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16 Photos That Are Either Incredible Or Extremely Hard to Believe Are Real

We live in an age where a lot of what we see – mainly online – isn’t real, at least mostly, thanks in large part to the advent of Photoshop. Naturally, this sort of thing has created a generation of vigilant skeptics, constantly on the look out for signs of inauthenticity.

But make no mistake, Photoshop was not used in any of these pictures. From natural phenomenons, to perfect timing, to sheer trickery, they’re all 100% real.

1. Just some incredible framing by talented French photographer Philippe Ramette.

2. The “Magic Tap” at “Aqualand” in Puerto de Santa María, Spain.

3. The trippiest construction drape ever.

4. “Atlantis” indoor scuba tank, at Dubai’s “The Palm” hotel.

5. A A man-made river flood drainage system.

Which totally looks like the thing from Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

6. Brutus the bear was not superimposed in this picture. He was raised in captivity by this family.

7. Not resized…just the world’s largest recorded goldfish.

8. Some seriously impeccable timing.

9. A real house in Germany. Citizens are still trying to confirm whether or not Gru still lives there.

10. A 3D image by photographer Clement Briend.

11. The Sun Cruise Resort in Gangwon-do, South Korea

12. No photoshopping. Just some keenly used makeup and hair dye.

13. A railroad in New Zealand couldn’t quite withstand an earthquake.

14. “Headless” hockey player.

15. Dubai giving new meaning to the word “skyline.”

16. Although we’d like to think it’s fake, this is just daredevil Dean Potter being daredevil Dean Potter.

16 Photos That Are Either Incredible Or Extremely Hard to Believe Are Real


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