16 Upcoming Disney/Pixar Films We Can’t Wait To See

As a child, when I thought Disney, my mind would immediately go to an image of Aladdin or the Genie hanging out. Now that I am 25, the same studio that owns Aladdin also has their hands all over Darth Vader and owns more things than Tony Stark (who they also own). Disney has made huge headlines lately as their latest blockbuster, The Force Awakens, is set for release in December year. This of course is coming off the heels of their latest success, all of the Marvel superhero films.

Star Wars 7 has already sold $6.5 million worth of pre-sale tickets for the IMAX version and the buzz for it is only going to increase as the release date gets closer. This is extra great because people have absolutely never been disappointed by a highly anticipated Star Wars sequel!

Yet, as amazing as Star Wars may end up, it is only the tip of the iceberg as far as how much success Disney is going to have over the next few years.

Disney recently hosted their fan-event, D23. The convention involved Disney talking about several new projects that we can expect to see over the next few years. Some of them we already knew, others people had hoped would come to fruition and have now been confirmed.

One thing is for sure, Disney is nowhere near slowing down. Their success can be attributed to films across a variety of genres and styles. The actors that are coming through Disney in the next few years are some of the very best in Hollywood and this should only increase your confidence in the company. No matter what you want in a film, there is something in this list that is going to appeal to you.

You already know about Star Wars and all the Marvel films (provided you aren’t reading this article from under a rock), so let’s take some time to look at the other amazing films on the horizon!

16. Moana (2016)

Via disneyanimation.com

I have a tremendous amount of respect for professional Wrestlers. They need to maintain a fantastic physique, beat up their bodies constantly and work incredibly long years, much less weeks. It is why I have so much respect for Dwayne Johnson, who not only excelled in the wrestling world, but has had an incredibly successful acting career. His career will only increase as he stars in Moana, an animated film set in the South Pacific, with Johnson playing the demigod Maui. Want to know the best part? It’s a musical. It’ll come your way on November 23rd, 2016.

15. Beauty And The Beast (2017)

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Are you ready for a fun fact? The first song from Disney that I had memorized was “Be Our Guest” fromBeauty and the Beast. I loved the original, and while I was not a huge fan of Cinderella, I cannot wait for the live-action Beauty and The Beast which is set to come out on March 17th, 2017. The film stars Emma Watson as Belle, you may have heard of her from the little known series Harry Potter. Ewan McGregorand Ian McKellen are only two of the other prominent actors to be cast in the film that should help build excitement.

14. Toy Story 4 (2017)

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Toy Story was the first Pixar film that I remembered loving as a child. I remember being enamored from the second the lamp hopped across the screen, completing the now iconic logo. I also remember being hesitant at every sequel that emerged from my beloved series. My hesitancy was a waste, however, as I loved all of the sequels. The 4th of the series may be the toughest to get amped for, as it is set to feature a love story between Woody and Bo Peep. Given how much I loved the ending of the 3rd film, we’ll have to hold our breath on seeing how this one turns out.

13. Gigantic (2018)

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The last film to emerge about Jack and the Beanstalk was a live-action film in 2013. The film failed to garner any real momentum, and ended up costing Legendary Pictures, between $125 and $140 million. Yikes! Let’s hope Disney will fare better with Gigantic which comes out on March 9th, 2018. Disney states that while Jack will climb the beanstalk, he will meet an 11-year-old girl (a giant) at the top, who he befriends. While I am not sure how this will turn out, I bet I’ll still end up crying at some point.

12. Coco (2017)

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Coco is set for release on November 22nd, 2017. While not a lot is known about the project at the moment, it is set around the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos. If you are interested in a film also centered around the day of the dead, check out The Book of Life which features a similar setting. Coco is set to be directed by Lee Unkrich, who also directed Toy Story 3, so you should be sure that it is in safe hands. The film will also most likely be an explosion of color and music, and that is when Disney is at its best.

11. Cars 3 (2017)

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As an avid Pixar lover, I will admit that Cars was not one of my favorite films that they released. Then I think about how cool the series would have been if I was a young child, and I can take solace in the fact that Pixar has created a universe that appeals greatly to a younger demographic. The merchandise sales for Cars are limitless, and it is partly why Planes was also created and was set in a similar world. It may not be the most exciting film on the list, but Cars 3 which will be released on June 16th, 2017, will be sure to have some fun.

10. Zootopia (2016)

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I’m a really big fan of Jason Batemen. I thought he was hilarious in Arrested Development, and cannot wait to see him take on more roles in the near future. He has most recently taken on a more serious role inThe Gift. Yet the seriousness may depart at least for a bit with his role in Zootopia which will be released on March 4th, 2016. Bateman plays a fox who, after being framed for a crime, has to go on the run. The film is also being co-directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. Howard had success as co-director of Tangled, whereas Moore excelled as the director of Wreck-It-Ralph.

