16 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

1. A musician and his “monkey” on the streets of Budapest, Hungary in 1905.

2. 4 Models mess around on a stack of oranges in the US in 1946.

3. A child has her pet gator pull her cart at a gator zoo in Florida, US in 1908.

4. A woman on the beach getting tossed up casting an odd shadow in the US in 1958.

5. Northern Indian tribesmen of the Sinhalese pose for a picture in Hamburg, Germany in 1908.

6. A ceremony in Cameroon in 1951.

7. Woman wear masks at a best figure beauty pageant in LA, US in 1952.

8. A Halloween costume in the US in 1921.

9. Auckland Harbour Bridge workers taking a break in Auckland, New Zealand in 1955.

10. A very tall man poses with very short dwarfs for Ringling Bros Barnum Bailey Circus Sideshow in the US in 1908.

11. A medium having a spirit enter or exit her body in England in 1907. These were all hoax but many took years to be exposed.

12. A poor family all with the same blank stare pose for a camera in NYC, US in 1899.

13. Odd looking sheep on display at Boolarwell, Australia in 1900.

14. A young boy who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima is checked out by a doctor in Japan in 1949.

15. A woman wearing cabbage, yes cabbage, as a costume in the US in 1909.

16. A woman on roller skates in a costume in France in 1910.

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