16 People Admit What *Instantly* Killed A Crush They Had On Someone

We all develop crushes at school, at work — basically any place you spend a significant amount of time. And we all LOSE crushes when that person reveals themself to be gross, mean, or just not at all what we expected. I mean, the physical attraction can only go so far. How do your stories stack up against these 16?

1. beibers_new_hat — Are people still ordering for other people?

He got visibly annoyed when I didn’t order what he suggested off of a menu

2. Frankocean2 — You are a gold digger and for that reason I am out.

Mine was more subtle… the first thing that came of her mouth to talk about former people she had dated was economic issues. You know:

“Oh, he was loaded”

“Oh, he took me to Paris for the weekend”.

Made me realize her priorities.

3. SufferingSaxifrage — That’s when you need chemistry the most.

Zero chemistry when alone together. Was really into someone from the extended friend group, seemed to get along great when others were around and there was some mutual flirting for a while. The first time we tried to hang out on our own there was just… nothing. I’ve never had so much uncomfortable silence and conversations aborted after one or two responses…crush gone then and there.

4. PeachFoam — Be free, butterflies.

He was on his phone the entire time we were having dinner. I didn’t feel comfortable asking him to get off of his phone, so I mostly just sat there awkwardly and felt the butterflies leave my stomach.

5. aloofman75 — Do not treat people like doormats, people. Unless you treat your doormat very well for some reason.

Saw how she treated her doormat of a boyfriend. It was almost cartoonish the way she ordered him to do things and constantly criticized him. She found a guy who knew he was out of her league and totally took advantage of it. Her appeal disappeared pretty quickly after that.

The odd thing is that I had apparently been acting kind of standoffish and boring around her while the crush was on. Once I was over her, I loosened up and acted more like myself and then she started talking to me more. Realizing that I had been making myself less appealing was a nice lesson to learn from that.

6. NonStickRabbit — What?! Who does this?

We were out driving and he swerved the vehicle to deliberately hit a sparrow whilst laughing.

Yeah nah, bye..

7. xoxomaxine — You drink, you drive, you lose (dates).

He didn’t think drinking and driving was a big deal and admitted to doing it often because he’s “more focused when he’s drunk”.

8. dnaLlamase — He puts the maniac in pyromaniac.

I saw the guy who I had a crush on, off and on for all of high school attempt to shave his arm hairs with one of the ten lighters he had in his backpack by burning off the hairs.

FYI, He doesn’t smoke either. He just really likes fire.

9. queenchristina- — Yeah, best to squelch that crush, right then and there.

Googling him and finding his Wedding Registry. For that weekend.

10. sbashe5 — I majored in Assholery and minored in Douchebaggery.

They had almost collegiate pride in putting other people down.

11. RogerRamjet80 — You had me at ‘unflushed poop.’

I saw an unflushed poop in her toilet, with no toilet paper. Tried to convince myself that her cat did it somehow, but deep down I knew, and couldn’t look at her the same way after.

12. afarewelltoheads — Bullet dodged, probably.

She started being a HUGE dick to one of the grad students teaching a lab we were in because she wasn’t being allowed to leave early.

13. MexicansInParis — Understandable.

Because she loved the fact that, according to her, every male friend of her wanted to have sex with her, so she could just keep guys around and fuck them whenever she wanted. That kind of ultra-narcissism killed it for me.

14. sirpoopofpoopington — Oh no.

Made life decisions by checking some sort of online star sign thing which was basically a random generator of generic sayings.

15. sbrinatheteenagelich — Yeeah, this one is pretty bad.

Not wanting to have anything to do with his child because he hates his ex, even though his ex isn’t even raising the kid, some random lady is.

16. wankerville — We all know someone like this.

They always had to be right, and if they were wrong they’d manipulate it to where they were somehow right.


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