The 16 Most Shameless Public Flashers of All Time

The 16 Most Shameless Public Flashers of All Time

When you think of “flashing” you probably think of some guy running naked across a sports field, or opening up a trench coat, maybe giving a wiggle and running away. That’s the normal flashing stories you hear, but these stories are anything but normal. From getting busted by an undercover dog to a door to door flasher. These guys made flashing even more crazy and uncomfortable than you thought possible. How about the excuse “I was just airing it out, it needed some air.” Yes, that happened. Here are the top ten shameless naked flashers of all time.

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Sex crimes don’t make sense because the penalties are disproportionately heavy, for crimes that are crimes mostly because society/culture/religion tells us they must be crimes. And yet people do them, knowing they’ll likely be caught and punished. It must be a deep fundamental compunction.

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