9. The BFG (2016)

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Any time Steven Spielberg gets behind a project, you should be excited and have faith that it will turn out greta. Spielberg is one of the most talented individuals to even be involved with films and I for one cannot wait for him to direct the film The Big Friendly Giant. The film is an adaptation of the Roald Dahl book and will be released on July 1st, 2016. That leaves you plenty of time for you to track down a copy of the original book! Melissa Mathison is writing the screenplay, she has also worked with Spielberg in 1982 on the acclaimed film E.T: The Extra Terrestrial. It will also feature Bill Hader, and newcomer Ruby Barnhill.

8. Finding Dory (2016)

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How on earth could you not be excited for Finding Dory? Finding Nemo made you laugh, it made you cry, it gave you all kinds of feelings! I am sure the sequel will do the same thing when it will come out on June 17th, 2016. Much of the original cast will be returning for the sequel, including Ellen Degeneres as Dory. The film will also bring on some of my favourite comedic actors, including Kaitlyn Olson and Ty Burrell. Olson is fantastic in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, while Ty has been rocking it on Modern Family. The film will feature Dory trying to figure out more about her past, but honestly, who cares what it is about. It’s Pixar, it’s a sequel to something universally loved, I’ll be there on day one.

7. Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass (2016)

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When I watched the animated version of Alice in Wonderland I was around 17…and I got nightmares from the Cheshire Cat. I was hesitant to get on board with Tim Burton’s live action version which came out in 2010. While there were parts I hated, I did admire Burton for at least creating a universe that had a driven sense of style. Unlike the 2010 version, Burton has stepped away from the directing chair for this sequel, but is still producing the film. The film will have much of the primary cast returning, which includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bohem Carter and Anne Hathaway.

6. 4 Unnamed Disney Princess Stories (Live-Action)

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In 2015, Disney decided to ramp up their efforts towards turning their Disney princesses into live-action stars. With their release of Cinderella, Disney has started a process that will now include five other Disney films over the next few years. While we do not know 4 of them, there is no doubt that they will be a financial success for Disney. Cinderella, despite people being unsure if the film would be a hit, went on to earn $542 million! The untitled films will be released on Dec. 17th, 2017, Nov 2, 2018, March 28, 2019 and Nov 8, 2019.

5. The Jungle Book (2016)

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If you have not already seen some of the initial trailers and sneak peeks for The Jungle Book, I strongly suggest you make that part of your day (after you finish reading this, of course). The visuals prove to be as stunning as any other aspect of the film. You should have confidence as the film is being directed by Jon Favreau, who is no stranger to success, having directed Elf, and Iron Man in the past few years. To help bring the film to life, Christopher Walken, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson have all been signed on and sound fantastic in all initial footage.

4. Pete’s Dragon (2016)

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Now, I need to preface, I have absolutely no knowledge of the original Pete’s Dragon. Perhaps this is because it came out in 1977, and I was born in 1990. It appears that Disney does not consult me when deciding on what projects to go ahead with (shocking, right?). The remake will be coming to theaters on August 16th, 2016. While the film will consist of live-action actors, it will also feature the Dragon as animated through CGI. Robert Redford, as well as Keith Urban are two of the people that have been initially cast for the film. Expect to hear more about this movie as the year progresses.

3. The Incredibles 2 (2019)

Via vcpost.com

While Toy Story may be my first Pixar love, The Incredibles might be my favourite film. Featuring action, jokes and a plot that I personally found engaging, The Incredibles is one of the most beloved franchises Disney has created. While fans have had to wait a while, the sequel is finally coming! The film will be released on June 21st, 2019 and will have Brad Bird as the primary creative force behind the film again. Also returning will be Michael Giacchino to compose what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable score.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

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I absolutely love the character of Jack Sparrow. When the first Pirates of the Caribbean came out, I saw the film several times in theaters. Combined with an amazing score, I was hooked. As the years went on, and the sequels came out, I became less enamored with the series as a whole, but always still loved Jack. The newest,POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be released on July 7th, 2017. Not only will Jack return, but Geoffrey Rush is set to reprise Barbosa in a large role. The film is also bringing on Javier Bardem who is an incredibly talented actor and a welcomed addition to the series.

1. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Via newmediarockstars.com

Via newmediarockstars.com

I can’t create a list of Disney movies that I am excited for and not include the one that comes out next. The Good Dinosaur is set for release on November 25th, 2015 and is directed by Peter Sohn. Sohn will also voice one of the characters in the film. The movie is set in a world in which Dinosaurs and humans both co-existed. While I cannot imagine that I would do very well when facing off against a T-Rex, I am sure the film will find a way to make it adorable.




16 Upcoming Disney/Pixar Films We Can’t Wait To See

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