16 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

1. Mother and children during the great depression, California, 1936


2. Crowds gathered to witness the hanging of Henry Campbell (he is standing in the center wearing a dark suit) in Lawrenceville, Georgia, May 8, 1908

3. A customized car advertises Black Cat cigarettes, circa 1915

4. Nicholas II of Russia leaving his coronation, 1896

5. A man selling mummies in Cairo, Egypt, 1875. Photo by Félix Bonfils

6. Desperation (1916) – French Soldiers Hurl Rocks At Advancing German Soldiers From Their Hillside Trench – Vosges

7. The discovery of the statue of Antinous, Delphi, Greece, 1894

8. An operation being conducted in the Boston City Hospital operating theater, Boston, Massachusetts, ca. 1890

9. Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody in Montreal, Quebec during Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, 1885

10. The shortest, tallest, and fattest men of Europe drinking and playing cards together in 1913

11. Himmler looks at a Soviet prisoner during a visit to Shirokaya Street Concentration Camp in Minsk, Belarus August 1941

12. Himmler’s corpse after his suicide by cyanide poisoning, May 1945

13. Young Benito Mussolini’s Mugshot, arrested by Swiss Police because he did not have any ID, Bern 19th June 1903

14. Men from the U.S coast guard watches as one of their depth charges goes off on the german submarine U-175 in the Atlantic in 1943.

15. Ford’s first moving assembly line at its Model T plant in Highland Park, Mich., in 1913.

16. Young Thomas Moore before and after his enrollment at the Regina Indian Industrial School in Saskatchewan. 1890s.

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