Saskatoon Catholic cathedral covered with paint after discovery of 751 unmarked graves

The 751 unmarked graves recently uncovered were on the property of a previous Canadian Residential School, the majority of which were run by the Catholic Church. So far this month, the remains of more than 1000 people, mostly children, have been discovered in unmarked graves on the properties of residential schools in Canada.



Farkhunda Malikzada (in 2015) was ran over by a car, pushed of a roof, publicly beaten, stoned, and then burnt to death simply for ‘burning the quran’. After she died, they realized that she had in fact NOT burnt the Quran

She was about to expose the corruption of a cleric who then used his standing in society to level false claims against her and urged the town to kill her.

Zainuddin was “the custodian of a holy shrine who trafficked in Viagra, condoms and pagan amulets, and who, when exposed, falsely accused a young woman named Farkhunda of burning a Quran.” His sentence was reduced from capital punishment to 20 years, which are to be served in the Pul-e-Charkhi prison.


Last known photo of Robin Williams, taken 10/08/2014 the day before he died

40 different hellish symptoms at once. The list of just some of what he went through at the end, in a note from his wife.


9 year old Turkish child draws herself being sold for sexual abuse by her mother and step father


Annelise Michel began blacking out at school, she would soon start convulsing, vomiting and eating her own hands and drinking her own urine. She underwent 67 exorcisms and died in 1976.

This story directly inspired the 2005 film “The exorcism of Emily Rose” Doctors in court during a trial about her neglectful death came to the conclusion she suffered from Grand Mal Epilepsy and Psychosis. Her devout catholic family thought otherwise and went along with the Exorcisms. Near death she weighed only 67 pounds.


Fuck Seaworld


Photo from the top of the World Trade Center taken by a helicopter



A devastated Ashton Matheny looks on during the trial of a woman who was convicted of murdering Savanna Greywind, the mother of his child (also pictured). The assailant cut Savanna’s baby from the dead woman’s womb


This building’s staircase has anti-suicide nets between each floor


4000 yr-old remains of a woman trying to protect a child from a massive earthquake and floods that devastated China in 2000 BC, sometimes known as ‘China’s Pompeii’


The blood of just-assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin stains the text of a peace song that he had been carrying in his pocket as part of the peace rally during which he was killed by Israeli nationalist Yigal Amir who opposed Rabin’s agreements with Palestine in Tel Aviv, Nov. 4, 1995


On March 8, 1953, Rosary Shelfo carefully bathed her 2-week-old baby, then laid the infant face down on her kitchen cutting board and hacked off his head with a butcher knife. She told her husband, “I don’t know why I did it. I just did it.”


This is a picture of the Packers’ 1974 draft class. Their last pick was Portland State’s WR Randy Woodfield. He was cut later and turned out to be the I-5 killer, with 44 presumed murders


Anti-suicide trigger guards fitted for those forced into serving the Turkish Army for “rehabilitation”


Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki 1945. From the plutonium bomb dubbed “fatman” the cloud would rise to 45,000 ft. 80,000 people would loose their lives in an instant.

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