16 Terrible Tattoos That Have A Date With A Laser In Their Future


One of the first things you hear when you’re thinking of getting a tattoo is to do your research. If you’re gonna spend money getting something permanently etched on your skin, it doesn’t really make much sense to spend more money trying to cover it up or get rid of it right after.After all, no matter how far tattoo art has come over the years, there’s still a good chance you’re gonna run into some clowns who are way better at convincing themselves they’ve got the magic touch than they are at actually doing the work. While it’s true that some tattoos die on paper long before they touch anyone’s skin, a bad inker can turn even the best ideas into laughingstocks.

Luckily for you and not so luckily for these unfortunate customers, we’ve got 16 of these very laughingstocks all ready for your hungry eyes.

1. The pencil actually looks pretty good, and doodle bob looks fine.

honestly this tattoo isn’t bad at all.

Reddit | downvoteforwhy

2. Believe it or not, this winged fish-demon is supposed to be a fairy.

That’s really bad news since it looks pretty sub-par, even by fish-demon standards. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them.

3. I think I’d honestly be happy with “meanie crime poet.” It sounds like a pretty slick nickname.

Also, shout out to whatever tattoo artist is apparently inventing a whole new language out here.

Reddit | alectprasad

4. Well, they say the first stage of grief is denial.

Man, that poor skull already seemed to be going through a lot before he became the star of this atrocity.

Reddit | nb14205

5. When you’ve got a melting rose on your skin, the important thing is to accessorize.

With enough knives wrapped in bedsheets, people will be too confused about what’s going on in the tattoo to think it sucks. Now, that’s some slick thinking.

Reddit | GoodbyeRuby

6. Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to call the ASPCA on a tattoo.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that elephant looks dangerously malnourished, right?

7. Ah, you’d never guess there used to be another tattoo under here.

I feel like there’s a really low-stakes horror movie about a bad tattoo that won’t die in here somewhere. “No matter how many cover-ups and lasers they tried, they were powerless to stop…The Tattoo.”

Reddit | Lilquinoa

8. That’s a long, risky way to go for a clever Harry Potter reference.

It doesn’t help that Voldemort looks like he only got an hour of sleep last night.

9. Well, at least baseball zombie seems happy enough with how this turned out.

I have a hunch that that’s more than we can say for anyone else involved in this, though.

Reddit | shauder

10. Um…is the ship supposed to look like it’s sinking?

I know it’s hard to tell that there even is a ship here with all the scribbles and that weird eye near the top, but it’s important to know just how many levels of failure we have on display here.

11. Sorry buddy, but you’re not as lucky as you think.

There’s no E in that word.

Reddit | capnwits

12. I’m not sure why your sister reminds you of a rotten artichoke, but I’m sure she’ll be touched.

…Right after she figures out what that’s supposed to say.

13. Wow, even Evil Homer seems unsure about how this turned out.

That’s not a smile, that’s a cringe.

14. It’s like they always say, you never know when a volcano’s gonna ruin your railroad tracks.

At least, I assume that’s what’s going on in this tattoo.

15. No, I’m actually having a pretty easy time believing that.

After all, the third week is when you find out that one eye doesn’t just start wandering around on your forehead.

Instagram | @will_ent

16. I feel like they should’ve asked someone else to do the eyes here.

It kinda takes the magic away when your whimsical fairy keeps giving you this intense, bug-eyed stare. It doesn’t help that she’s suddenly cross-eyed, either.

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