16 Rude People With Enough Attitude To Throw A Shade Parade

Sometimes people are just born salty, sometimes they catch some sass along the way. Regardless, the people in this article are always a little too much to handle. Even on a good day, you’ll want to run for cover when they really get going. After you’ve finished reading this article, my guess is that you’ll want to do the same.


1. When you’re only concerned about yourself.

Twitter | @biancamichelle8

2. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Twitter | @itsrach_h

3. This dude would be at the very bottom of my MySpace friends list.

Twitter | @robwhisman

4. She just curved herself out of 20 bucks.

Twitter | @TeamSandy12

5. When mom calls your bluff.

Twitter | @aissaanali

6. This guy is lucky that I’m not his neighbor.

Imgur | Imgur

7. This teacher knows what’s up.

There should also be subway station shaming. 

Twitter | @kathlwils

*8. Remind me never to move close to this con artist.

Instagram | @miinute

9. When I’m sorry just ain’t good enough.

Twitter | @_jodieduncan

10. Just because you moved out, doesn’t mean your mom has to stop being petty.

Twitter | @thedeal_5

11. He should consider himself lucky.

Twitter | @tessa_denae

12. Where can I get me one of these salty shirts?

Instagram | @chrissyteigen

13. I guarantee this will be next year’s Christmas card.

Twitter | @Namastaywoke

14. Even when he’s off the clock, he’s still savage AF.

Twitter | @Erin_Safran

15. Drama Queen of this castle.

Twitter | @sandy_manzy

16. There’s always a douche on the other side of the computer screen.

It’s the risk you take.

Twitter | @AndyLeeman91
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