16 Pics We Related To Harder Than Some Family Members

16 Pics We Related To Harder Than Some Family Members

Let’s face it: If that favorite cousin doesn’t show up, family gatherings can feel about twice as long as they are because even if, by some miracle, nobody’s giving you unsolicited life advice or running you down, it’s still kind of hard to connect with the ones who don’t know you that well.

So, you can either play the whole “Yeah, work’s fine, I guess” game or try to talk about the things we should all relate to and end up confusing or scaring them.

But even if your random uncles don’t get you, at least whoever gave us these pictures does.

1. Cartoonishly bad days like this don’t come along often, but I think we all know what they feel like.

Reddit | istarxh
At least we can make a whole new game out of this situation. Just keep throwing things up there until the hoop gives up and lets go.

2. I’m almost grateful for the people who get on me to do the dishes because the temptation to give up and do this instead is too powerful.

Reddit | CallOfTheCurtains
Still, I’d cover everything with the sheet. Otherwise, it just breaks the illusion and I have to do them.

3. We really can’t blame this guy for how he makes it through the week to when he actually gets paid.

Instagram | @nochill
While we’re at it, why do the jobs that don’t pay well always work you the hardest?

They want their money’s worth? Well, I want my labor’s worth.

4. There we go. This wonderful man finally gave us a way to keep our groceries down to one trip without clenching our butts.

Reddit | SidDarthVader4
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t been through the real challenge. It almost counts as an extra hand.

5. I’m not proud of these moments in my life, but I’m not going to deny that they happen.

Instagram | @cunform
Besides, doing this and getting away with it seems more challenging than picking up everybody’s McDonald’s and sniping their fries on the way back.

Yeah, I see you.

6. Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. The trick is to lift the tablecloth and see what the cats do.

Instagram | @will_ent
If they just look at us like we’re stupid, we’re being paranoid. But if they scatter, they were definitely trying to spill our tea.

Gossipy little rascals…

7. Yeah, this is exactly why I always fold, like, five sheets together whenever I’m in a public bathroom.

Instagram | @cunform
After all, no matter how thin the curtains are, you’ll stop seeing this face if you put enough together. That’s an important life lesson.

8. See, outdoor concerts are fine and all, but I’m just saying that the other kind at least gives you cupholders.

Instagram | @djbewbz
Because otherwise, we just end up turning everything into a juggling act, and not all of us are as good at it as this lady.

9. I don’t know how the pig got here either, but tell me this guy isn’t sleeping more comfortably than you did last night.

Reddit | rs559
Plus, he was smart and tried this with the only animal who wants to do less than we do. That pillow’s not wandering away.

10. I actually reconnected with a best friend I hadn’t seen in, like, nine years recently, and this was pretty much how it went.

Instagram | @will_ent
We weren’t on a boat, but other than that, it was basically the same. I get to be the sting ray, though.

Sorry, Alex.

11. It’s just as well that this is how we react because in my experience, trying to be subtle just makes things worse.

Instagram | @cunform
Because whenever I’ve covered my face or whatever, the person we’re looking at just ends up wondering what the “weird guy’s” problem is.

Oh, well.

12. The last days of summer always feel bittersweet, but that goes double when it’s the last time you’re getting any decent sleep for a while.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso
I wouldn’t be surprised if I had the exact same expression as I mentally prepared to re-enter the world of all-nighters.

13. Finally! It’s good to see that somebody knows what I’m talking about when I say I want fruit rolls with my California rolls.

Facebook | Virtual Experiences
Whoever this refined gourmand is, they’ve just saved all the sushi chefs in my city a lot of confusion.

14. Yeah, I can see that both the nacho cheese Doritos and Mr. Fluffykins were getting a little lonely.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny
Eating right and getting actual fruits and vegetables are important and all, but they’re not as important as completing the set.

Make you lists carefully, folks.

15. I can blame whoever delivered this for whatever sorcery they used to get this in, but this is just what happens when you get a sardine can for a mailbox.

Reddit | DieMensch-Maschine
Apparently, somebody missed the memo that most of us get way more packages than letters nowadays.

16. Exactly. It’s not that I’m not friendly — it’s just that people happen to want to hang out at the exact moment when I don’t.

Instagram | @nochill
Besides, let’s be honest: Anyone who gets one of these in them isn’t gonna be in any condition to go anywhere.

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