16 Industry Insiders Spill Their Secrets


1. Lawyers generally do not dislike each other. The prosecutor for your son’s case and his defense attorney may very well be good friends

2. Parcels marked fragile are treated exactly the same as every other parcel.

3. When repairing furniture, a lot of times we just use a marker to cover up scratches. Granted they’re carefully selected to match the color of course, but they’re still just normal markers.

4. Almost all of the calls you hear on your local radio station are not LIVE. They were recorded during the last song or during a commercial break. There are many sneaky ways to make a call sound LIVE.

5. I work at a grocery store bakery and the cake comes to us frozen. We hand decorate most everything, but the cake part is baked at our warehouse and shipped to us frozen. People are genuinely shocked that we don’t make every single thing from scratch every day. That would take so long, there’s no way. My own family raved about how good our cakes are and when I told them how they come suddenly they’re garbage. It’s just a grocery store, idk why everyone expects hand crafted artisanal cakes baked fresh every 10 minutes. Edit: just to clear this up in case you’re imagining rock hard frozen cake, they don’t get solid like ice. You can cut them while they’re frozen or even crumble them up with your hands. They get way softer after they thaw but tbh some cakes taste better if eaten while frozen. Chocolate especially IMO.

6. Not really my industry anymore, but I used to work in a pet store (and now I work for a vet that works closely with several pet stores): if you’re in a pet store that sells snakes, there’s like a 75% chance at any given time that there’s a snake loose in there.

7. Drug abuse of every kind is normalized in the restaurant industry. It’s crazy how many alcoholics/casual cocaine users I’ve worked with. Although heavy drugs are very much frowned upon, people will boast about killing a bottle of expensive whiskey the other night.

8. If you have a weird or amusing name, it will probably get made fun of by somebody. Industry: any job that involves working with customer data.

9. Those totally jacked-up personal trainers didn’t get that way from the protein supplement they’re trying to sell you.

10. Pharmacist here. Whenever pills get dropped on the floor, they get picked up and go back in the bottle.

11. The folks in the ambulance with you, regardless of what you are being charged for care/transport, are making between $9.00 and $25.00 (no one I know makes the upper end) an hour. They genuinely care for your health/wellbeing (so long as you genuinely need their service), but could be in the middle of a 12/16/24 hour shift.

12. Teacher here. We know that a percentage (depends on the school) of our colleagues are doing a crap job and we cover for them because we can’t find anyone better, or the principal simply doesn’t care.

13. People hate to see trees cut. So now when the paper and lumber companies cut land near the freeway, they leave 10 yards of trees. The next time you’re driving and see trees, look and see if they stop in about 30 ft.

14. 99% of tech support is using Google. Most issues could be handled by the user if they simply googled it.

15. Few years ago I used to clean hotel rooms. It may have been unique to the company I worked for but we were ridiculously underpaid and given very little time to clean a room properly. It was common that if someone only slept a night or 2 in a bed it was just re-made without changing sheets. In rooms that had glasses (like actual glass ones) it was quicker to wash them in the sink than go for new ones. Even if that included wiping them dry with the same towel you used to wipe the last room’s shower/sink/mirror with, or occasionally even toilet. Seriously, never drink of a hotel glass unless it’s sealed in a bag.

16. Hospital worker. – The elevators break down more times than you could imagine. We usually say they are down for maintenance so the public doesn’t get nervous about the elevator somehow dropping all the way to the basement. – You would also not believe how many pests can come through such as flies, bed bugs, and mice. **Bonus!** At my hospital, when a housekeeper is told to “Clean a spill.”, it is actually a code phrase for “Remove the dead rat.”.

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