“‘Antfarm Dickhole’Yes, this is a legitimate movie. The plot involves a guy that gets bullied, and ants climb up into his dick, make a nest, and when he gets upset, they come out, attack, and kill the person upsetting him. Things got weird to a whole new level when his gf and him had sex, and the ants ate her from the inside out.Its been a few years since I saw it, but I am still undergoing counseling from the horrors of it.”-SilencerNate


“‘Dragonball Evolution.’ It was like watching a drunk guy vomit all over my childhood.”-RobotPirateGhost


“‘Gotti’ starring John Travolta. I took a girl on a second date as she wanted to see it due to her love for mob/mafia movies. I think I witnessed part of her soul die that night.”-YesterdayWasAwesome


“‘The Peanut Butter Solution.’ It’s about a kid who loses his hair and finds a magic recipe to grow it back. But he wants it faster so he puts more peanut butter in but it grows back super fast. So then some bad guys kidnap little kids and steal their now fast growing hair to make paintbrushes…My mom rented it for me when I was sick as a kid. It was so bad I turned it off. And felt guilty I was going to hurt her feelings.”-Wicked_smaht_guy


“‘Human Centipede 3.’ Not like I thought it would be anything more than a bad horror flick, but man what a load of annoying shit.”-Balla1928Aus


“‘Gigli.’ My girlfriend at the time made me take her to see it. We broke up later that week.”-AlbertFischerIII


“‘Cannibal.’ It was a Ted Bundy movie from the early 2000s. I was sleeping over at my cousins’ house and my uncle went to Blockbuster and asked for a “scary” movie, but I guess he didn’t specify that we were like 12-15. We watched the whole thing. It was so so awful, and not just because it was traumatic.”-pandajungle


“The Star Wars Holiday Special. It deserves all the scorn it gets.”dorvann


“‘Slender Man.’ Fuck that movie.”-circumspectoris


“‘Tiptoes’With Gary Oldman, in the role of a lifetime…”-CaptainBroverdose


“Last year, a friend of mine asked if I had seen ‘Split.’ I had been meaning to watch it basically since it came out. I finally sat down to watch it and I’m like 30 minutes in thinking where the fuck is McAvoy?I hit up my mate and ask if I should have seen him yet. He’s like “yeah obviously”. So I skip to the end and look at the credits and he’s not there. It turns out there are 2 movies from 2016 called ‘Split.’ The one I watched was about some chick finding her sexuality or something. But she’s in a play/theatre group and an old lady just starts getting herself off on stage as a demonstration. It was fucking weird and I’m annoyed I wasted 30 mins watching it.”-ManOfIronAnSteel


“Eragon. I have largely suppressed my memories of that film.”-Jahoan


“‘House of the Dead.’ Worst mesh of game and movie integration I have ever seen. Terrible directing with terrible actors in an incoherent plot.”-ElMoncho


“‘Thankskilling 3.’ Everything that gave ‘Thankskilling’ charm was gone. It got to the point where I felt too invested to stop watching but had a horrible headache afterward.”-Booksarepricey


“That Adam Sandler movie ‘Jack & Jill’. It was terrible.”-_BiggieSmalls


“‘Airplane vs Volcano.’ It’s about an airplane with about 6 passengers that gets stuck inside an emerging ring of volcanos. The pilots die due to… Don’t think about it. And the airplane has an emergency auto-pilot that makes the plane fly in circles. You know! To avoid another 9/11. Now it’s up to Dean Cain and some other passengers to push past the volcanoes’ ash clouds. They have to survive… Meteors? Which always hit the wings of the plane. The Army is there, and they can help, except the general doesn’t want to because reasons. So he waits until the final moment to send a squad of fighter jets, to fight volcanoes mind you, and get all the passengers to safety. Dean Cain decides to sacrifice himself by crashing the plane (which is now filled with bombs) into the Big Boss Volcano. Even though everyone was evacuated and he can be evacuated as well and get medical help, he goes through with it saying “You’re a big bitch” as he crashed into the big volcano.Seriously 0/10 but it’s worth to watch.”-Dudebroman_5000