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Actors are a particular group of personalities. They have certain requirements that need to be met, before they can even commit to a role, and while on set, some need some serious accommodations. And if you want your film to be successful, you need some serious star power. So most directors and producers will bend over backwards to ensure that the talent’s needs are met.


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Sharon Stone

Stone has spent the past two decades building a reputation for being difficult to work with, but it doesn’t really make the press. Some of it is basic diva shit, but there’s one instance that’s just a bit too far. In 2014, she was working on an Italian film called A Golden Boy.According to the directors, they had to hire a private luxury train to pick her up, and if there were problems, she’d call her agent in the US. He would then call the producers and directors to make changes, complaints, and suggestions. She never spoke to them directly.But the worst of all; she insisted the production give her a credit card so she should purchase all the outfits her character would wear in the film, and then keep them, on top of her salary.


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Wesley Snipes

According to Patton Oswalt, who’s just about the realest person in Hollywood, Snipes was a bit of a douche on the set of Blade: Trinity. In an interview with AV Club, he disclosed that Snipes was allowed sit in his trailer and smoke weed all day. He only came out when close up shots were needed. The other action shots were his stunt doubles and stand ins.He also would stay in character throughout production, and after a heated argument with director David Goyer, would only communicate with the director and crew, through post it notes.Fully knowing you can’t fire the star of the film, he got away with it.


Gary Graver

Gary Busey

There’s no shortage of crazy stories about this guy, but one of the craziest must be from his time on the set of 2003’s Quigley. In it, he plays a corrupt businessman, who dies in an accident, goes to heaven, and comes back to Earth as a white Pomeranian, with a mission. Except, Busey didn’t agree with the whole “heaven” part.Apparently, Busey had a near death experience and had actually been to heaven, so he knew what it looked like. He had the set redesigned to look more like the heaven that he saw, before he’d start working. It delayed production for a few days, while they re-did it. Then it was delayed even more because he got into a fight with another actor over how it should look, then finally, it got released straight to video.


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Jack Nicholson

With Jack, it’s less letting him get away with crazy shit, but enticing him with it. While he admitted he wanted to work with Martin Scorsese, he didn’t feel like the role in The Departed was interesting enough to play. So the director allowed him to come up with some depraved suggestions to make his character more evil.Some of them included the cocaine snort off the hooker’s ass, the wearing a Yankee hat on the streets of Boston, a raunchy sex scene (that was cut down in editing), and finally, he asked that all Boston Celtics memorabilia be banned on the set.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger

On the set for Terminator 3, the Governator had some serious requests. His contract was 33 pages long and included an insane payday, a 3 bedroom deluxe suite at the shooting location, a team of full-time bodyguards, a trailer full of gym equipment and a limo that was on call 24/7.On top of that, he also wanted control of the film, with pre-approval of the director, cast, hair and makeup, drivers, the publicist and even the cook for the principal cast.So why was the film such a turd then?


Walt Disney Company

Johnny Depp

There’s a reason that Captain Jack Sparrow tends to ramble and mumble, and that’s because Johnny Depp didn’t learn the lines. He didn’t want to. So instead, a sound engineer was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the duration of the filming of the series, to read the lines into an earpiece.All Johnny had to do was repeat them on set, and he got paid millions. Guess that explains all the dreadlocks; to hide the tech.



Lena Headey & Jerome Flynn

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you’d have noticed that Cersei and Bronn never share any scenes. That’s because they used to date, and the breakup wasn’t very nice. Now they’re not on speaking terms, so the writers and producers are instructed to keep them apart, and make sure they’re not on set at the same time.That’s kind of mental, but I guess safer, with all the swords around.



Daniel Day Lewis

Throughout cinematic history, there’ve been actors that have gone method, then there’s Daniel Day Lewis. On the set of My Left Foot, he took it to the extreme. Playing a character with Cerebral Palsy, Lewis stayed in his wheelchair all day on set. Which mean the crew had to wheel him to set, around the studio and to his trailer.He took it so far, that the crew had to feed him and treat him like someone with severe CP, so you do the math on what else they did. No one put a stop to it, because they didn’t want to ruin his performance.



Mike Myers

After a rough cut of Shrek was shown to Mike Myers, he decided that he needed to change his accent, and rerecord all the dialogue. Considering the film was all but done, this meant that significant scenes would have to be reanimated. Which meant more money.He convinced them that a Scottish accent would work better, and the studio eventually agreed and forked over an additional $5 Million for the reanimation and his new dialogue (because no one works for free in Hollywood).



Harrison Ford

It’s no secret that Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo dead as far back as Return of the Jedi, but with no new sequels between the 80’s and today, it became a moot point.Now, with the new sequel trilogy, we couldn’t have done it without Han, so he negotiation that he’ll get killed off in the first sequel, and that they’d promise to make a new Indiana Jones film, without the shitty mistakes of Crystal Skull.



Samuel L. Jackson

Anyone who knows anything about Star Wars, knows that the bad guys have red lightsabers and the good guys have green/blue. That all changed with Attack of the Clones, because Sam Jackson wanted a “motherfucking Purple Lightsaber.”To keep him happy and allow him to stand out in battle scenes, he got his wish.He also requests that he has a clause in all of his contracts that allows him play golf at least twice a week, while shooting a film.


Marvel STudios

Robert Downey Jr.

This was surprising to me, but RDJ only wore the full suit in the first film. Every since then, once he learned that a stand in, stunt double, or CGI could accomplish the same thing, he wears the bear minimum while filming.So his salary goes up, as does his comfort level. But hey, the films fucking rock, so it works for me.



Jennifer Lawrence

This concession comes from the price of fame, I suppose. For First Class, she had to endure 8+ hours of having makeup applied to her body. By the time the sequel rolled around, it was down to 3.When the threatened not to return for future instalments, they simplified Mystique’s look so that she could either wear a bodysuit, or be put in uniform, and have minimal makeup applied to her face. Oh, and her eyes are now 100% CGI. No contacts for her.



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