16 Heated Exes Who Ain’t Ready To Make Nice

16 Heated Exes Who Ain’t Ready To Make Nice

Have you ever looked back at your old social media feeds and thought to yourself “wtf”? This is literally how I feel about any and every guy I’ve ever dated. In the moment, they were probably what I needed — a little mystery, a little danger, or some sort of witty banter… you get the point.

The thing is, when it’s all said and done, all I can remember is the bad shit. Like when he corrected my grammar in a text, clapped at the end of a movie we saw in the theater, or his obsession with writing his feelings on Facebook, then constantly checking his phone to see if he was getting likes. What I’m trying to say is enjoy who you’re with now, because when you break up it’ll feel like you dated a completely different person.

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