16 Times Non-Spellers Proved They Had Their Own Language


We’ve all heard the jokes.

I don’t tend to support making fun of other people… unless they’re actually being ridiculously stupid.

Well, these people make it SUPER hard not to fall into the ‘hurdur I can’t spell’ joke trap. These spelling mistakes are next level. I’d say try sounding it out, but it looks like that’s exactly what went wrong here.

If you know any of these people, please introduce them to the miracle that is the internet. That way, hopefully spell check will catch at least six out of ten mistakes… OK, maybe five. But at least they’ll have given themselves a chance.

1. Well, I’d prefer a growd one so I can have dinner tonight, but the biddie ones are just so cute!


via reddit / dspillman

2. I feel like this guy won’t be buying the turtle to have as a pet…


via WordPress / West Texas Weekly

3. Facebook should ban people from using their site until the basics of spelling have been figured out. I am WAY more angry over this guy’s spelling mistakes than he could ever be at some random person at a bar.

4. Either “would” should be spelled “wood,” or this guy wants his friend Would to be released from prison. Either way, I would advise against approaching this gentleman. You should probably stay away from #8, too.


via Viral Nova

5. What? There wasn’t a damn spelling test to be on the crew!


via theCHIVE

6. If I were the banker that received this check, I would frame it.

7. Oh no. Just… no. The girls should have double checked the sign.


via tumblr / gettothetable

8. They had everything and the kitchen sink out on their lawn! No really… they sold their kitchen sink. But they’re a winner compared to #11.


via The Meta Pictures

9. It’s OK, I wanted fries anyway, thanks!

10. I’m not quite sure why he decided against using the actual number…


via Break

11. I love how he’s scratching his head like, “Something doesn’t look right.”


via WordPress / Project 3 Hundred

12. Selling fire wood seems to be remarkably difficult for people. Really, just selling things in general.


via Kosher Samurai

13. And I’m sure she would be around a lot more often if you learned to spell.



14. I don’t know what he’s angry about, but I’m sure it was in his fury that he spelled “morons” wrong.

15. Can you canoe? Then this kanew’s for you!

16. I can’t decide what sounds more delicious: the zookeene or the taters. Hm, better be safe and go with the hallopinyo.


via imgur / 5FrogMargin


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