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16 Pictures That Don’t Seem Real Without Photographic Evidence

16 Pictures That Don’t Seem Real Without Photographic Evidence


Because of that iconic 1999 Wachowski brothers film, The Matrix, we now have multiple generations of people that can’t write off odd coincidences as chance. No, it’s now considered a “glitch in the Matrix.” A phrase that’ll surely cause us to be ridiculed and age-shamed by our kids one day.

Glitches are pretty cool, and for some unexplained reason, many of these glitches happen on subways. And most glitches seem to involve older women. I don’t know if that means anything, but I’m sure there’s an underground lair of conspiracies and fedoras that’d happily lecture me on why this is so.

Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

Feast on these glitches in the Matrix, oh devout readers.

1. #4 down, “A déjà vu as per a 1999 blockbuster Hollywood movie.” “Matrix!” shouted the grannies in unison.


via reddit / freshbluejuice

2. Player one uses sleep. Player two also uses sleep. Both players are sleeping. Split decision.


via reddit / ElectronicFlesh

3. Balding middle-aged white dude in a black shirt is a timeless fashion. I, for one, am in luck.


via imgur / clipartist

4. So much soccer. So many moms.


via reddit / LadyDecco

5. Holy crap, the Oracle has multiplied.


via reddit / technotoad

6. Old lady mullet glitch. Most commonly seen at Walmart and Arby’s.


via reddit / Skrotum

7. Welcome to the meow-trix

Cat puns. I hate myself sometimes.


via reddit / HippyCapitalist

8. We need more of these kinds of glitches. MORE!


via reddit / TheNameIsEnough

9. Remember that scene where the bald kid in The Matrix bent the spoon and then said, “There is no spoon”? That’s what’s going on here. That or I’m high.


via imgur / slytherinyourazkaban

10. The guy from The Matrix experiencing a glitch in the Matrix.


via imgur / ErfWerm

11. They all look the same, amirite?

Twins, you prejudiced dope, you. TWINS all look the same.


via reddit / stealinghome

12. Middle-aged, disheveled accountants drinking away their 50k salaries are everywhere. This MAY be more of a coincidence than a glitch.


via imgur / TheBillionthSarah

13. Two women who look like they tell young kids to pull up their pants and tell random passersby why fossil fuels should be banned.


via Facebook / UNILAD

14. Do you see me? I see me.


via reddit / theM4L1K

15. Banana for scale

16. Perfectly timed enema


via imgur / iamrealpersontoo

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