osbourne
Well, younger than everyone except for Ozzy, who ironically is in the worst shape of all the people listed here. He’s not even that old — Michael Jordan is only 14 years younger — but the rock ‘n roll lifestyle has taken its toll on Mr. Ozzfest. Biting the heads off bats and a few rough rock ‘n’ roll mugshots later, and we have one of the most illiterate reality stars to ever hold down a heavy metal mic stand. Or maybe the stand is holding him up.




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