16 Fascinating Photos Collected From History –

1. German immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, NY circa 1900

2. Queen Victoria At Windsor Castle Lunch 1888

3. Citizens of Moscow listen to a historic radio announcement, saying that German forces invaded at 4 AM that morning and that the war started. 30% of male population will perish in the next 4 years (including 90% of men born in 1923)…June 22th, 1941

4. Famous lawman Wyatt Earp with his car in 1927

5. This photo, depicts an ‘Enigma’ machine used in the communications room of a German troop train . The Enigma machine is on the left. 1940s.

6. Tsar Nicholas II and his cousin, King George V, in 1904 when Nicholas was on a state visit to England

7. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, murdered by Bolsheviks 100 years ago

8. A young Jim Henson with some early Muppets, “Sam and Friends” 1950s

9. German soldiers salute their officers at a Parisian cafe on Bastille Day, July 1940

10. Teenagers picking a song at the jukebox, 1955

11. Helen Keller, the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree, photographed sitting down in Looe, Cornwall, UK on 6th May 1932

12. Nuclear bomb “shadows” in Hiroshima, Japan 1945

13. An amazed Boris Yeltsin doing his unscheduled visit to a Randall’s supermarket in Houston, Texas, 1990

14. The lottery used by the Selective Service to determine who would be drafted for Vietnam. United States, 1969

15. A man buying cigarettes from his hospital bed, 1950s

16. Marilyn Monroe’s mugshot, after being arrested for driving too slow and without a license. (1954)







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