16 Ways Life Changes After 25

Although you’re still down to have fun, it turns out thinking about the future actually affects, you know, YOUR FUTURE. Once reality hits you, shed the life of teenager and settle into the idea of GROWING UP.

1. Being Single

Instead of going out, hooking up and YOLOing every moment you’re not at work, it turns out you actually want to use your time for constructive things. Sometimes people focused on starting their careers or getting their masters let their dating life go by the wayside. Getting that promotion or upgrading your degree barely leaves you enough time for a cat. When you go online, it’s like your social media accounts got knocked up after catching the bouquet because every other picture is of your friends getting married or having kids. Being single takes on a brand new meaning.


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2. Birthdays

Remember growing up when your birthday was like Christmas coming early? You got to be the happiest kid in the world for a day! Everyone was happy, you looked forward to growing up, your parents spoiled you rotten, you got showered with presents and you got to throw a huge party after eating sugar-infested junk food all day. Now you’re worried about how all the calories from having one slice of cake will cut into your diet, you’re probably going to have to work that day and you’re lucky if anyone remembers. Imagine yourself as Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles years later, except your parents don’t apologize to you in the end.


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3. Dating

Dating after 25 is a pleasant surprise laced with a heavy dose of reality. All those head games and emotional twists you thought would end after high school are still alive and well, but much like everyone else, they’ve grown as well. The silver lining is you have a much stronger sense of self and some experience under your belt. Use being a little older and wiser to your advantage and go after the people who know who they are and what they want. Plus, red flags that give away people you want to stay away from become slightly easier to spot. No one’s perfect, but that teenage wave of feeling invincible is replaced with more of who you really are.


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4. Shopping

Rather than trying to use your clothes to fit in, it would be nice to find clothes that actually just fit. It’s not that your personal sense of style goes out the window, but aesthetics take a backseat unless you’re in public. Things like sweatpants, sweaters and basically any clothes designed for comfort become your best friend because, believe it or not, you’ll actually begin to enjoy spending more time at home!


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5. Breakups Take On A Whole New Meaning

After 25, dating will hopefully become more about a meaningful pursuit than disposable relationships to gain experience about yourself, your feelings and the social dynamics of relationships. Sure, breakups are never easy, but the fact is that relationships begin to grow to fill parts of your life you never thought they would as you get older. As they become bigger as life goes on, when they’re over it also means you learn to deal with them going away in a new way. Prepare yourself an emergency kit with your PJs, a room with a TV, your favorite movie and your best friend with a pot of coffee on speed dial. It’s not that you won’t find anyone ever again, but sometimes it feels that way, so watch something funny to remind yourself how to smile. The three amazing words about life you learn after a real breakup are simple: it moves on.


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6. Hangovers Aren’t Something You Bounce Back From With A Cup Of Coffee

In the wild days of being just old enough to go out and party with a real ID, you can bounce back from a rough morning like a rubber band. After 25, hangovers become the bane of existence and are an entire-day-long recovery process. You learn the hard way that you can’t Taylor-Swift your way through it and just “Shake It Off”, and everyone you come in contact with can tell. This is where the term “Netflix and chill” originated from before it was hijacked by hookup culture. The term was literally defined by binge-watching a whole season of your favorite show while you use an ice pack for a pillow.


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7. Weekends

After punching the clock with a full-time job, running errands, grocery shopping, paying the bills, feeding the cat, surfing the web and finding time to sleep and eat, partying isn’t always the highest priority on the list. Weekends become the time to catch up on everything (including your REAL friends, not just the ones on your FB page) instead of just hitting the bar. It’s not that life isn’t fun anymore, but you discover the simple pleasures of reading a book, just going to the movies and all the other things you never made time for while you were making your crazy memories in college. Being young and reckless eventually gets replaced by maturity and responsibility, and when you do party, you can afford to do it in style.


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8. The Way You Use Social Media

For those of us born before the Internet boom, we got thrown some serious context by our parents about how to just talk about yourself in front of other people, let alone how you present yourself to the world online. Part of getting older is having more realistic expectations about how you perceive yourself and being more honest with yourself about who you are. The teenage antics of pretending your life is more awesome than it really is fades by the wayside. Life becomes more about staying in touch with true friends and family across the country and presenting your accomplishments and travels. Instead of creating social distortion strictly to impress people, social media actually becomes about becoming closer with people you know in REAL LIFE.


