16 Unethical Tips That Could Help You Out In Life –



1. If your parents wont help you buy a car, tell them you’re going to buy a motorcycle. You might get that car soon enough.

2. A way to deal with someone who has pissed you off is to tag your target in a Facebook post, but choose “only me” in the privacy settings. Only you and them will be able to see it, but they will think everyone can see it.

3. Tell your doctor you work in the food industry when getting a note for sick leave. This could triple the duration you get off.

4. Teach your kids a lesson about online behavior by trying to trick them into giving you money over the internet. They might learn something.

5. Tell someone you have recently lost weight if they call you fat. They will look like a jerk.

6. Looking for some drinking friends? Set up a fake tinder profile, then arrange some dates all at the same place. When everyone realizes they’ve been duped you can all go drinking together.

7. If you’re starting a new job, remember all your grandparents are still alive, regardless if it’s true or not. Now you have a good excuse if you need to ditch work.

8. If someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer asks you to have a look at it because it’s slow, increase the speed of the mouse cursor. They’ll notice the difference and think you did something.

9. When you send out wedding invitation, be sure to include all the addresses of all the millionaires you can find. They might end up sending you something without ever checking if they even know you.

10. Tell your kids you have hidden candy somewhere in the house, but don’t tell them where. This will keep them busy for hours.

11. Want your girlfriend to stop talking? Just hug her and say you want to hear her heartbeat. She’ll be queit and think you’re romantic.

12. When looking for help online use a female name and picture. This will really increase your odds.

13. If you want to avoid noisy children at your favorite restaurant, tag it in google as a place not good for children. No one will take their kids there.

14. Want your roommate to clean the apartment? Make a fake tinder account and set up a fake date there. After he cleans up cancel the date.

15. Have your friends sign up for the same job interview as you, and completely bomb it. This will increase your chances of getting the job.

16. Tell your date you keep a tight schedule. If things go well, you can tell her you rescheduled everything for her. If things go wrong, you have an easy excuse to get out.


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