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16 Times Quotation Marks Changed Everything

16 Times Quotation Marks Changed Everything


The rule is, quotation marks should not be used for emphasis! Fortunately for us, a lot of people haven’t quite caught on to that yet. This results in your entire meaning being changed to something more along the lines of sarcasm or unassuredness, and in many cases, the exact opposite of what you want to get across comes out. So for a good laugh, check out these “inventive” people who have used quotation marks incorrectly, but made something way funnier…

1. Umm, I’ll pass, thanks.

viareddit / cfang

2. Sooo, never eating here again, right?

viareddit / ProfessorWTF

3. Seems kinda Orwellian, no?

viareddit / Headward

4. Ew! So much eww.

viareddit / tyw112

5. Or, you know, whatever comes out of you…

viareddit / hvilaichez

6. You never want to be too general when it comes to hot wax

viareddit / Bierrr

7. Quotation marks are only used in this way when cannibals are about to serve you people for dinner.

viareddit / WAwelder

8. Yep, it’s definitely people…

viareddit / UnoriginalAnonn

9. The level of suspicion has never been higher than it is with quotes around this particular word…

viareddit / Mathwiz100

10. This is probably the most honest one on the list

viareddit / CobraCabana

11. Sometimes it just works out

viareddit / Ripsaw99

12. I wonder if this person also has six fingers on his left hand…

viareddit / lcdelc

13. Seems legit.

viareddit / xormx

14. Yeah, sure I do…

viareddit / missliza

15. So just park anywhere, I guess…

viareddit / mzsigler

16. And sometimes, you have to use them or else your meaning could change entirely!

viareddit / Thalatta

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