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9. Deciding To Have Kids

Once 25 rolls around, everyone asks themselves what kind of future they want, and eventually, everyone asks themselves whether or not they want kids. Along with choosing how you want to move forward in your career and personal relationships, it’s just part of growing up (who knew you’d become a grown-up, though? Right?). Making a lifelong decision so young makes its presence felt pretty quickly, and your parents are always a killer resource!

10. How Partying Fits Into Your Life

Eventually the days of going home when the sun comes up come to an end. Once you’re headed toward 30, the walk of shame the next morning with a hangover and the feeling of looking like someone peeled you off the side of dumpster loses its sarcastic thrill. It turns out going for just a couple beers and getting some decent sleep instead of draining the bar until last call is more enjoyable, believe it or not!


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11. Working Out

As you age, it turns out exercise isn’t an option anymore — it’s mandatory in one form or another. Your body isn’t what it used to be in high school, whether you were the quarterback of the football team or the captain of the gymnastics team or NOT. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, but maybe there’s some form of exercise you actually ENJOY but didn’t know it because you never gave it a chance. Maybe it’s going for a casual jog, popping your headphones in for a favorite album or podcast while you take a nice long walk , hopping on your bike or joining the local gym. It’s time to take care of your body so your body can take care of you later in life.

12. How Music Fits Into Your Life (Not You Fitting Into Everyday Life Through Music)

Now that you have developed your own taste in a lot of the things life has to offer, you’re a little more reluctant about blindly following the crowd. You’ve found tunes you can go back to for years to come and discovered some albums you can call classics. Music ties itself into true life experiences, and songs can take you to a place through memory or help you learn something about how you think and feel about the world. Your own music beats listening to whatever is popular to feel like you fit in like when you were a kid. Music becomes a part of who you are as an adult and you’re neither letting your music library label you nor allowing the radio or MTV to define “cool” for you.


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13. Taking Care Of Yourself And Having Your Own Place

Your apartment is past the point of being a party pad for you and your friends to predrink at before you hit the bar and bring everyone back to crash at. You’ve also woken up to the fact you can put more in your cupboards than Kraft Dinner and chicken noodle soup. It turns out cooking REAL food for yourself is harder than it looks but is worth the effort (even though doing dishes still sucks no matter how old you are) and not living in a dump is actually enjoyable (despite the cleaning that goes along with it). Whether you’re single or dating someone (possibly seriously?), having a comfortable place that isn’t full of dirty laundry and old garbage starts to be the standard of living for you rather than the exception. Not to mention your mom’s not going to pick up after you anymore, so it’s time to step up to the plate and handle it yourself.

14. Going Back To School And Dealing With Life After College/University

Whether you’re getting your Masters or PhD or you’ve finished your undergrad and are dealing with student debt, the realities of WHY you went to school begin to set in. When you look back at your college or university days, you remember more than just keg parties and trying to hook up with cute so-and-so you met at the pub or club. You realize it’s time to use the skills you’ve acquired to push yourself forward and start your life as a professional rather than tearing it up at happy hour and hooking up your next date. It turns out EDUCATION was the name of the game and it’s time to use everything you’ve learned to push yourself forward. No one wants to keep doing keg stands instead of getting the job they went to school for in the first place!

15. Finance

It turns out that blowing all your dough at the bar over the weekend isn’t so cool once 25 rolls around and you don’t even have enough quarters to wash your underwear at the laundromat. Sure, priorities shift, responsibilities begin to mount, but your savings account becomes a valuable friend and that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As you age, fun redefines itself. Instead of burning a hole in the dance floor at the club every weekend, you’re more stoked to go backpacking through Europe or tear up a killer music festival and gain more EXPERIENCES. Traveling, seeing your favorite bands live, taking your hobbies to the next level and exploring the WORLD and all of the LIFE in it is a beautiful thing. Don’t miss out on it just to be a star of the bar!

16. Looking Down The Barrel At Turning 30!

Life after 25 begins to take on a charm of its own, and some people learn to grow into the adults they hoped for as a kid — but no one’s perfect, right? Eventually you learn to make peace with that and take the things that didn’t turn out the way you expected. Plus, they say 30 is the new 20 anyway, right? Who knows what kind of adventures are ahead as your future unfolds! So ENJOY it because it’s your life and it’s only going to keep moving forward. Getting older comes whether you’re ready or not. Have some LAUGHS, maybe you’ll fall in LOVE and above all, LIVE your life instead of letting it pass you by. It’s about the journey, not just the destination!

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